Friday, April 13, 2007

Inspiration Friday - Outdoor spaces

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Since Spring is here I thought I would share some inspirational outdoor spaces.
(I noticed on some of my posts the pictures are getting cut off on the right side. It's fine on my work computer but at home I use Mozilla Firefox as my web browser and I think that may be the difference. If this happens to you, can you please let me know.)

I was getting my little patio looking pretty nice and then my landlord said she was putting in a new fence but first she had to get the trees trimmed. They came out this week and stomped all over my impatiens that I just planted. I can only imagine how bad my plants are going to look once they rip out the old fence and put in the new one. When I moved in 3 years ago, I planted a creeping fig vine that was just getting to the point where it was covering the fence. It was so beautiful! My plan was to gently pull it off the old fence and reattach it so it could climb the new one. The tree trimmers ripped the whole plant off the fence and cut it down to the ground! I guess I'll have to wait another 3 years now to get it back to where it was.

Last night my daughter and I went to our first cake decorating class. There are 4 classes, each 2 hours long. In our last class we will have to decorate a cake by our self. I'm so excited! If my final cake turns out, I'll post some pics.

One more thing, I put pictures of my bedroom on HGTV's Rate My Space. Click here if you would like to rate my bedroom. Please be honest with your ratings though. Don't just give me 5 stars because you know me! I have to say that I am totally shocked with how well it's doing. I have 4 stars out of 5 and I've only told 2 people I know about it so these votes are from strangers. The comments have been really good. I only have one sort of negative comment but when I looked at that person's room I can see why they wouldn't like mine. They said it had too much clutter but they are absolute minimalists. I've heard that people can leave really hurtful comments on this site so I was a little worried about posting the pictures but I'm glad I did.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Rhoda said...

Beautiful inspiration pics, Cindy! I love getting out there & gardening. Those are some pics to drool over, for sure. Good luck on Rate my can be pretty brual over there.

Southern Hospitality

fooltheworld said...

They're cut off for me and I use Mozilla Firefox as well. They're beautiful pics tho!

The Decorated House said...

Hey there! That last picture....isn't it perfect? They are all wonderful, but I really love that last one. It's that cute building in the back and the large flagstone. Hmmmmm...good.

I'm so happy that you have such nice feedbck on RateRoom. Sometimes the nasty sharks come out over there. Some seem to just want to say mean things, and it has nothing to do with the room, they just want to be ugly.

It sure would have been better if they had named it something else though. If someone puts a picture up there, they people are going to say exactly what "they" think. But they aren't always right.

The Feathered Nest said...

Those are gorgeous pictures. I really like the picture on the deck with the two benches. That looks like a place where you could just sit for hours hanging out.

Sorry about your creeping fig. Maybe it'll grow faster than last time because it's root system is still intact?

Good luck with the Rate my Space and have a great weekend!


Candy said...

HI there :)
I love these pictures too..
So romantic and dreamy..
Thanks for sharing!
Candy :)

Pen said...

Gorgeous pictures! They are a bit cut off in my Mozilla as well, but went to view them in IE to see all the beauty!

Sorry about the fig! Hope it comes back quickly!

Have a good time at the cake decorating class. What a fun thing to do with your daughter. Hmmm...I wonder if my 13 year old would be interested in that.

Good luck with you room on Rate my Space!

KLKinFLA said...

Hi, Cindy
Lovely pictures! I have Mozilla and Internet Explorer...the right-side crop happened in Mozilla but not Explorer.

Your bedroom looks obviously put a lot of time, thought, and love into creating your personal space!

Theresa N. said...


Anonymous said...

I would be sick about the Creeping Fig. It's too bad you weren't home so you could have given them guidance.

I hope it grows faster than you think and that you love the new fence.


Sharon said...

Just had to leave a comment ~ your site is so lovely! The top piccie looks like a pretty, giant, teapot at the angle I'm seeing it on my screen ~ with it's spout "cut off" on the right!!! Just put it down to me being an eccentric Brit LOL
Best Wishes,

Twinkle Pink said...

Hi Cindy what a pretty garden, your landlord should be very happy that you look after it so well.

I love your bedroom and the bed... what a transformation from the original. Well done on finding such a bargain too.

Look forward to more inspirational posts.

Best wishes Ginny (in England)

Mary said...

Your lovely bedroom deserves the accolades - you've done such a great makeover and it's just lovely as I mentioned before.
My heart breaks for your garden mishaps - I had a similar problem when I had to replce my back fence and cut back all my climbers. They do come back though - patience required - and will be even stronger. This Spring my Jasmine, Honeysuckle and Roses are doing great again.

Vintage to Victorian said...

Your poor plants. You must have been really upset - we had an awful neighbour many years ago, who crept in to our garden and cut through our Russian Vine just above the ground. We know it was him - he didn't like the thought of the creepy crawlies it harboured. I love the photos of your bedroom and what you've done with the furniture. I'm hoping to paint some of ours soon - you've inspired me to have a go!

Anonymous said...

That's awful about your poor plants! I hope your fig will come back bigger and better than ever! Good luck with Rate My Room. ♥

Sue said...

Such lovely photos, looks like my dream yard!! I cringed when you said they tore out the vine, I would of been so upset!! Why do men have to barrel through like a bull in a china shop!

Jen @ The Cottage Nest said...

Lovely inspiration as always, Cindy!

Kim said...

Those are gorgeous photos & so inspiring! It makes me want to get out & plant something!

Lallee said...

Cindy, Mozilla and Netscape cut the pictures off~Windows Explorer looks correct. I use the same template as you and just center the pictures one at a time to compensate.

I would be sick about the creeping fig, too. When the new fence is up, plant some morning glories for the summer. They grow so fast and will give a nice cover while you wait for new fig to grow.

a pink-bee said...

Friday inspiration is sooo mcuh fun. Saw a tablecloth that must have been the twin to yours in a antique mall this weekend, it was 120 dollars so you got a super deal.
Have you thought of painting on your glass doors in your bedroom, maybe like a trellis design? Will try to find the article about painting on glass.

Cottage Magpie said...

OMG! These pictures are absolutely gorgeous! Where did you get them all? Gosh, I wish I could work on my garden right NOW! ~A :-)