Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Words around my home.

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Last Friday, Cottage Bethy asked what words are hanging around our homes and then I saw that Suzie Q of Rabbit Run Cottage did a post of all her cute signs. So here are the words hanging around my house.

This is in my entry way.In my kitchen...

Also, in my kitchen. My dad made this one. The little tea pot is cut out of wood so it's raised a little bit which you can't tell from this picture. (sorry it's so blurry)
My dad also made this sign. It was in my daughter's room until last weekend when she declared she no longer wants a surfer girl room and just wants to put up posters (I'm not happy about this). I hung it in my bathroom just to take this picture.

My dad made this for my son when he was 10 years old (he's 20 now). My son used to have his own herb garden. The sign is falling apart but I want to save it forever. It just reminds me so much of that cute 10 year old boy. (I also have a HUGE box of his Legos that I can't seem part with).

My dad also made this one and I've had it in my garden for many years which is why it looks so dirty.

Another one by my dear dad, hanging in my kitchen

And yes, another one my dad made for me.

And he made this one too. Can you tell my dad spoils me?

Another one from dad... Don't ask me why he put the apostrophe so low, but spelling and grammar are not one of his strengths. I never told him this was wrong and I still hang it in my patio area.
It makes me smile.

My dad made this one.... It says Fancy Baking Our Specialty (he spelled this one correctly, it's just hard to read in the photo.)

A cute little blue and white plate that my mom gave me years ago.

And last but not least, another one from my dad and one of my favorites. He's sold many of these over the years at the flea market. This hangs in my dining room doorway that leads into my kitchen.


Southern Heart said...

Your signs are wonderful! My favorites are the ones your daddy made. How sweet that he spoils you so---he's very talented, too!

Janelle said...

My gosh, your dad is talented! I'm especially envious of your little "Welcome to my Garden" heart shaped sign...I can just see that nestling among the herbs in my own garden. Does he do commission work? LOL!

Susie Q said...

What a sweet and talented Dad!! I remember you mentioning that he had made signs for you!
Not being perfect always is what makes them fun!! : )
I too have a hard tome letting some of my kid's things IS hard isn't it?

I loved your tour of words!


Lallee said...

How special that most of your signs were made by your dad. I would have been one of his customers at the flea market if I had seen his work!

Candy said...

Love them all!!!

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

I enjoyed seeing all your signs. Your dad is very talented; how special to have all those treasures from him!
While I was looking at them, I was thinking "he should sell those", then read further that he did!

Living the Life said...

Wow...I just happened upon your blog...I am very new at this..and I'm not sure I can find you again...but I'm glad I stumbled upon your site...your signs are awesome...I love them even more since I know your dad made them for you...and my dad...well spelling wasn't his forte either...and that is what made him so special...he made me some hand crafted items...that I cherish to this day...I will never part with them...I too...have some of my childrens old things that I can't bear to part with either...legos being among them...along with old wooden blocks...all my sons matchbox cars...and of course all the Barbies I could get my daughter...hoping she would love them like I did...she loved them for a while...but was far more into playing "boutique"...which I encouraged...Thanks for sharing your treasures...hope I stumble back upon you soon...

Theresa N. said...

The signs are wonderful! Your Dad did a great job on them.

annewithane65 (Kim) said...

You have some wonderful signs decorating your home...the fact that your Dad made most of them makes them even more special!

Lois said...

Not sure how I found your blog, but I have come back often in the last weeks.
I relate to your comment about your daughter wanting to put up posters! It is hard to find a balance between letting them have their own space, and actually wanting their space to look like it belongs in the same household! I have one older daughter, married, and she keeps her house beautiful, If you would have asked me several years ago, when she was sixteen if I thought that would be the case, I would have said 'not likely' But they all grow up, and so fast.
Good Luck Thanks for the visits into your 'home'.

The Feathered Nest said...

Those are great signs! I really like the ones your Dad made for you. That plate is too cute! My daughter has posters of Orlando Bloom all over the walls of her bright blue room, so I can relate!


Rhoda said...

Cindy, I just love all your handmade signs by your dad. You must really be attached to those & I can see why. They are so cute..and yes, daddies do spoil their girls!

Southern Hospitality

Nicole said...

How lovely for you to have a dad who is "crafty"! I can tell you are crazy about all the signs he has made for you. I especially like the one that says Vince's Herb Garden. Very sweet.

fromthepines said...

I just finished reading all your blog and I love all your thrifting finds!! These signs are great too. I was also a single Mom for a long time and I have a 15 year old - goin on 30 daughter! I can relate!
I'll be back....

Meg said...

oh, Cindy - you have a house full of treasures! The ones made by your dad are extra special. Thank you so much for sharing!

tina said...

ahhh! Give your Daddy a big Kiss and hug! What a wonderful talented man! I lost my sweet Daddy 16 months ago to cancer...I miss him so much! Daddy built a lot of things in my home. I bet he is in heaven building something...never forget to tell your Daddy you love him! I know you do...I did, but I wish he were still here so I could tell him again. Tina

Marilyn said...

Cindy, I love all your signs. The mosaic is really beautiful. It's my favorite! Your Dad is so very talented and nice that he's made so many of your signs for you! What a sweetheart!