Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A Giveaway

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Awhile back I asked you to please visit Delightful Blogs and rate my blog. So many of you not only rated my blog but left the nicest comments. The people at Delightful Blogs had never seen anyone get so many votes! They came up with an idea to host a giveaway here on my blog and I agreed as my way of saying thanks to all of you!

Their sister site is called Delight.com and they have all kinds of wonderful products. To have a chance to win, you just need to go to Delight.com (click here) and pick the item you would like to win and then come back to my blog and leave a comment here with the description of the item (please be sure to include your email address if you do not have a blog). They will choose a winner through a random drawing and if you win....drum roll please....you will win TWO of that item! One for you and one for a friend! The deadline to enter is Tuesday, August 12, 2008.

Here is just a small sampling of what you can find on their website:

So go run on over there and run back here and leave your comment! Good luck!


MimiG said...

Difficult choice! Cool stuff.
But, I LOVE the polka dot Chip Cheery Storage Container Mega Set. If I win that set, I'll be "delighted".....


An Enchanted Cottage said...

Oh, wow, Cindy - how generous of you and Delight.com to offer this giveaway! I had such a hard time choosing... First I fell in love with the Tofu colored Buddha Bowls (I desperately need a new set of white bowls with handles)... But then I spotted the Envirosax Reusable Grocery Bags with their own carrying pouch, so if I win, that's the item I'd love to get! I already use canvas totes at the grocery store, etc., but these, with their little pouch,
will fit so nicely into the side pocket on the door of my van - and they're so cheerful looking! Thanks for the chance to enter this giveaway!!...Donna

Timi said...

What a fun thing to do! Congrats, you must be thrilled with this contest. I took a look at the website. They have some really fun things.
I was diggin the
New, Improved Persida Lapsac by Nanda Home. Very cute but yet super functional.
Thanks for the fun contest. I love looking at all your photos and try to steel some decorating ideas from you. It's been a while since I stopped by. Shame on me!

a pink-bee said...

What a neat drawing and so many fun things to choose from ~ I like the blooming tea pots :). Have a happy day :)
Crystal :)

Shelia said...

Oh, Cindy! How much fun is this!? What a cool site. Well, I looked and guess what? They have gurgling fish jugs!! Remember when I took my sow's ear jugs and painted them white? Woo Hoo! Oh, excuse me, theirs are called Gurgle Pot Lovely Koi Pitchers for $42 each. How perfectly gurling! Now if I were to win, I wouldn't care what color. Here is the description from their site:
Add a touch of whimsy to the table with a GurglePot. Designed with simple, graceful lines and crafted of durable stoneware, this pitcher produces a delightful "gurgle" as it serves your favorite summer beverage. It's also beautiful as a stand alone decor piece or a vase.
Isn't this the most marvelous thing?
Well, be a sweetie and I hope I win!!
Shelia ;)

Lisa said...

Cindy ~

What a fabulous website! Lots of wonderful green items. It was difficult but I just love the Envirosax Ultra-Mod Black & White Reusable Grocery Bags, very chic.

Thank you and Delight.com


Dawn said...

What a great idea for a giveaway-and so many wonderful choices. I guess because of my "purse addiction" I will have to go for the Handy Hold All Damask Purse Organizer so I can wrangle the new purses I have been making for myself! I only aspire to have a blog as popular as yours!! You rock!

ursula said...

Great site! Hmmm.....let me see.....I would love to win a SunJar....did you see that? How cool is that? My boys would love it!
Ursula at uswood1@optonline.net

Stacey @ The Blessed Nest said...

This is so much fun! If I won I'd love the Simply Beautiful Les Oiseaux Candleholder Set. Just lovely! I can imagine where it would go already! :)

Cottagecheap said...

Am I the ONLY one going to say that POMAIRWARE bakeware...FISH? I can just picture serving Tilapia up in that to my family.

Thanks delight.com. I am stoke I am going to bookmark that site for Christmas shopping. I LOVE all the recycled glass stuff.

Anonymous said...

I’m soooo excited. Just love the clear glass teapot and the tea posy blossoms it’s just beautiful. Plus the tea looks fabulous! I would love to be the one who wins this!!

Debbie said...

