Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Rose on order

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I ordered this English Rose online last week through Heirloom Roses (heirloomroses.com) and I should have it in about 2 weeks. It's called Geoff Hamilton. I just love the big English roses. I'm slowly going to replace my tea roses with these because I love the old fashioned cottage look. You can bet as soon as mine blooms I will be posting the pictures.


Susie Q said...

How gorgeous! I love it! I want to add some English roses this year. I only have some knock out roses in my garden now. They are pretty indestrucable but do not make a pretty bouquet!
I can not wait to see pictures of your garden this year...
A nice thought on a frigid night like we are having!

Love and hugs,

diana said...

Oh what a beautiful color... love roses... I just have a few.. dont know what kind... i am illiterate when it comes to gardening... wish it wasnt so.

Deb said...

What amazing english roses - I love the colour.

Ginny Gibson said...

Hi Cindy, thank you for popping by my blog I love to receive new visitors.

Your roses will look wonderful!

I adore roses too, we have them in our garden. We had a solitary red rose bloom through christmas it smelt gorgeous.

Best wishes Ginny

Boxwood Cottage said...

Geoff Hamilton is gorgeous! I'm a big fan of David Hamilton English roses and of old roses! Well you've seen that from my post I guess, thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting btw! I hope to see you there again!