Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Dear Santa

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Dear Santa,

I've been really, really good this year. Can you bring this down the chimney? Um, I don't have a chimney so you can just come through the front door. I really want this.


Daisy Cottage said...

Hi Cindy! Nice to meet you! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! I have just visited yours and wanted to tell you that you have a VERY pretty home! I love the mirror that you scored too! What a great deal! Hope Santa brings you your wish! I enjoyed your blog and will visit again.

Jen said...

Be still my heart. Where can I find one?

Cindy said...

Jen, the clock is made by Howard Miller. Here it is on their website: http://www.howardmiller.com/Product/Details.aspx?StyleID=911 They don't sell directly from their website but it is available for sale here. http://www.brandsplace.com/0254-615-038.html Although on the Howard Miller website it states that they do not offer their warranty to unauthorized online dealers...I have no idea if this dealer is authorized or not. If you get one I want to see pics! I probably won't be getting one for awhile unless I get a really good bonus at work this year!

Deb said...

This clock was my Mothers Day gift this past year (wood stained though, not painted white).
It is as gorgeous in person as it is in the picture and the top medallion is optional and can be removed (I left it off of mine as I loved the oval shape of the face).

sexy said...
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