Friday, July 06, 2007

Inspiration Friday - this and that

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As I was looking through my stack of already ripped out magazine pages for this post, I realized that I have a lot of inspiration pictures of things I've already posted about on this blog. Above is a table like the one I didn't buy...darn! I love how they put the glass on top to use it as a dining table. I never thought of decorating the top of my cloche. I think something like this would look good on the lid of my french beverage dispenser too!
Here is a button wreath similar to the one I made. Remember this?
Here is another great idea for hankies. They are sandwiched between glass and framed. I would like this but with shabby white frames.
Here is the a pillow like the one I was trying to make. I sewed all the buttons on in a "C" but then I ripped them all out because it didn't look that good.

I've been off work since Wednesday. I hate to say this but I would rather be at work in the air's been so HOT here. I don't do well with heat at all! Tomorrow is supposed to be a little cooler maybe I can get something done around here instead of watching Martha and Oprah.


Rosemary said...

Love the pictures. What a great idea to decorate the top of the cloche too.
I hope you cool off soon. It has been very pleasant here the last couple of days.
Have a good weekend!

ACottageIndustry said...

Oh my! You've done it agian. inspired me. Mm Hmm, I am now officially on the lookout for one of those cool round tables. I LOVE the idea of the glass table top on it!
And the floral idea on top of the bell jar, or our matching beverage server..? Genius!
Oh, adn I feel the need for pearly buttons too...oh, I hope yard salign is fuitful for me tomorrow! Thanks for the inspiration!
ps. we hit 108 here yesterday, so I feel you heat, I mean pain.

the feathered nest said...

Cindy, I'm always amazed at how many pictures you post that I have in my inspiration files and yet our homes don't look anything alike LOL!

Putting a glass top on that table is such a great idea, I would never have thought of that.

Hope you have a cooler day soon. Being hot makes me so tired!


Gypsy Purple said...

A lot of great inspiration there!!!!
I would love that table as well!!!

Chris said...

I have lots of old hankies and never know what to do with them.

I've been reading about your heat out west and I am so glad I live in NH. We have had a beautiful summer so far with temps mostly in the 70's and low 80's but it sounds like some of your heat may come our way next week.

Anonymous said...

More great hankie ideas! Must do that too! Thanks! By the way - I tagged you for a meme (

Julie said...

It is again pouring down rain here in Texas. The airport is in a code red and all of us are seriously thinking of taking a flight anywhere the sun is shinning so that we can get a badly needed dose of vitamin D. I have never seen a summer like this one.

The table idea is cute. Reminds me of a glass top table I saw that had a base of a huge concrete urn. The inside of the urn was filled with silk flowers and seasonal decor.

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Lovely photos!
I did a little research on those chocolate cabinets (round tables) -- they were used to hold chocolate sets while not in use, and then they were put on top of the table when guests arrived. Now I want one!
And oh yes I remember that lovely wreath! I have that pretty button heart wreath in my living room!

a pink-bee said...

Thanks for these great ideas! I love that table the way it was done. Now will have to find one.......Hope you get cooler temps, soon.

Anonymous said...

I can relate with the heat. Here we complain ALL winter then when the heat hits we complain again! I grew up on the East Coast then moved to Fl. (now that was HOT!) then moved to the midwest, OK northest Ohio, not real midwest. The first summer here I watched my candles melt and bend before my eyes! I never suffered that much in Fl. It's dry right now but we have the SUN!!!
Your weather will break and it will be lovely again..ours will change and go back to gray ha ha.
Hope you can go hunting this weekend.

Angela @ Cottage Magpie + Home said...

I just love the button wreaths. I have a big jar of vintage buttons and I love them so much I'm afraid to commit to a project and use them! But I need to just go for it. Great photos! ~A :-)

Christy said...

Love the "hankie" wall. said...

Oh my, my, my.... how I LOVE, love, love that table! Blessings...

Sue said...

I love that picture of the framed hankies, so cute. That table looks adorable with a glass top on it in that blue and white kitchen. Sorry you missed getting yours.

FYNest said...

I have that same photo/clip in my "inspiration folder" of the hankies in frames! And dozens of hankies I bought for that purpose! thanks for the reminder!