Congratulations on all the comments you received. If I win, I would LOVE the Absolutely Fabulous Cookbook Stand. Very Cool!

Glenda~Many Fond Memories said...

This is fun. This is my choice. RuMe Bags Reusable Totes: Silicon Valley.

You probably get more visits in one day, then some get all year.


Anonymous said...

I love the idea of the solar sun jar!
It would be great on my picnic table that currently doesn't get enough light at all!

The Sunjar: A Solar Powered Jar Full Of Sunshine


Just as a jam jar stores jam, the Sun Jar collects and stores sunshine so that you can use it at night. Designed by Tobias Wong, we'd be lying if we told you we're not completely obsessed with this simple, adorable and fabulously functional Sun Jar. Leave it in the sun all day, and watch it light up at night. When fully charged, the Mason jar will glow for 5 hours. We love sun!

Rosanne said...

Wow, congratulations! I love the bath caddy!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a fun site. I really like the idea of the Bamboo Bathtub Caddy with bookstand. I'm looking forward to the weather getting cool enough again for long baths in my clawfoot tub!


Anonymous said...

Blogger Extraordinare!
I just don't know how you come up with so many great ideas for your posts...and they're all great. OK...I would love love love to have the I Spy Fisheye camera. Not because it's one of the most expensive things on the Delight.com site, but because I've always wanted one! What a great idea for a giveaway! I'm not really 'anonymous...just don't have a blog. email is ...tropicaltess@comcast.net....Sue

Seashells and Silver said...

How nice of you and Delight to have this giveaway! Oh the agony of making a decision! I think I have decided on the Fragonard Soleil Perfume Collection...or was it the brown recycled glass earrings...or the sun jar??? Do you see the agony! :) Ok, for real I have decided on the Fragonard perfume collection. I went to one of their stores in France and can't pass up those cute little bottles and yummy scents. Thanks again, Cindy!


Anonymous said...

Very nice stuff! I love the Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Umbrella. (But I'm in Canada and don't know if this is an international giveaway.)

My e-mail address is kadjelily[at]yahoo[dot]ca

Steph said...

Still lovin' your blog!
How to decide what I would like from the Delight website.... hmmmm..... I think I would really like the Ru Me reusable totes! I love the Spring in NY pattern!

Rowann said...

Cindy , What Fun... My choice would be the STARLIGHT STARSCOPE what fun my grandson and I could have. ROWANN

Tracy said...

Hi Cindy, I'd love the Mrs. Meyers All Natural & Great Smelling Cleaning Kit. :)

DebrafromMD said...

Wow, what a wonderful sight you have shown us. I would chose the baggie washing set. I'm trying to lessen my use of plastic but I'm not fond of washing plastic bags. These products would make this task a whole lot easier. Thanks for this opportunity! Debra from MD

Tracie~MPMaison said...

Hi Cindy,
Congratulations! How neat for you (and us).

The Teaposy Stunning Blooming Teapot has got to be it. I've wanted one since I saw Marie Antoinette, so pretty.

Wendy said...

Hi Cindy, I am new to reading your blog and I absolutely love it, even though, in New Zealand, we don't have access to the fantastic shops you have. You are inspirational. If I am chosen I would love the Darjeeling Mug set. Have a great day! Wendy

Monkey's Momma said...

So much to choose from! But my favorite is the Think Green Organic Cotton Kermit Tote. I am all about reusable totes lately, and this one is super cute. If I won, I could keep one and give away the other on MY blog!

Teri said...

Thanks Cindy and Delight, I just love a "free" shopping trip. I would choose the Fragonard Imported French Mini Perfume Collection.

Sher's Creative Expressions said...

Ooooo, giveaways, so much fun!!! Thanks. I love the Envirosax Ultra-Mod Black & White Reusable Grocery Bags. Perfect for grocery shopping!!



Renee said...


OMG! What a fab store! So many unique items, I girl could go crazy. *smile*

From the link above you can see I fell in love with the damask items. The lap desk is my favorite. I read, and write alot before I go to bed and this would be oh, so perfect for me. (I also know my mum would love one, it would be perfect for her. Mum is my best girl friend. *smile*)

Shelley Jo said...

Since I'm a total purse fanatic, here's my choice: New, Improved Persida Lapsac by Nanda Home. Wouldn't it be cool to win that and share one with a friend!!


