Thursday, July 15, 2010

Happy Thursday

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Around my home, originally uploaded by Romantic Home.
You probably wonder where I've been! I've been a little obsessed with saving the world from online scammers! The guy that tried to scam me is up on a bunch of other websites after getting kicked off of the one I met him on! He's using the same username and profile, can you believe that!!! My biggest regret is that the night before I found out he was a scammer I told him about my blog. I know he visited here because he asked me if my dog's name was Beau! I thought that was odd but now I realize he probably thought I might use that for a password, which I don't!!! Thank goodness!

I called my cell phone company since he had my number and knew my provider so I was a little worried about that. The good thing with the iPhone is that everything purchased has to go through iTunes and that requires a password. I think it will all be okay but I'm going to be watching the charges very closely!

I've learned a lot about this online dating scam in the last week! I think I've been approached by two different scammers but because I'm aware of their tricks, I'm seeing it so much clearly now! One was on Facebook so beware if a handsome guy "friends" you there and the other was someone who lived out of state on the online dating service I'm using.

I refuse to let this creep change the way I live my life. I'm still on Facebook and still on Internet dating sites. I've chatted with a couple nice men that I will be meeting (at a safe, well lit, well populated place) soon.

I'm wondering if I should tell them about my blog or if I should keep it a secret so I could tell you about them! Hmmmm.....


Debby - Romancing the Bling said...

OMG Cindy! I just came from reading your previous post on this scammer!
As a single women after my husband passed 12 years ago, I did some online dating. I got really tired of the game play and haven't dated online for many years. The world can be a scarey place!
I'm sorry you were a victim of this and I am grateful for you that it only cost you could have been alot worse!
I think you need to keep your blog private for a while, until you know for sure. Plus, we girls want to hear all about your adventures! :)
Come by for a visit as I have given my blog a new look and after being MIA from posting, I am back!

Be safe and enjoy this time in your life!


jenngga said...

I'm with Debbie... keep it private!

Ginger said...

I would not tell them, at least not in the beginning.

Marietta said...

Cindy... I have a friend that has been on the online dating for a couple years and none has turned out well.. I am sorry to admit it but I think she has come to think of it as a free meal with all the bad experiences... Please don't let it become like that... I think it would be nice if you had some friends that could introduce you to someone that is tried and true... This is scarey stuff. Check out those supermarkets... if a guy is smart enough to feed himself it may be a good catch... LOL

Michella said...

That is just horrible!!! I really don't understand people sometimes!! I think if they would spend just half of their time doing something positive instead of trying to take advantage of someone they might have something to show for it. Oh well, what comes around goes around and when it does it usually bites a little harder :))
I love all your pictures today :)) Always inspiring!!

~ Michella ~
~ ~ xo ~ ~

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Cindy, I just read about the scam. I am so sorry that happened to you. You had no way of knowing. I am just glad you realized the truth and didn't send any money. Just think of those that probably did. My husband is a banker and they had a big check fraud scam that took place a couple of years ago and guess by who. Nigerians. They are great scam artists!!!!!

Karen Sabrsula said...

I met the love of my life on "one of those sites"! Yes, you have to show caution, but when it is right, it is so worth it!! Be safe, but have fun!!

Susan said...

Hello Cindy...Had to chuckle over Marietta's suggestion of looking for a guy in a supermarket. Never thought of that! ha!

As for me, I would keep my blog info and not share a blessed thing about it. But you have to make the decision that's best for you.

I hope that original scammer gets paid back in full and then some. I truly believe in "what goes around comes around." Sometimes you never get to see it but sometimes you do and then, well, it's kind of sweet. Susan

Ms. Bake-it said...

What a shame! For safety reasons, I believe you should keep your blog private until you are secure in the relationship and know you can trust them.

~ Tracy

Glenda/MidSouth said...

IMO - I would NOT tell them. You have put a lot of info about your personal life, trips, friends pictures, children's pics., etc., etc., out there on your posts. Cindy, please be careful!!

Donna said...

Dear Cindy, If I was you I would keep everything private until you feel very comfortable with them, even then BE CAREFUL!! I hate that all you nice ladies have to put up with insincere guys out there!!! I know there are great guys out there, sadly there's bad ones too.

Elsie said...

Cindy I can't believe the dummy used the same user name and profile. I think you should keep
your blog private so you can share
with your bloggers. We really want
to know.LOL. Good luck on meeting
the new ones and be careful.":O)

Enchanted Rose Studio said...

So glad to know you are on top of it and keeping yourself protected, Cindy! Be very careful when you do the face to face. After you leave...make sure they aren't following you home! I read about an incident where they work in pairs, one meets the you in the bar/restaurant...the other is waiting outside to follow you home. A CHP friend of mine taught me years ago, when you leave any place and suspect you are being followed, make four right turns (around an entire block) if a car is still behind's following you! So keep an eye on your rear view mirror.

Noooooo don't tell them about your blog! You don't want them to know that much about you in the beginning; and besides, we want the juice, we NEED the juice! ha!


Lineca said...

Dont tell them. Tell about your interest in interiour but not moore than that.

Jenny said...

Good on you for getting back out there and not letting that creep get to you!!! I hope he is reading this and knows that we all think he is the most horrible man ever!! Don't tell the new guys, then you can tell your readers, and get a bit of feedback ;)!!
Jen xo

Anonymous said...

