Thursday, June 12, 2008

Beautiful things I can't afford

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I really love this pillow from Pierre Deux but it's $350.00!  Do people really spend $350 on a throw pillow?  I would love to make one similar to this. I'm going to go back to the fabric store and get some more of the fabric that I used to cover the dining room chairs to make some pillows. 

French linen sheet from Antique Linens from Em's Heart for $450.  I love vintage linens and this is just so beautiful!
This beautiful double sconce for $238.00 from Lavender Fields.  I would love to get a pair of these for my little bathroom that I'm going to put the toile wallpaper in but that's too much money for me!  

I love finding beautiful things and trying to find a less expensive alternative to get that look.  The way I look at it;  you can either be depressed that you can't afford the beautiful things you want or you can get excited about finding an alternative that you can.  I choose the latter!


~ Karen ~ said...

My sentiments exactly!! Not only is it less expensive, but coming up with an alternative way of getting the same look is SOOOOOO much more satisfying. Anyone can spend money, but exercise of creativity is always a unique experience.

KimmyJ said...

Even if I had the money, I don't think I could spend $350 on a throw pillow - I'd rather give it to a needy family or a single mom. I also like to find high end items and try to replicate on the cheap!

Brenda Kula said...

I totally agree with you. It is simply ridiculous to spend that much money on things, when you can come up with a reasonable alternative with some imagination. Of which you have aplenty! If I had something that cost that much, I'd be terrified something would happen to it. How can you really "live" like that?

Joy at Cupids Charm said...

You are preachin' to the choir girl!!! So well put! I LOVE the sconces and think they would be perfect with the toile paper bathroom. I am sure you can find a vintage "sister" out there somewhere and then do your wonderful painting techniques on it to make it have the same look. Can't wait to see what you come up with. Have a wonderful day! ~ xoxo Joy


Hi Cindy,
I love Lowe's for lighting, it's amazing what you can find there for such a great price. I know I saw sconces there, I remember metal flowered ones especially. They look like the vintage lights!
I want them myself but I don't know where to put them without having to rewire. I'm married to an electrician but it seems I'm always the last to get my electrical work done!LOL.Kelly

Kim - Happy @ Home said...

Oh my gosh is that pillow ever gorgeous. I could never spend that for a pillow. If you find an inexpensive way to recreate it, please let me know.

Have a great weekend,

Sandra said...

I agree and perfectly said. If more people would think that way there would be a lot less depression in this world and more happy people.

Beverly said...

Beauty should definitely be in the eye of the beholder - not in the pocketbook.

Good for you.

Mo..."Mo's Cottage" said...

Hi Cindy,
I feel the same way about all the $$$. But the good thing is we get great ideas. I love making something out of nothing and making it my own.
Mo :-)

Connie said...

That's something I've always done! It works and makes my heart sing at the same time!!

Anonymous said...

Pillows made out of your fabric with some fringe will look just as nice as the expensive pillow, if not nicer. I love the light fixture and it would look great with your toile wallpaper. But, as talented and crafty as you are, I know that you can come up with something just as nice but costs a whole lot less!

Debbie V.

Melissa Lester said...

Well, you did such a great job finding fabric for your dining room chairs, and I think what you found is prettier than the fabric that inspired you! You have such an eye for beautiful things, so I'm sure you'll find more priceless treasures at bargain prices!

Anonymous said...

Cindy, all YOU need is an inspiration piece and your creativity will surely come up with something similar or even better. LOVE the daily visits to your blog, keep up the great job!!ksarra(RMS)

Deserae said...

Gorgeous pretties...I seem to always be drawn to things I can't afford either! LOL...Doesn't hurt to dream though!

Lovely Lady Laura said...

The throw pillow is quite beautiful! After my sticker-shock from the price tag, my first thought was that you are such a craft-y, imaginative person that it would be a cinch for you to replicate it for much, much less.
Remember, that when you're looking for a small amount of fabric you needn't limit yourself to what's available in a fabric store. Thrift stores are full of curtains, table cloths, and bed linens that are perfect for small decorative projects--especially when you're looking for something with a vintage feel.
Happy hunting, happy crafting, happy nesting!

emily said...

Gorgeous items, but a little to pricey!! I would love to see your version of the pillow. Love the cover chair seats you made!

