Thursday, March 08, 2007

Happy Thursday!

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I really don't have anything good to blog about today but you should go check out the new March Shabby Suite of the Month. It's very pink and pretty. If you haven't seen their previous shabby suites you should take a peek. My favorite is the Feb and March 2006 home. It's a two part series of the same home. I love her slip covers that puddle on the floor although I can just image how dirty those would get in my house. Don't forget to click on each picture to enlarge it.

Oh yeah, I went to a thrift store on my way home from work last night. I found a cute wicker chair and ottoman, more like a stool because it's small. It's an ugly beige color but I'll be painting it white soon. (Just what I need another item to paint). It was $40 for both but all the furniture was 10% off! Yay!

Oh another thing, I watched The Secret DVD last night. Wow, I feel so positive today! Now I want the book.

The photo above if from my trip to Martha's Vineyard last summer. This was a small shed in their yard. Everything was pink and white and so adorable.


Anonymous said...

hey! did you BUY the secret? i think i may buy it...will you email me and let me know what you think? if you have time?

Mike said...

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The Decorated House said...

Cindy, since I'm not sure if some of my comments are getting through lately, I'll start over and tell you that I think your little cherub looks great painted.
Thanks for the link to thrift stores. I'll have to check it out although I'm thrifted out for a while. Then of course someone like your finds something charming and off I go again.

Hope you had a Happy Thursday.

Betty Jo said...

Cindy thanks for the super link with gorgeous shabby homes. We, our son and family, are practicing the secret. Our son and wife just used the principles to attract the perfect house, and it only took them two weeks. :)

Gypsy Purple said...

Thanx for the link!!!