Rosemary~ said...

Hi Cindy,
Wowee, how nice is this. Even if I don't win, it has been fun looking through the Delight.com website. I would pick the pretty, pretty, pretty umbrella. All my umbrellas are bent up and don't open up all the way!! Thanks for always sharing and being such an inspiration. Hugs, Rosemary~(cozyrosi@aol.com)

maggie said...

What a lovely site! And I'm loving visiting your blog. You seem to be an endless source of inspiration. Thank you! It was so hard to choose just one item but I think I'll say the recycled glass hurricane vase. One in each color would be great. Thanks for bringing the giveaway to us.

Anonymous said...

What a nice offering Cindy!

You are so sweet.

I would like to pick:

Mrs. Meyers All Natural & Great Smelling Cleaning Kit.

Thank you,
Andrea andie03@verizon.net

Anonymous said...

I would love to try the Teaposey set. It looks very pretty and very interesting! Thank you.



heartartz said...

Thank you for such a generous offer.
Looking thru the delightful site I see the perfect gift(s) for my had to shop for husband and son.
The Authentic Baseball Stadium Pen -1st choice = Fenway Park, 2nd = Wrigley Field or 3rd = Yankee Stadium.
Thank you also for showing us this fabulous new site!

Cindyf said...

Cindy -
Thanks so much for this - I didn't think I'd be able to decide UNTIL I saw the Pomeraire "Pig" baker. I've seen them before and everytime I instantly turn into a yearning six year old. The are adorable...

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Hi Cindy, what a wonderful giveaway. Thank you and Delight.com.
I think I would have to go with the Envirosax Delightfully Hip Reusable Grocery Bags. They would be a delight to have for the store.
Thanks again,

jspin99@hotmail.com said...

such a great web site and wonderful eco items.Will purchase a variety of the items I'm sure. My contest choice is Eco-Delightful BOLD & BRIGHT Shopper Set for 4--6 people.
What a great idea as you don't see produce bags and I use a ton of these when shopping for fresh produce for my family.
Your site is my favorite because I also repurpose furniture and am in awe of your talent. Thanks bunches and keep it up

sue said...

Hi Cindy,

Oh, what a great give away, I had a hard time choosing-since I like all of the items, but---------most of all, I need a teapot--so I would live to win The teaposy and the stunning blooming tea set.


Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

Thanks for turning me on to a great site! I am trying to go green-so I would have to choose the Envirosax Ultra-Mod Black & White Reusable Grocery Bags. Way fun! It is fun to read the comments-I have to keep going back and looking at everything. My shopping list is getting long. Love your blog!

Jessica Y. said...

I'm supposed to pick just one thing. Wow, they have lots of nifty things. I'd have to say the Safe and Healthy Indexed cutting boards. (that's probably too boring, but I could use those.)


Diane said...

Hi Cindy,

This is too fun! I'd like to win the Hybrid Wall Clock made from recycled bike & computer parts.

Many thanks to you & Delight.com.



Sue said...

Cindy forgot email address----should show when you open this comment---sue for teaposy



Liz said...

Dashing Darjeeling Dishware! My Daughter is getting ready to move out and would LOVE these. Somehow I missed the post about the blog rating. So I left a comment today. I hope it wasn't to late.

Congrats on all your blogging success! I'm very excited for you!

Michaele said...

Your blog is wonderful, of COURSE you got a ton of votes! I think the Dashing Darjeeling Dishware is vibrant, happy, and just the type of meal enhancer my family would enjoy.

Of course I also love the flora coffee mugs! TOO cute!


Pink Slippers said...

Well I did my window shopping and I really liked the Insanely Fabulous Melamine Coffee Set. Pretty Cute!
Thanks for letting us do this..Fun..Fun..

Lady Dorothy said...

Oh, wow! I had a fun time perusing their site! Will have to go back, for sure.

If I won, I would pick the Eco-Delightful BOLD & BRIGHT Shopper Set. I could be all pretty and trendy at the market! :-)

Jojo said...

Cindy, Generally every time I visit your blog, I receive an idea, an inspiration or a visual vacation. To me these are the gifts and I love them all!

Angie said...