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Fabulous pretties Cindy! I try and do the same thing! You need an HGTV show about that! OR a magazine column about that! I cant wait to see what you fing similar to these things.


Andrea said...

I agree - and you are creative enough and intrepid enough to find just the right thing at the right price.

I've been thinking about you this morning as I sand down my garden bench. I keep thinking of how great your painting results are. I hope my bench turns out as well!

Sharon said...

I agree with Karen that it can be much more satisfying to find the look you want by being creative. I have even found that I can be satisfied by taking pictures of things that I love. The pictures can be my guide to find the perfect replacement for me. And I am always thrilled that I spent so much less.
It may not make sense, but sometimes just having the picture of "whatever" is enough for me. I have a collection of pictures that I love to look at.
It's just like the beautiful pictures in magazines of rooms and the beautiful pictures of your home!!
Thanks for sharing.

Lisa said...

$350 for a throw pillow-yikes! You aren't alone, no way that would ever fit my budget and not sure I would if I could! Like to call those more money than sense kind of deals.

I will not be surprised to see that you come up with a more affordable alternative, that will surely be even more beautiful than these!

My favorite are the sconces and if my brain would work I could tell you where I saw some similar ones at a fraction of the price...I'll let you know if it comes to me.
Have a great weekend!

Annie said...

You can certainly make your own version of that pillow easily . :)
and it will look really attractive in your home.
My mother made needlepoint covers in a similar pattern (but in a deep wine color) for all her dining room chairs , the piano bench, and several small chairs she owned. I inherited the bench.
Just gorgeous things can be done at home!
You will find scones that you can do up much nicer than that pair!

Joanne said...

When I saw the pillow, I thought it was leftover material from your chairs and you made it. I just got home from a morning of yard-saling. Nothing like filling up the car with great finds and knowing that you didn't spend a fortune. Even if I was rich, I think that I was brought up a certain way and I will always be like that. $350 -- for a pillow -- that no one should sit on? With oil and food prices going up, we have to be much more careful.

Glenda~Many Fond Memories said...

I love a good hunt. I do the same thing with things. I know what you mean about why would anyone pay so much for a pillow etc.....
I get so excited when I find what I want. It's like a short high.

Good luck on your hunt for the fabulously less.


Mary said...

Oh holy COW -- that is one gorgeous pillow! I don't blame you, though, I could not possibly spend that much on a pillow even if I could afford it. I'm looking forward to seeing your inexpensive alternatives...

Have a wonderful weekend!

Kathleen Grace said...

I agree, finding a lower cost way to get what you want is kind of a fun hobby. $350 for a pillow? If I had that kind of money I wouldnt waste it on throw pillows!

Michele said...

Even if I won the lottery, I don't think I'd ever be able to bring myself to spend that kind of money on a PILLOW!!! C-R-A-Z-Y!! LOL!!!

I LOVE the sconces from Lavender Fields. I've saved them in my decorating ideas folder before! So beautiful!!


Jan~Feather Your Nest Antiques said...

There's nothing better than a great treasure hunt for things you love and can afford.Looking at pictures and dreaming has a place in everyone's life, but a good hunt and find is always more uplifting and saisfying.

Anonymous said...

WHAT!!! People would spend that much on a throw cushion?? OMG that's like one of my sofa's cost!! WOW

JoJo said...

You know the song..."lookin' for love in all the wrong places...." For the pillow you desire, take a look on ebay at the seller rug_factory. You will find some beautiful aubusson fringed pillows ranging in price from $24 - $49. Let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...

You know what though Cindy, I think finding the bargain alternative to the very expensive is a challenge and usually I end up liking the bargain better.


Me! said...

Make yourself feel better about not being able to afford it by keeping in mind that in a couple years time 1/4 of the weight of that pillow will be dust mite and dust mite doodoo without constant beating and vaccuuming.
Now, don't you feel good you don't spend $350 on a dust mite condo?

Simply Me Art said...

Oh Its Good to Dream Cindy!If I were loaded with money I don't think I would spend $350 on a Pillow anyway. Im sure you can find things just as Gorgeous for 1/3 the price. It is fun to look and get Inspiration though. have a great weekend, Jamie

Edie Marie's Attic said...

I would much rather be creative with the latter! I like food and gold, I mean gas for my car too much!
Hugs, Sherry

Niesz Vintage Home said...

