Saturday, October 04, 2008

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For those of you that couldn't watch the HGTV's Rate my Space show that I was on you can view part of it online (click here) and then click on "watch the reveal".  I'm not in this portion but my armoire is.  I think later they will have a full episode that can be viewed online so I will keep watching for that and let you know when it can be viewed. 


Penny Suzie said...

Dear Miss Cindy,

Ya know, in reference to your previous post... I find it very interesting that some people find it very easy to be so critical when you don't know who they are.


Some people would complain if you gave them a million dollars in quarters! There just isn't pleasing some people. Life is too short to be so small.

And another thing... I'd like to see how this person/or these people would behave online if it were their home being featured on a major network program... even if only for 10 seconds... hmmmm.


Anecia Ross from Red Water, Tx. said...

Noooo! Please! NO MORE ARMOIRE!!! Can we see some other piece of furnuture?..Please? How about a new and different room then? or how about a view of the view from your rooms window???

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

Anecia....if you don't like my blog then leave! Why do you keep coming back here and leaving rude comments. If you don't like what you see then just click the little button on top and it will all go's simple!

Anecia Ross said...

I didn't mean to upset you so. I was just commenting to your post. It says Comment down there on my page...not compliment.


bj said...

I enjoyed seeing this clip...thanks for letting us know we could watch it here....

Anonymous said...

Penny suzie you expressed my sentiments exactly. Are you saying that the episode was featured for only for 10 seconds? It seemed like longer to me.

Cindy, disregard that girl. She is a very unhappy soul and who knows?... probably lives in a jail cell!


Coffee Cathy said...

Like sands through an hour glass... so are the post of our lives.

My Petite Maison said...

Hey Cindy,
To put a light note to it all - I've got it permanently stored on Tivo in HD for now if anyone wants to come by and watch it with me and Zeke ;)

Happy night & rest of your weekend!

Sher's Creative Expressions said...

Gee, it appears that perhaps Anecia Ross from Red Water, Tx has a little bit of an anger problem? What's up with that?

Can you "block" people from visiting your blog?



Charlotte said...

I will have to admit that I was disappointed when I saw the first short clip on the program. I am not familiar with the show so I thought that was it. I left there and watched something else for a short time, and then went back. After I went back and they showed some more of one of the other inspiration people, I realized that you must have been on there again too and I missed it. I was upset with myself for being impatient. We get HGTV on Demand on our TV. I checked to see if it was there. It wasn't. Probably will be though. In the meantime, I will watch it online when I find out when it is going to be. I feel bad for the negative comments you got. It certainly says more about the person making them than it does about you. I love your blog and I love everything you post. Don't get discouraged.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the link Cindy, I hope I can see the whole thing some day:>) Sorry you've had some spoilsport comments:>(

Penny Suzie said...

To Anonymous,

No, so sorry, I didn't mean the 10 seconds literally. Maybe I should have said 15? 15 seconds of fame? :) Just kidding. I think Cindy did a wonderful job... and like I said, it's way too easy for people to post extremely negative or critical comments when they know they have absolute anonimity (is that a word?) and just like to rain on someone else's parade.

Cindy, I know I'm a newbie here, but I must say... first of all, this is not your first accomplishment. You have been published in a home decor magazine, "Romantic Country"... (which is nothing to sneeze at) and that's how I found you. And then... when I started reading your blog, and found out you were going to be on one of my favorite HGTV programs... I was hooked.

Do not keep apologizing to these people who are so negative towards you. You are who you are... and you have so many other people in your life who think so highly of you. Don't let one bad apple (or two?) spoil the lot.


And p.s. - I'm in your corner Girl!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy,
thanks a lot for this link! BUT: to see what you have done with all your furniture and the whole decoration impressed me MORE than the rooms I saw on the link. I can´t wait to see YOUR whole video!
That must be fantastic.
Have a beautiful day,

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with us. You have such a beautiful home and should be very proud of all of your accomplishments.

I have always taught my children that we have to have compassion for those less fortunate than we. Jealousy and ignorance are very unfortunate, but don't let someone elses sadness with their own life make you feel any less happiness for yours.

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

To Lovely Cindy...
Sorry for not coming to visit you much sooner...
Anyway, I have added you to my favorites... because you ARE!
I know that you are a very genuine and kind person... and very beautiful inside and out... And did I say very TALENTED!LOL
Maybe you remember me... when I asked fellow bloggers to support my friend...
Well you were an amazing source of inspiration to me... the way that you deal with this "nonsense" people... its truly inspirational!
I always said... If you have nothing nice to say... so, just don`t say nothing at all!!!
Unfortunately, some people just don`t get it!
I love your home... and the fact that you always are so keen to share tutorials with us!
To me that just shows... how kind to us all you are!
One more thing before I go:
I CAN`T WAIT TO see the episode that you are featured in... on line!

Debbie Moss

(From England)

Tanya said...

Congrats to you! That is just so cool!

Sweetie said...