Hi Cindy,

What a nice thing for Delight to do! They have alot of really neat things..I know my brother has ordered from them a few times and he has always been happy! I would love to have the all you'll ever need folding colander in green...what a neat idea!


The Rose Room said...

What a cool idea, they have fabulous things. I love the Scarlett Oval Necklace and your blog!!! Rachael

Elizabeth B said...

Love your blog and the fabulous decorating ideas. You are so creative. Also, loved the Delight.com. I'd love the Fragonard Imported French Mini Perfume Collection for both myself and my dear friend.

Katrina Chambers said...

Hi Cindy, what a great giveaway. This is tough though! Umm I think I would choose the bath caddy. Thanks!

Linda said...

Oh Cindy! Every dai I come home from work to (eagerly) see what you have posted & today it this super generous offer from both you & the Delight folks! It was a hard decision, but I would have to go with the Teaposy Stunning Blooming Tea Set, because, for the first time in 30 years, I am not able to buy my best friend a birthday present & this would make her cry! Money is just so tight! PLease keep up the beautiful & inspirational photos & ideas & thank you so much.
Hugs, Linda (Elmsted@aol.com)

Shannon said...

Wow, thanks for the opportunity. I love the teaposy blooming tea pot.

Love your blog. I visit every day!


Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

How great! Lots of cool stuff there but I was finally able to make choice. I like the envirosex reusable market bags. Woo Hoo, Pick me! Pick me! LOL

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

What a delight! There is just something about the solar powered jar of sunshine that speaks to my heart. How kind of you and delight.com to share with us all.

Anonymous said...

I love solar lighting and the Sun Jar is so unique. I would love to win that. Thank you. And thank you for the great blog. I enjoy reading everyday.


ginny said...

Cindy, I love that website! I realy like the peel and stick chalkboard tree. I think my little grand kids would have fun with that one! I think there were way too many cool and unusual things to pick, but I had fun doing it! ginny

Bambi said...

Cindy~Congrats on "blowing them away" although I'm not surprised!! I always look forward to getting home a reading your blog. And thank you to both you and Delight for the giveaway! Like several others, I would pick the Ultra-Mod black and white reusable bags. Bambi

Anonymous said...

The Ultimate Urban Stroller Blanket

I hope i win!!!


Kay said...

I like the Oil and Vinegar Cruet Set. It would look great on any kitchen counter top.

Dolly said...

WOW Cindy what a great give away!
DeLight.com was fun to look thru!
I am bookmarking it for future gift giving items!

I would love to win the ultra mod black n white reusable shopping bags!
Tooo cute!

Hugz, Dolly


Wow! What fun stuff! That Eames Collage Watch was super cool! Out of my price range..... I think I'm going to buy those black and white reusable grocery bags as a present for my sister to use in her produce co-op. Very eco-friendly chic!

Susie Q said...

What a sweet and generous thing for them and you to do! You so deserve all those votes you know!
They have gurgling fish jugs!!
I saw hem recently on Sheila'sblog and fell in love!
It is a sweet site...as is yours!

I know you will get oodles of comments!!


Anonymous said...

If I were to win, I would select this cute little piggy in which to serve salsa:

My email is nickersonnickerson@lycos.com

What wonderful items they have at their store. I really like the fair trade inclusion.


Lucinda Obrien said...

Love your blog Cindy.I check on you nearly everyday.I would love to win the BLACK DIAMOND SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL LUXE LINK PURSE HOLDER.

Anonymous said...


Susan said...

Beautiful things on that site. I'd like the rose gold organic leaf necklace.



Kirsty said...

Wow Cindy I so love your blog it inspires me to want to do more around my home. As for the lovely gesture I had trouble deciding.... but I liked

The Sunjar: A Solar Powered Jar Full Of Sunshine

I liked them both the sun and moon jars!
email is knome23@hotmail.com

Join my dream makers team! said...

Love the site! So many colorful things and useful too! I really like the family home organizer, definitely could use that! But I also liked the Table Topics, cards that have topics for your family to discuss around the table. Having a house full of teens and we could use that!
Thanks for all you share with us!

Lee Laurie said...

