Saturday, February 03, 2007

A day at the Flea Market

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The first Saturday of every month I can be found at the DeAnza Flea Market in Cupertino, CA. My mom and dad have been vendors at this flea market for over 20 years. My kid's have grown up going to this flea market every month. My mom who is 82 years old is no longer able come down because she broke her hip and has had a slow recovery. My dad is 80 and still going strong. He makes different things with wood; potting tables, bird houses, Uncle Sam's, Santas and so much more. I need to meet him every month at 5:30 AM to help him unload the truck, then I come home and take a shower and become somewhat presentable and go back and spend the day there. We start packing up at 2:00 pm and roll out of there around 3:30 pm. It's an exhausting day. My dad lives 3 hours away from here so he leaves his house at 2:30-3:00 AM and doesn't get home unitl about 7:00pm because he has to deliver some of his bigger items. I brought my camera to get some photos of my favorite vendors but my battery ran out. I was able to get a pic of a vendor that sells beautiful orchids, actually there a few vendors that sell orchids. The rest of the photos are my dads booth. The bird is new and the shabby one he built 10 years ago and had it outside. Of course, everyone wants the old one but he doesn't want to sell it. He just wants to show everyone how it ages. (the photo of the birdhouses is dark because I was under an awning). He has two different potting tables which you can see in the pics. Today was such a beautiful day, it really felt like Spring.

I bought a cute metal plant holder for $5, a small chintz mug for $2 and two beautiful linen shirts for $5 each. There is a vendor that sells lightly used clothing and she has a lot of linen clothing, which I love.


Susie Q said...

What a wonderful way to spend a day! How talented your father is Cindy! I LOVE the birdhouse and that potting bench. Lucky flea market goers!
Such a sweet thing for you all to do together...such happy memories I am sure. Get some rest and have a nice Sunday!

Anonymous said...

I wished I lived closer and I would certainly stop by next months market and purchase one of those beautiful bird houses..and some orchids..and..
How lucky your father is to have such a devoted helper!!

Patty Van Dorin

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Deb said...

Sounds like the perfect way to spend a Saturday!

Andi said...

How nice that you help your Dad with his business and how wonderful that he's still going strong at 80. Love, love, love the Uncle Sam!

Sounds like you got some good finds yourself.

Donna, The Decorated House said...

What a great story! I love seeing someone so active and enjoying life when they aren't just kids anymore. Bravo to your Dad! OOOh....I loved that old birdhouse. You just need to age the new ones for him I guess.
How sweet Cindy that you are able and willing to help your dad. Thanks for sharing your day!

diana said...

california flea markets make me drool... love your dads crafts.. I hope I am still going to flea markets at 80 !! Loved this sweet story and pics Cindy.

linda t said...

What a sweet story!
My Dad will be 81 this month and he still is making birdhouses.
Your Dad is a treasure Cindy! How special to share the day with him! What cherished memories!
You are a dear daughter.

Anonymous said...

I haven't been to the DeAnza flea market in ages. Your dad has *exactly* the type of booth I am drawn to. I'm going to make the effort to go next month.

One of my very favorite finds is a crystal chandelier I bought there for $20 - I still can't believe my good luck on that one.

What a nice way to spend a day with your father.

Meg said...

Fantastic pictures. Love the story about your parents, too. I bet you have seen some unbelievable things during all the years that you've been going and helping them out!

Anonymous said...

Cindy! You must live near by! Andrea and I are in the Palo Alto area! I saw this de Anza Feal market post and thin kof the zillion times I have been there. OOhhh maybe Andrea and I can go together on Saturday this month. How fun.

Cindy said...

Wine maker's wife and Andrea, Let me know if you are going to come to the flea market next month. I will give you my cell phone number so I can make sure I'm there when you come by. How exciting, I've never met a fellow blogger.