Wednesday, March 07, 2007

How to find a Flea Market or Thrift Store near you

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Here is a great site to find a flea market near you. It's called Flea Market Guide (click here)

Another great site that I found from someone else's blog (sorry, I don't remember who) is a thrift store locator (click here)

It's great to bookmark these for future use because if you go on vacation it's always fun to check out a new flea market or thrift store.

The picture is from my dining room, it was taken awhile back. You can see one of my first attempts at doing mosaics. I found an old, scratched silver tray at the flea market and I also found the blue plate that I broke into pieces to make the mosaic tray. It didn't turn out as well as I wanted. It really makes me appreciate some of the great work people do with mosaics. It's not as easy as it looks.


Meg said...

Good sites! Thank you for that. Also, your little dining room nook here looks so cute...

Anonymous said...

Also, there's the great MapQuest printed guide to flea markets that's part of their Bargain Quest series. The Flea Speech blog (new) reviewed it. :)

It has really good photos, too.

A problem with the online Flea Market Guide is that so many listings are out of date. There are markets listed there that haven't been around for 10 years. The effort is good, but flea markets come and go so much that I can't imagine trying to keep a guide like that up-to-date.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for those links! I will be checking them out. I think your mosaic effort is lovely. Over the weekend, I saw a little garden pot that was covered with bits of pink china mosaic pieces, and the shop wanted over $300 for it!