I just love your blog.I look forward to reading it everyday! I love the way you decorate.I have gotten so many great ideas from you.I finally started my own blog.It is very simple and plain right now because I havent learned how to add backgrounds,pictures,etc.Im new to all of this.If I could win anything,I would love it to be the lapsac.I could really use that.It is the prettiest one that Ive seen.Thanks for inspiring me with your home and your blog!

Sondra said...

Ok. I just love the bath organizer you have pictured and I NEED one! I also adore the tea posy and have been thinking of purchasing one for a while. The "Man Can" cracks me right up!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That was hard. So many nice things! I would pick the Alexander Girard "Quatrefoil" Pen. I have always had a "thing" about pens and this one is great!

Suzie Button said...

Wow, I see that mimig right next to me here chose the same thing I did off the Delight.com site, I also LOVE the Chip cherry storage container mega set. We all need to store our leftovers, this set makes it cheerier to do so! Thanks for the opportunity to win a prize, what fun!

Kelli @ Vintage Vavoom said...

I think my favorite is the chip cheery container set.

I'm having a giveaway too...hope to see ya there!


Anonymous said...


This is so nice of you and Delight.com. It was hard to choose, but I would love to have the chip cheery storage container mega set.

Thanks for doing this and have a wonderful day!
Stacy P.

ann said...

this is wonderful.how kind,giving your readers a present.if chosen,i would love to have the'pomaireware handcrafted baker"our anniversary is coming up next month and my husband loves this kind of stuff.sincerely....ann...jamesaskelton@yahoo.com

Vintage Linen Treasures said...

Hi Cindy
It's no surprise you received the most votes. You have a GORGEOUS blog! This is a great giveaway and I would LOVE to win the Teaposy Stunning Blooming Tea Set. Please enter my name in the drawing. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
Patricia :o)

Debbie said...

I love the Eco Delightful Bold & Bright Shopper Set. They are super-fabulous sets to take to the Grocery Store - I love the bright colors and the fact that they are eco-friendly. Great website. Thanks, Debbie

Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy!

Your blog is truly delightful and I think I got a couple of great ideas for Christmas gifts from delight.com. Hooray!

The RuMe Bags Reusable Totes - Silicon Valley are the perfect gift for my friend and I am trying to take my own bags to stores now so that would be my choice.

Thank you,
denise l (gardenermom54@yahoo.com)

Anonymous said...

Cindy, Your blog is one of my favorites. You are, without a doubt, the furniture redo Queen.

Wow, what a wonderful give away! If I win, I would LOVE to have the Eco-Delightful BOLD & BRIGHT Shopper Set for 4-6 people.

I would be so motivated to use them and would be one stylish shopper. I can just imagine being stopped and asked where I got them. I've never, before, seen anything like them.


Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

Hi Cindy! Congrats on all of your well deserved praise!
What a neat site, I've never been there before.
As soon as I saw the Teaposy Stunning Blooming Tea Set I was *delighted*. I've always wanted on. I had just looked at them in Victorian Trading.
That little tea stick was pretty nifty too!
I certainly enjoy your blog~ here's to you!

Rae said...

What a generous giveaway! I knew immediately what I would choose when I saw the Authentic Fenway Stadium pens. That would make a fabulous gift for the many Red Sox fans in my life!!!

Hibler House said...

Congrats! I love your blog- it's an inspirtation to us all- and thanks for doing the giveaway! I've never even heard of delight.com and I am in love! There are too many choices! But I am in need of some new grocery bags, so I love the ENVIROSAC DELIGHTFULLY PRETTY REUSABLE GROCERY SACS and I have a friend who would love them too! If I win, I can't wait to share them!

Debbi said...

What a neat give away. I would really enjoy the white Budda Bowls. (I'm pretty sure my grandkids would enjoy them with me).
Debbi M

Chris@Cats On My Quilts said...

Great idea for a giveaway. I love the Chip Cheery Storage Container set. Such happy colors and patterns.

Amy said...

This is such a neat giveaway, and Delight.com is such a great store. I saw so many great things; to choose just one, it would have to be the Eco Bags Reusable Produce Bags. Thanks Cindy and Delight.com!

Judy B said...

What a wonderful giveaway and how nice of Delight.com!!!
There was so much I just didn't know what to pick but I have such a bag fetish (or as my husband calls it - a bag ADDICTION) I had to go for the RuMe Reusable Totes Silicon Valley - The Patterned Set of 3 is so lovely and great for any kind of shopping and so functional!!! LOVE THEM!!!
And thanks again for this wonderful opportunity!!!