Really, I don't think I could spend that much on a pillow. I'm sure I could find a pretty needlepoint one from Homegoods for much, much less. :)

Oh, but Em's Heart linens...Gorgeous! Now something from her site I might splurge on.

Kimberly :)

Susan said...

It's such a pleasure to find something that looks almost the same and gives as much satisfaction as that expensive piece. We all do it. My whole life is like that: living "rich" while not having gazillions of dollars.

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Cindy, you hit it right on the button. I think all of us that have a little bit of creativity, we want to do it ourself. It just makes us feel so goooood to do it for less. Even though there are some people that feel if it doesn't cost a lot, it isn't any good. I believe some people do pay that price and that probably makes them feel good too.
Have a Blessed Day,

Cat said...

Okay that pillow is lined with gold right?!? LOL

I am so like you I would rather find the alternative then being bummed about it.


Donna Kay said...

The chairs look great - love that fabric and what a DEAL!!
I love a good deal - even if you had a lot of money - sometimes THAT is just throwing it away!!! I love simple things!!!
You are doing an incredible job on your place....well,hello, HGTV noticed....doesn't get much better than that!!!!

ginger at enchanting cottage said...

OH Cindy! Linens are my thing. I am getting ready for a yard sell tomarrow but I am keeping all of my lines. Sometime if I see a beautiful runner I will buy it and put it on the top sheet tuk it under the bedspread and and let the pretty side show and no body knows that it's a runner they think it is a full sheet.
Take care,

Elizabeth G. said...

I'm with you. It's wonderful to be inspired by the beauty of these objects and then go out and try to find a way to do something similar, but on a shoestring.

Lovely things, though!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. This blogging thing is fun!

Anonymous said...

hi cindy,
My name is dolly i saw your blog through bj. Im on RMS I think you comment to my kitchen. Her name is Cindy but im not sure if that's you. I like your house a lot i like how you decorate it. You're such a talented person. No wonder the hgtv pick you. I was wondering how can i be in hgtv too. I live in Anaheim CA near Disneyland. Bj put my kitchen picture in her blog when she was hosting the beautiful kitchen. Thank you again.

Les Cotrions said...

Hi Cindy! How beautiful is your blog! Lovely pictures and fabrics!
I'm Italian and I like home decorating. I love creating for my home and for the web-shop I have with my best friend.
I'm happy to have found you!
Have a nice week-end!


Life on Bonnie Lane said...

Geesh, can't believe that pillow is $350, beautiful though it is! I'm sure you can find something just as lovely for a tenth of the price!

Those sure are beautiful things!


Tea Time and Roses said...

Hi Cindy!

Hmmmm, I don't know, it just might be someone out there willing to pay it! But for me, even if I were able I just do not think I would! I love beautiful things and I pride myself on buying beautiful a whole lot less!



lvroftiques said...

Hmmmm I would only pay $350 for a pillow if it was a one of a kind (rare aubusson comes to mind) item that I planned to build the entire room around! I LOVE the hunt!! I find it so much more satisfying to find the "deal" kwim? I echo the comments here that you are sooo creative! You won't have any problem finding affordable substitutes for the pricy items you love! I have complete faith in you! BTW an antique store near me has sconces like the ones you love (in brass) for $45 each. Give me a holla I'll set ya up! *winks* Vanna

Jenni said...

I so much agree with you! I love the challenge of seeing something beautiful (that I can't afford) and finding a way to make it for less. It takes more work but it's so worth it! :)

Crossroads Cottage said...

Yeah, who spends $350 on a throw pillow? Crazy. I do love the double sconce. Can't afford that either. One can dream. :-)

Casa Mia * My House * said...

I agree with you too, but that pillow is beautiful. The fun is finding one that looks like it but at a fraction of the price. Happy hunting!

Rhondi said...

Hi Cindy
What a fun title for a blog post! I am amazed at the prices of some things I see in stores or magazines and that people actually pay that much for it!
Even if I had the money I would still rather have the fun of finding a bargain!
Hugs, Rhondi

Bettsi McComb said...

I agree, Cindy! The pillow is a no-brainer to reproduce- you could do it with your eyes closed! I think if you added fancy little bobeches to regular, cheaper sconces you could get the same effect.