DO NOT tell them about your blog. You are very open about yourself which makes us adore you, but on the flip side makes you vulnerable to creeps. Sorry if I sound like I'm your mother, it just comes naturally.

Denise@alloverroses said...

I agree keep it private. There are very few people out there you can completely trust. I know people who have been scammed too. The people know exactly what you want to hear and they know how to say it. They are very smooth and it usually ends up they need money. Be careful! My kids are cops can you tell? LOL

Donna said...
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Nancy said...

I guess experience is the best teacher, although I am so sorry you had to go through this. I am happily married so have not experienced online dating but my friend did. She was on a very reputable dating service and connected online with a guy. This guy wanted to meet her in the parking lot of a grocery store after hours. How desperate do guys think women are? Keep safe, I am hoping that you meet someone "real and wonderful".

Allison said...

I agree with the others- I would keep your blog private for a while. Maybe if things progress with one of them then you can tell them but I wouldn't share it in the beginning!

Esther Sunday said...

Just keep it between us fact, maybe we should all interview your prospects just to ensure WE think he is good enough for OUR Cindy! xx

Hey, would you consider Roberto? :)

Shari @ My Cottage of Bliss said...

I'm glad you aren't letting this experience deter you from online dating. My next door neighbors met through a dating site and got married so I know good from them can happen. And whether you decide to share your dating experiences with your readers, or not, I agree with the comments above that it would be wise to keep your blog private until someone really special comes along and has proven himself real and worthy.

I, too, liked Marietta's suggestion of keeping your eyes open in the grocery store. What people put in their grocery carts can be quite fascinating and if you see something interesting in the cart of a handsome man, as an ice breaker, you might ask about the recipe he is planning to make with that item. That's when you hope he doesn't answer, "I'm not sure what my wife (or girlfriend) is going to make with it. It was on the list she gave me." lol.

Thoughtfully blended hearts said...

Good for you Cindy...I met my husband at an online Christian dating site...we've been married 11 years now!!!

Sandra said...

Hi Cindy! I've been away from blogging and had to go back to read what happened to you. Oh my goodness! Please be careful! It is downright scary to be taken advantage of! I don't think you should tell any of the guys you meet about your blog.
Stay safe, ok?

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh No don't tell him about the blog,The sisterhood here can help you out if you need it...We love this stuff!


One Shabby Old House said...

I am so glad that your blog is so well read. Hopefully this will really get the word out there. Thanks for sharing this. I know that it must have really hurt. I am sharing this with some of my single friends.
Thanks Cindy.

One Shabby Old House said... you mind if I copy your post so that my friends on FB can see.


I say don't tell them about your blog until you are actually in a relationship (; your pic's look so pretty!

Anonymous said...

I've missed you!!! So sorry to hear about the scamming. (As if it isn't hard enough to put yourself out there, take the risk, etc., then some creep decides to take advantage of your openness!) Good for you, being proactive--and not giving up!!!!

I'd say, keep your blog private for a time; then, you'll also have somewhere to go and vent/share/giggle, if you need to (not that you don't have other friends, of course!)

Be safe and have fun! You're such a great woman, I know there are great men out there for you!

Onward & upward, Janet

Glenda said...

I wouldn't give any info out until you were completely sure their safe. If you know someone in Law enforcement they could investigate if need be.

My friend went out with a few. She always called me to tell me where she was going, and what time and the guy's name. Then when she got to the place she'd text me the make and model of the car and even a picture of him, she asked the guy if it was okay then she'd send me everything.

It's sad to have to do that, but this world is full of freaks and perverts so play it safe.


Anonymous said...

Totally keep it a secret Cindy!! Then you can tell us all about it! (and just in case a date is a dud you can snicker here too!) Not that I condone snickering behind ones back, but come on... we've all had a few dates that made us wonder why we bothered dating! LOL...

I'm glad you're not letting anything change due to your latest experiences with a few internet bums!


MJ said...

Keep it a secret!!!

Joanne said...

I get "friend" requests every day on my facebook page. But, unless I know the person, I don't friend them - male or female. Sorry you had to go through this but look at it as a learning experience. Please be careful!

Michelle said...

Hi Cindy,
Keep it private, theres alot of information on here for someone to see! Good Luck

Charmingdesigns said...

I'm with everyone else. Once you share your blog with someone, and things dont turn out, they would still have access to you through your blog. Wait until you are sure he's the one.

Suzanne said...

Keep the blog to yourself, at least for a while. My husband never reads my blog and there is a secret pleasure in being able to share your adventures with virtual strangers who never ask "What did you buy that for?" or "Why did you tell them that?"

BTW, thank you for the tips about thrifting down there--we hit no fewer than 12 stores and came home with some great treasures. I hope to be posting on them sometime this week.

Happy Weekend!

Anonymous said...

I too would keep your blog a secret unril you meet one of these men face to face. I've known a few people who have been scammed or just misled after meeting, but you have a much better chance of keeping yourself safe until you are sure your "creepy man" radar doesn't go off.

Actually I've been concerned about you for a long time for posting so much about yourself and your family on your blog. That is your business of course. However, with the wrong person reading, too much peronal info can be damaging when the wrong person comes along.

Whatever happens and however you meet him, I truly hope that you will find the man who makes you happy. Good luck!

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Melissa Miller said...

I wouldn't tell them about your blog until you are sure Cindy. Be safe sweet fiend.

Have a blessed Sunday.
~Melissa ;)