Joyce Ann said...

Cindy - thank you to you and Delight.com for doing this giveaway...

My sweetheart and I are getting married on August 30th and I thought the Forever Teapot Set for Two would be perfect! :)


Joy said...

The iPod Retro Mini Speaker is fantastic and I've been "needing" something like this forever.

irene said...

Wow Cindy- what an awesome site!!! Love thier products...so hard to choose! Since I'm missing my daughter so much right now-she graduated college and is living away from home- I would love to send her one of the beautiful- "Forget Me Not" rings...in silver.
Thanks so much for sharing this site- I love your blog and check in everyday! Irene

Her Shabbiness said...

I thought the solar powered Sunjar would be a fun thing to win. I know my kids would be completely fascinated by it.

Joanne said...

I was just on that site yesterday and was going to order the EAMES COLLAGE WATCH for my husband ~~ our 29th wedding anniversary is coming up in September. But, now I will wait until after this giveaway. Hey, maybe I'll actually win!! Let me know. Joanne ~~ glamourgirljoanne@yahoo.com

mgster said...

Cindy...I just love your blog and check it every single day...I feel like I know you! :)

If I am lucky enough to win the contest I would pick the Handy Hold All Damask Purse Organizer! It would make my husband so happy not to have to look at all those purses on the coat closet floor! Sure would end some complaining around here! :)

Tanya said...

This is SO much fun! There were many cute items on her site. I've never been to it before, so it was fun to "window" shop. It was hard to pick, but I just LOVE the

"Solar Moon Jar"

My son would absolutely love one in his room. Thanks for this fun giveaway!

Anonymous said...

Wow GREAT giveaway. Love so many of their things, the Eames collage watch, awesome!!, the fish serving dish, the ipod sound system, the bamboo bath tray and so many more!! I think I would choose the Sunjar though, so great for my patio,

Thanks for the chance to win!

Sue said...

Now aren't they smart to pair with you for a give away! I saw lots of neat things on the site and will have to go back to buy! I have wanted to get one of these purse holders for awhile and would love to win one!

Luxe Link Purse Holder

No larger than the size of Beyonce’s hoop earring, the Luxe Link is portable, lighter than your cell phone, and easy-peasy to use. Instead of a cumbersome traditional purse hook, the Luxe Link has a stylish chain that wraps around a swanky circular top, and the shiny metal surface works as a mirror so you can always look Reese Witherspoon ready. Plus, it's eco-friendly! Made of recycled materials!
Luxe Link comes in a luxurious soft pouch, packaged in a lovely gift box; can hold up to 9-lbs. (4-kgs.); made only with recycled zinc alloy.

Rachel said...


RuMe Bags Reusable Totes: Spring In New York


what a LOVELY giveaway!!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I would love to win the forget me not ring...one for me and my bestest friend Kimmy...:)

Anonymous said...

Wow, they have a lot of cool stuff and it was so hard to choose. I think I could really use the chop2pot chopping board though if I win.



Darla @ UltraBeautyBoutique said...

Congratulations on all the votes!

What a fun giveaway! I like: Envirosax Delightfully Pretty Reusable Grocery Bags

LINDA said...

This is a wonderful chance to win super things!
I would love to have the ECO BAGS Reusable Produce Bags. This time of year, they would be so handy to have.

Kathy said...

Cindy, Always a treat to be in here. You even inspire me to clean! My favorite item from delight.com was the Mrs. Myers cleaning set. I love cleaning products with really nice scents like these and Caldrea. You are very talented. I am delighted to see all of the great things that are happening to you this year. All the best, Kathy

hurdla said...

To win something for free would be thrilling. I would choose the Gurgle Pot Koi Pitcher. My Grandsons would be Delight-ed to get the second one! From their Nana and Delight.com. Thank you for sharing this with us, Cindy.

Linda aka yellowroseli said...

This is a wonderful site. I can see myself shopping there for gifts.Congrats to you. I know everyone just loves visiting your site. Who wouldn't????
My favorite item is the Teaposy Stunning Blooming Tea Set.

