Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Father's Day and some other important stuff!

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Happy Father's Day to my wonderful dad and all the great dads out there!  

Dad:  I hope you see this when your at Dave's house!  I love you!  I love you too Mom!  


I was tagged by Donna at An Enchanted Cottage

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?  Wow, that's a loaded question...June of 1998 ~ I was in a very unhappy marriage, and it was about 10 years ago this month that I began to get very suspicious that my husband was having an affair but he denied it.  I was only a couple of months away from the truth though.  In October of 1998 the marriage ended.  It was a huge blessing in disguise. It was horrible to go through at the time but I am 100 times happier now than I was then.  

2. Five things on my To-do list:
1) Finish painting my dining room set
2) Finish my hutch (sanding, distressing and waxing still left to do)
3) Paint Lauren's room
4) Wallpaper my bathroom
5) Paint a new chair I bought at the flea market today (I'll share this with you next week)
(I could go on and to-do list is about a mile long!)

3. Snack I enjoy:
1) Chocolate
2) candy
3) ice cream
4) pie
5) cake 
( I'm assuming that "I enjoy" isn't that same as "eats regularly")

4. Things I would do if I were a millionaire:
1) Buy my own home (probably on Martha's Vineyard)
2) Give my family lots of money 
3) Help out a single mom who is struggling 
4) Travel
5) QUIT MY JOB!!!!

5. Places I have lived:
I've lived in the San Francisco Bay Area (South Bay) my whole life: Saratoga, San Jose, Sunnyvale, Mountain View and Campbell 
Connie of Living Beautifully along with Stephanie of Angelic Accents are having a give away so please go visit.  


Michele said...

Beautiful pic of your mom and dad.

I'm glad to hear that you're so much happier now that you've dumped the cheater!! I think a lot of women are afraid to leave because they don't want to be alone, but I've found that the majority of women I've spoken to about this that have gotten the courage to leave end up much, much happier. I'm glad that was you, too, though I'm sorry you had to go through a divorce and were cheated on. I was never married, but I was with the same guy for ten years and walked in on him with another woman. It was painful beyond words so I can sympathize.

Any word on when your episode is going to air on HGTV? I can't wait to see it!!


Beverly said...

Happy Father's Day to your father.

Cindy, it is so refreshing to come here to read because your happy spirit shines through your words. Your willingness to share your joy is wonderful.

Tara said...


What a great pic of your parents...sorry to hear about your trials 10 years ago...look where you are now! Confident, secure and almost HGTV go, girl!

Connie said...

Thank you for announcing our GiveAway, Cindy!!

That picture reminds me of my parent's wedding picture. Right after Pearl Harbor was bombed my parents were married before my dad went off on a ship to war. Their wedding picture was EXACTLY like your parent's wedding picture! Dad in his navy uniform and mom in her dress. You've made me almost cry, sweetpea........

I'll be in your area next month when we go back home to visit kids so I know that area well.


Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Cindy!
The photo of your parents is wonderful! I was excited to see the button frame you created. I won Joanne Kennedy's giveaway which included the frame and buttons to do the project. It's gonna be fun!
I'm so glad you're happy with your life Cindy! It's a great feeling to wake up every morning and like who you are and where you're at in life!!
Hugs, Sherry

An Enchanted Cottage said...

Cindy, what a great post! Thanks for playing the tag game. You've been through a lot and you came out on top - just another of the many ways you're an inspiration to others :) And I love the photo of your mom and dad. It's just beautiful... Donna


Hi Cindy, we must have been visiting each others blogs at the same time! I clicked back over to mine and you had left me a message LOL. Thanks for the b-day wishes! Good luck with you R.C. hunting.
Hugs, Kelly

Brenda Kula said...

What I loved the most was "help a single mom who is struggling." There are so many women in this country who are struggling. And with prices being what they are, I don't know how they're going to get through! But women, like you, tend to be strong and have fortitude. My children are grown, but I thank you for remembering those who are not.

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Beautiful post today Cindy for your sweet daddy! I LOVE the picture of your parents, so sweet!

I enjoy the same snacks, loL!


Glenda~Many Fond Memories said...

Nice picture tribute to your father along with your mother.

We all have life struggles and some that are very similar to others. I have been divorced for 20 years now and never looked back. I have been so independent for so long I don't know how I would react if a man was interested. But thats a story that could go on and on.
Hope you've had a relaxing weekend.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy,
God is really using you to inspire so many women out there, just wanted to let you know that.


Anonymous said...

This blog post confirms my belief that you are not only creative, smart, witty, and talented, but that you have a HEART OF GOLD!ksarra(RMS)

Robyn said...

Great post!
Hugs and come for a visit!

Candy- A Pretty Home said...

I read this post on bloglines and wanted to comment because it really hit me when you said if you had millions you would help out a struggling single mom. I forgot how hard it is on single moms! I dont know a lot of single moms so they dont come to my mind as much but now I will really try to reach out to them because now that I think about it, it has got to be pretty tough when you have nobody else to help you or to rely on.
May God bless you for your kind heart and thinking of others.
Your a doll.
Big hugs,

cityfarmer said...

Hello there dear friend....I've missed our chats...

What I'm about to share over at my post, I've waited two years to experience...Nic's wedding....

Here's a blanket invitation to share in our joy....

let's chat

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

Wow, love those plates. They are right up my alley, and I love collecting porcelain plates. I will get them all out of the box and put them back on the wall after I clear the living room of all my moving boxes that are STILL there. My move was gradual and spread out over a long time, and I'm not sure how they ended up there, but anyhow, one day the living room will be done and I'll be able to get out all my pretty plates again.

Great answers on the meme. I got tagged with the same questions from someone else. I also was in a bad marriage 10 years ago. Thank God I'm free from that!


Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Hi Cindy. Thanks so much for letting your readers know about mine & Connie's giveaways. I just now read your post about it ~ then checked & saw where I have already had lookers coming to me from your link! A million thanks!

I adore how you have the pic of your parents framed ~ I have my daughter's Sr. pic in a button frame I hot-glued ~ never again!

Angelic Accents

Babette said...

Je ne comprend pas l'anglais , mais tes photos n'ont pas besoin de légende pour moi et ce que je vois me plait beaucoup . A bientôt . Babette