Thursday, February 01, 2007


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Flower cupcakes, originally uploaded by kylie lambert.

I took a cake decorating class before my son was born which would mean it 's been over 20 years. I really haven't done much cake decorating since then. Now that I see all the beautiful cupcakes on the internet I really would like to try it again. My daughter and I are going to sign up for some classes next month...I can hardly wait.

The beautiful cupcakes in the pictures are from Kylie of le cupcake in Sydney, Australia. I found this picture on flickr and it just took my breath away. Kylie was very kind to let me use her photo. You can see more of her beautiful cupcakes here


linda t said...

I am so on this cupcake kick... and the pics I am coming across are taking my breath away too! Truly eye candy!
And your pic just takes the cake... pardon the pun!

Susie Q said...

Just gorgeous! So beautiful...a work of art really.
I have always wished to take a cake decorating class. Grace and I have been talking about it!
You have such lovely artistic sensibilities...I am betting you will do the most wonderful cakes!
Love and hugs,

diana said...

these are lovely... a work of art... they look too good to eat !

Anonymous said...

Oh they look yummy!!

Suburban prep said...

They look wonderful and oh so delicious