Amber said...

Wow! What a wonderful giveaway! I would LOVE to have the Eco-Delightful BOLD & BRIGHT Shopper Set! I have been trying hard to be more enivironmentally friendly, which means ditching the plastic shopping bags that all the stores use now. I have a few re-usable bags, but they are all the store brand ugly ones. These would be SO much more fun to use! :)

CarolinaDreamz said...

What a wonderful post to run into while blog-hopping. :)

I'm thrilled to see Reusable Produce Bags!

I've been trying to solve this dilemma and I'm so happy to see someone else has a solution.

I'm going to keep peekin' around now.

~Heidi, Charleston, South Carolina

Anonymous said...

I love this web site. What neat gifts they have. I always like to give something that makes me feel good about giving it. If I won I would like the Smencils. My grandkids would love them!


Marlene said...

Hi Cindy! Well great stuff on that site.. but I just love the chapangne Flora Mug.. its so cute and love the shape you can hold the mug cupping with your hands.. great mug for late night tea..plus the light color goes well with all my white dishes!!! Marlene from Cambria

Anonymous said...

What a cute store! I would pick the Polka dot Storage Container Set. I would pass the other set on to a friend who would appreciate them!

Anonymous said...

Um..I am Dee and my email is: drobbins1@sbcglobal.net

Anonymous said...

Oh my,my,my. This is too cool. Everything is nice. The Miniature French Herb Garden would be ideal.

Thank you
Cheryl Maddox


Cindy said...

Hard choice. But the tea posey set had to be the winner for me. Lovely.

Andrea @ Big Creek Cottage said...

Cindy, what a great give a way and a wonderful site.....so many items....I had a difficult time choosing....but, if I have to choose..I chose theDashing Darjeeling Dishware set!!!! I love it.....

Traci said...

RuMe Bags Reusable Totes: Spring In New York


Yep, I would get the bags...I can never have enough market bags. I'm trying to USE NO PLASTIC in 2008!!!

Carousel222 said...

What a beautiful selection of items. Making a choice was hard, but I think I will choose the Fragonard Imported French Mini Perfume Collection. Thank you so very much for your wonderful blog. I can't go a single day without checking it, several times !


Pam P said...

Great blog (first one I got hooked on) and Fab-boo Giveaway, and my first giveaway entry.
I would have to choose the Crystal Clear Recycled Glass Earrings. Lovely. My daughter, Marissa, will be 17 in September. You can't buy teen people just anything - she usually has to be there, something about me just not understanding how it is. Whatever "it" is, but I KNOW that not even her mama could go wrong with this choice.
Thank you for the opportunity, Pam
Contact at msjandoe@hotmail.com

Teresa @ PlumWater Cottage said...

Huge selection of really cool things to choose from...after much mental debate (and I'll probably buy if I don't win) I decided I needed Sigg's Best.Thermos.Ever. One of my savings strategies is to take my own coffee to work. I either end up dripping on paperwork in my tote, or drinking cold coffee by the time my break rolls around. This sounds like the answer to the problem. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

Cathy Miller said...

I'd have to choose the blooming tea pot...those things fascinate me! Thanks for the opportunity and the great blog posts!

Pam P. said...

Correction Alert:
my email is

Pam P. said...

Correction Alert:
my email is

Deann Johnson said...

Hi Cindy!
they have cool stuff over there... I'd love the RuMe Bags Reusable Totes: Silicon Valley. Maybe it would help me to actually remember to bring the bags IN the store rather than leave them in my jeep!

herbfarm said...

How fun! i loved getting acquainted with Delight.com. Lots of great eco-friendly choices but the Eco-Delightful Super Clean Home Detox Kit is really intriguing! Thanks for your inspiring blog,

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Hi Cindy!
How fun....I would love to win that wonderful bamboo bath caddy!

Sweetie said...

Should I be so lucky..... I would love the Portofino Handbag. This is a generous giveaway. I check out My Romantic Home almost daily. I am amazed at your many talents. Everything is beautiful. I think that you could also give a seminar on "Time Management."

het lieveheersbeestje said...

Wow, you are going to spoil one of us! By the way, I love your blog!!!
The item I like is the scrapbook summer to snow.

zees5 said...

