Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Pillow Talk

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Another UPDATE: The quilt is from Summer's Cottage...the link is on my sidebar

UPDATE: Since a couple people asked, the paint color in my bedroom is Glidden -Cancun Blue. It looks a little brighter and darker in these photos than it actually is. Click here for their website. The color is under "Relaxed and Cozy", click blue on the color wheel. It's the 4th color under RC24.

I finally got my sewing machine back from the repair shop a couple weeks ago so I decided to make a pillow. I originally sewed small white baby buttons in the initial "C" on this but I didn't like way the turned out so I cut them all off. Now I have a very plain pillow. I'm going to look for a lace hankie that I can sew on the front of this to make it look a little less plain. I learned that sewing double ruffles is not fun. I also learned that I should make the back ruffle fuller.

Have you seen the price of pillow inserts at the fabric store? It's ridiculous...I could buy a nice decorative pillow cheaper at Marshalls! I've been collecting feather pillow inserts from the thrift stores. They are about $2-3 each. I must look pretty funny squeezing all the pillows trying to find the feather ones. I just like the weight of the feather pillows more than the fiber fill. Since they are just for decorative use it doesn't bother me to get them from the thrift store. I would never buy my sleeping pillow there...YUCK!
I also tied a ribbon around my sleeping pillow. I love the way it looks. I untie it every night and retie it in the morning.


ACottageIndustry said...

What an inviting bed! I love all the pillows.

Betty Jo said...

Your pillow looks super and a lace hanky will be a beautiful addition. The ribbon on your pillow is a neat idea. You're so clever! xoxo

Rosemary said...

Love the pillows. I prefer the down too. I do by them at Marshall's sometimes and replace the cover with a prettier one.
I will take a picture of my bet sometime for you. Glad you got your sewing machine back.
Have a great day!

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

Your bedroom is simply lovely-very relaxing and inviting!!

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Your home is so beautiful!! Can I ask hte color on the walls? It is so soothing and comforting! I have blue on my bedroom walls but it is not nearly as beautiful as yours. Yours almost looks Periwinkle, one of my favorite colors.

I enjoy your blog very much!

lucinda said...

I don't know if you have a Joann's where you live but I use my 40% off coupons for the pillow inserts much more affordable!

Jen @ The Cottage Nest said...

I think you did a great job on the pillow!

Anonymous said...

Your wall paint is beautiful. Can you post the name and brand?

I think a hanky would be perfect on the white pillow, or a piece of pretty cloth would word, also.

I tie my pillows like that, too. It gives the pillow a nice plump look.


Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Thank you Cindy! I just LOVE that color! Very cottagey :)


Southern Heart said...

You sew very well, and your bedroom is so pretty---great color! I love the down inserts, too, and you're so smart to thrift those, also.

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

That is such a pretty color!

Susie Q said...

Your bed is simply beautiful...what a gorgeous room.
I used to add ribbons and even pinned sweet old costume pins to bed pillows. With the cats now, I gave up for awhile...: ) But I still love the look!
Love the paint color!


Karen said...

Cindy, Just love your bedroom! I'm going to check out that paint color. Perfect with your bed quilt and shams! Can I ask where you bought them? Looks "shabby chic" from the photos. And I ask you, can a girl ever have tooooo many pillows? Great job!

Daisy Cottage said...

Gorgeous! I love the ribbon idea AND the last photo is just dreamy! You have created a beautiful, romantic bedroom.

Lizzie said...

I like finding pillow inserts at yard sales. Otherwise you are right- they are too pricey.

a lady recently told me that in a pinch I can use grocery store bags to stuff a pillow. This notion seemed practical, but I would be afraid it would make my pillows... ahem... crunchy!

Carolyn said...

I love your Summer cottage quilt, & the whole look of your bed! To see your lovely wall in the background, in addition, makes it even more lovely. The pillows are awesome! Great ideas. Have been here before, but first time for posting ~ my first day as a blogger. Am loving the feel & look of your blog! :-)

Cottage Magpie said...

So pretty! I know what you mean about pillow inserts. I just make mine, and that's saves a ton of money. I need to post the pattern! ~A :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy. Do you have any pattern for this cute pillow? My sofa set is coming in a week or so and I need to get some pillows made. I'm trying to do a double ruffle. I don't really sew, so I need an easy pattern. The pillow is too cute...how'd ya do it?