From watching previous episodes of RMS I knew that the show would only show brief clips (darn it!). I think that you deserve an entire episode. I missed RMS but know that they repeat. I hope to catch it the next time. I did enjoy the clip.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy!
I watched the show Thursday! You did look very relaxed and poised in front of the camera ~ great job!! Something I never could have pulled off, that's for sure! I too, was a little disappointed that they edited so much, but I'm very thankful we have all of your gorgeous photos of your beautiful home on your blog to admire for as long as we want! Decorating shows are so fast-paced that I can't keep up with what they're showing us half the time.
I'm a little concerned about how so many of your readers don't waste any time being so critical of the gal from Texas who was just voicing her sincere feelings about being disappointed and had different expectations from the show. I didn't get the impression that she was directly attacking you, Cindy, like so many of your readers obviously thought. Her second comment may have sounded a little defensive, but I can't say I blame her after being criticized repeatedly. Please, let's not be so hard on each other:)

Have a great weekend!

The Old Painted Cottage said...

Just wanted to drop by and thank you for weighing in on my latest post. Everyone's thoughts and opinions are very valuable to me.

And sorry to hear that a certain person felt mislead about your appearance on HGTV. I think there's a word for that: Jealousy. We're all proud of you Cindy. Just remember that.


Kim's Cottage said...

Cindy, when I first read your post today, I could tell something was "off". You weren't your usual chatty self that we all love...and no picture. I'm sorry that person has gotten to you. I'm sad that you're sad.

"Anecia" has shown her true colors today. I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt the other day, saying she must've simply misunderstood. After her performance today, I see how mean-spirited and spiteful she is.

Please don't let her meanness get you down Cindy. Don't let the one rotten apple spoil the bunch. Forget about her, move on, keep on doing what you love to do (and remember to bring the rest of us along for the ride).

More BIG (((HUGS)))


Anonymous said...

Dear Cindy, I just love your blog. Your armoire is absolutely stunning. I think you are a truly gifted lady and it is such a blessing that you share your talents and ideas with everyone!

Diane said...

Hmmmm, perhaps Anecia Ross from Red Water, Tx. just likes to have her name publicized. If she wasn't familiar with the RMS show, she could have read a synopsis of the show on HGTV's website.

Cindy, she's a troll so just ignore her & hopefully she'll go away.


sarah @ a beach cottage said...

hi Cindy

thanks for the link, I'm in Australia so I *will be able to catch it, woo hoo

I think you can ban an IP address from viewing your blog...


joanie said...

Cindy -- don't let spoilsports get you down. You have accomplished so much and have an absolutely beautiful home. You are an inspiration to me and so many other fans of your "my romantic home." Just keep sharing your wonderful projects with your friends in blog land.

Cottage Magpie said...

Goodness! I was shocked when I read the comments above from the person with the stinky attitude. I'm so glad you reminded her that she has other options. For heaven's sake.

I NEVER get tired of seeing your spaces, your armoire, and everything in the photos you continue to share with us. I replayed the Rate My Space episode over and over. You're the best, don't let anyone take that away from you!

~Angela :-)

restyled home said...

It must have been so exciting to see your home on television!! I also love the sweet way you and your daughter celebrated. You are obviously such a great mum!!

Please stop by my blog. I am hosting a great give-away, again, with Matthew Mead. It involves his latest book, and a gift card from HomeGoods...except this time there are, basically, thirty prizes!!

Have a great week, Cindy!

Frosty said...

Cindy, do you still have your heart rocks? If so, I think you should throw them at Anecia Ross over there in Red Water Texas and give her a heart attack. Or then again, maybe just skip em.

You rock!

Mike Frost

decorator101 said...

I had to stay up late the night you were spot lighted on Rate My Space.. I was so excited for you.. I'm sure it was a wonderful experience..Your home is truly lovely and deserved to be chosen.. I'm so glad I got to see it live on T.V,... hugs ~lynne~

Elzie said...

It was a pity we couldn't see you on that but at least your furniture LOL.
Hope you are keeping up your good work.
Love Elzie

Sharon~heartsongs said...

Thanks for the update. I didn't get to see the show and I went to their site the next day to see if it was there. Of course, it was too soon.
Did you subscribe to the Romantic Country magazine? If so, have you gotten it? I haven't and I hate to go buy it if I'm going to get it in the mail. But I also hate to wait!! I think I will call the magazine today to see what they can tell me.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I for one cannot wait to see the show in it's entirity. This is so exciting and it couldn't happen to a nicer amoire. :)

Cindy in Albuquerque said...

Cindy -
I was so excited for you to be on HGTV last week - I think this is one of the coolest things about the Internet - that I can find myself rooting for a cyber-friend I've never met.

As for as the short time on the screen - I'm in public relations and people would pay thousands of dollars for even a brief airing on a national cable show - you've arrived! First the magazine, now this and a very beautiful blog - you go girl!

And Block Anecia Ross - enough with the negativity all ready, we come to see what you've been up to and take a few minutes out from our hectic days....

Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy,
YAAAY! at least i saw your pretty armoire,hopefully they will load the rest of the show soon,well from all your comments i have read it seems you were a huge success Cindy,good for you,be proud,stay thrilled and excited because this is YOUR time to SHINE! and i'm sure it will lead on to (much deserved) bigger things.
Keep shining your light even if you bump into the dark now and again along the way.
Love Kristina x