Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Nesting

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This is a special gift! Robyn ~ Happy House of Haas ordered this from Rosemary ~ RosePetiteMaisone as a gift for me! Wasn't that thoughtful! I've always admired Rosemary's little works of art but let me tell you....the photos do not do them justice at all! When I opened this package and saw this, it took my breath away. The glitteriness (I know that's not a word) of it is just amazing. It's all aglow in sparkly glitter. I wish the camera would capture that better!

Thank you Robyn for the wonderful gift! I really love it!


debbiekay said...

Hi Cindy:

Isn't Rosemary awesome! She has an amazing talent. You are so lucky to have such sweet friends.. Robyn is so thoughtful.

Love to you,

Debbie Kay

Kelli said...

Wow...that is so gorgeous. Don't you hate it when glitter doesn't show well on film. Sometimes the camera just doesn't do justice.

Your blog is amazing and very informative on my favorite subject. I just recently started a blog myself.


Karen Erickson said...

How beautiful! I'm jealous. :) I love sparkly glittery things.

Rosemary said...

Hi Cindy,
I am so very glad the you like the box from Robyn. I'm happy that you like my work. It was so sweet of you to show it on your blog today.

Alison Gibbs said...

Oh Cindy such a sweet gift.

Lisa said...

Adorable box. Love the little eggs. That's just perfect!

Linda's Blue Gate said...

Wow.... that is so full of sparkles and just lovely.... isn't blogland amazing.... the NICEST most talented ladies are just so giving....

Brenda Kula said...

It is a beautiful gift. Lucky you!

Michelle said...

So very cute - what a special little gift for you!


Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Just beautiful! Your friend was very thoughtful!

bj said...

What a sweet gift and even more sweet thought. Just beautiful...

Donna said...

What a beautiful gift! I love all the glitter!

Junie Moon said...

It's beautiful and there are such delightful details in its creation. What a wonderful gift you recieved!

the feathered nest said...

Rosemary does such gorgeous work - she should open an etsy store! That was very sweet of Robyn!


Tracie said...

Hi Cindy,
How sweet, it matches all your lovely blue items just right!
My Petite Maison

Robyn said...

Oh! Cindy! I am so very pleased that you loved the gift! It is the least I could do for you sweety! Your kindness goes well beyond anything I have ever experienced. I won't get into what you did for me Cindy...but Friends please know that she touched me to my core! I adore Rosemary and her art. So, when I saw these lovely boxes on her blog I knew I needed one for a very special friend. Rosemary is a true artist! And when I comissioned her art, she was wonderful to work with!
Cindy, Happy Spring dear friend and know that you have touched my heart for the kindness you showed 2 very special people in my life. I thank you! Many warm thoughts are coming your way!