Sunday, March 02, 2008

You Make my Day and California Dreamin'

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Tara from Days Missed on a Hammock sent me this "You Make My Day Award" this morning.  Someone else sent me this about a week or so ago, and I'm so sorry but I can't find the email and I don't remember who it was.  If it was you, please let me know and I add your link to this post!  I've learned my lesson. I need to post these as soon as I get them or I lose them in my unmanageable amount of emails! 

"The rules for the “You Make My Day” award are to re-present it to 10 people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel happy about blog land. Let them know through email or by posting a comment on their blog so they can pass it on. Beware you may get the award several times, and if you do, consider yourself really, really loved. So to pass it on and keep the love going."

You know me, I never pass these along which I know makes me a party-pooper but I have a hard time choosing!  Besides, you ALL make my day!

It's supposed to be 65 degrees here today and in the 70s the rest of the week....I'm so happy! Speaking of that (nice weather), have any of you seen the commercial for California?  I think it's funny they are playing it here when we already live here and I'm wondering if they are playing it all over the U.S.  It starts in the wine country and ends with Arnold Schwartneger and his wife.  Have you seen it?  If I already didn't live in California I swear I'd be moving here after watching that!  I couldn't find it on YouTube but this is another one that was good too.


Rosie's Whimsy said...

I've seen the commercial you were talking about in PA. What good PR :-) Rosie

Suzy said...

What a nice commercial. Well done marketing job.


Glenda said...

I too live in California and wondered the same thing.
Why are we seeing it ?
It is a great commercial.

Feel the love Cindy !


Alison Gibbs said...

Hi Cindy congratulations on your award. Like Tara I also received this award from Siobhan.
Great commercial.

Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

I'm the same Cindy, I think I lost one too!! congrats on your award!!
alicia ~ time worn style

Janet said...

We see the ad in Mass as well, but I *really* love the California Cow ad campaign. Puts those poor Vermont cows I grew up with to shame :)

Janelle said...

I love that California commercial! I've only been there once, for a week, ten years ago, but it was one of the happiest experiences of my life! I hope to go back someday soon.

Sher's Creative Expressions said...

Lucky you having 70 degree weather in California. . . we are going to get 40 degrees tomorrow here in Michigan and I'm thrilled with that!! Isn't that sad?




We see it here in Florida too. Looks beautiful.....I have never been there.....yet!!
Funny I live near Disney and we get all of the Disney/Tourism commercials...go figure??!!
Have a great week!!

Brenda Kula said...

Hey, love your blog. Just found it while looking at someone else's and linked over. I just want to say this: I've been married now three times! I seem to be unlucky in love too, and I doubt I'll get divorced again after two. I wouldn't say I'm completely happy. But I just turned 51, so have to be practical. My heart just seems to be out in the gardens I love and with the pets I love. And as for romantic love, I think I'd rather have a romantic porch!Perhaps the concept of monogamy and "forever love" just isn't feasible. Going through the "mid-life" so maybe it's all just hormones. You'll get there too!

Alyson said...

We have the commercial in Connecticut. However, I was born in raised in CA and so I know it isn't always so ideal in the golden state as they make it seem. I miss certain things about CA, but I don't miss the crazy real estate prices and tiny lot sizes. The sunshine is great though!

Anonymous said...

That commercial is on in Toronto Canada...and with the winter we have had, it is darn alluring.
Love your blog.

Rue said...

I was born and raised in California, but now I'm in Ohio. I've never seen it here. Strange that they are playing it there. Maybe they heard that some people are moving away and they want to tell them how much fun it would be to stay?? LOL
Great Blog, by the way!
Rue :)