I just love, love, love the Chic and Simple Portofino Handbag. It looks like it may be the last handbag you would need to buy - it would match everything and I really, really like the shape.

I really enjoy your site. Whatever you do, DO NOT paint the cabinet (: Just get some high quality furniture wax and wax and buff it regularly. It will develop a really nice patina. What a treasure that is!

Madame Nostalgique said...

First of all, thanks to you and Delight.com for offering this cool giveaway. I loved so many of the items (foreign language flash cards, teaposy set, Golden Bauble Charm Bracelet...swoon) that I couldn't choose. Soooo, I'm voting for the $100 gift certificate if I am chosen as the lucky winner! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy,
Awesome stuff! I think I'd like the Safe and Healthy Index chopping boards. They look like they'd really be useful in preparing yummy dishes.

Thanks for giving us the chance to win!


Normangirl said...

The Blooming Tea Pot is fantastic!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to win the RuMe Reuseable Totes in the Silicon Valley disign. They are the same ones shown on your blog. Been meaning to reduce the plastic bags I use. Thanks for the opportunity to get started. Your blog has come to be one of my very favorites! I look forward to it every day.

Sherry in Little Rock
sherryef (at) swbell (dot) net

Mimi Sue said...

I think the sun jar would be perfect for my deck. So, thanks for the giveaway. And thanks for your beautiful blog

Anonymous said...

I love everything,so I wont choose unless I win. Thank You Cindy

Lisa said...

What a generous and fun giveaway! I am fond of the RueMe Tote Bags for sure, but would be "delighted" with any thing from the wonderful site. Thanks for sharing the site!

Charlotte said...

Looks like I just got in "under the wire". Today is the last day to comment. I love the blooming tea set that you pictured. I can't believe how many comments are here. You have a great blog. I always enjoy my visit here.

Diana said...

I've been introduced to your website by my sister, Debbie V. from Arkansas who loves it. Now it is a favorite of mine. I've picked the $100gift card as what I'd love to win. Thanks so much!

Diana from California

twinkle said...

Congratulations on your many comments! I checked out the site...noticed a sweet black clutch purse, beautiful umbrellas...but my pick from the site is the Fragonard Imported French Mini Perfume Collection. My blog name is "twinkle" and I know the tops are of the sun...but I can just imagine that they are stars! Oh...isn't the sun a really BIG star? Made just for me!

Rachel said...

What an awesome idea! I'd love the green recycled glass hurricane vase. Love your blog Cindy.

Lady Heather said...

Oh wow! This is so great!

Well, there's one thing I would love because my shoes are just laying in the floor, in my closet...and you know how it is to find your shoes.

Anyway, I choose the Black & White Damask Shoe Organizer

Part-time Gardener said...

Hi Cindy,
After looking at the site with my friend, she decided on the Solio Solar Charger with Tread Case and iPod Connector Pack and I decided on the Vers Hand-Crafted Wood Sound System for iPod & iPhone. I think these choices reflect how high-tech we are becoming. All good! While browsing this site, I found a lot of eco-friendly items I will need to back and take a second look at!
Thanks for showing us this site!
Part-time Gardener

Anonymous said...

This is great!

Count me in for that bathtub book holder that you have pictured on your site.


Michele said...

You are such a generous and giving person, Cindy, and I'm not just talking about this giveaway. You are generous and giving of yourself and what you share with us here on your blog. So thank you!!

Now, if I won this AWESOME giveaway, I'd choose the Teaposy Stunning Blooming Tea Set. It's gorgeous!!!

Thanks so much!
Michele R.(CA)

VintageGirl said...

How generous of you both....thanks for directing me to such an awesome site, they have some beautiful items....what to choose! I love the Eco-Delightful Bold & Bright Shopper Set....so pretty and what fun it would be to shop with those. Many thanks, Heather

VintageGirl said...

How generous of you both....thanks for directing me to such an awesome site, they have some beautiful items....what to choose! I love the Eco-Delightful Bold & Bright Shopper Set....so pretty and what fun it would be to shop with those. Many thanks, Heather

janet said...

Delight.com and Cindy what a wonderful giveaway! Do to my pitiful house phone I was hoping to find one and there she was, I couldn't believe it! Black is my favorite color and if I am fortunate to win my e mail is