Thursday, May 15, 2014

Old Books - Show and Tell Friday

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Welcome to Show and Tell Friday!
Every day on my lunch hour I take a walk. It's about a mile and a half and the highlight of my day at times!  There are chickens that I pass by, squirrels running around, moms and tots in the park. It's a great walk and I forget that I'm in the middle of Silicon Valley and it's a great break from sitting in a cubicle all day!
 This week it's been so hot in California but I still went out and walked. I love my lunch-time walks so much that I pretty much walk rain or shine! 
I'm so happy I ended up walking on Monday because I passed a home that had a bunch of free stuff on the curb. My co-worker who is also my friend and carpool partner and I walk together and I think she was a little shocked when I spotted a pile of free stuff on the curb and ran over to it!
I felt like I hit the jackpot! Christmas ornaments and old books!

She looked at me and said "you can only take as much as you can carry!  I grabbed a shopping bag full of Christmas ornaments, some new and some vintage and three old books. If it wasn't so hot out that day I probably would have lugged more old books with me!  I was sweating and I still probably had 3/4 of mile to walk.

This one below is the oldest of the three...

Copyrighted in 1903, published in 1908 and a handwritten message from a dad to his daughter, Margaret, in 1908! I love when there's a handwritten messages in them and dates! The other two have messages but no dates.  There is a handwritten receipt in one of them dated in 1926 though.
I think my friend thinks I'm crazy! I don't have any storage in my new apartment and she lets me store boxes and boxes of my Christmas ornaments in her garage. She was shocked that I wanted more! Really can you ever have too many Christmas ornaments? I think NOT! Especially a bag full of nice ones that are FREE! I know many of you understand!

Thanks to all of you that join in on Show and Tell Friday every week and thanks to all of you who leave such nice comments! 

If you are joining in on Show and Tell Friday, please remember that your Show and Tell needs to be something from your home or garden. If you would like to join in, please enter your name and leave your exact Show and Tell blog post link, not just your blog link and as a common courtesy link back to my blog.


Unknown said...

Wow what a score! Those books are beautiful! How are you going to display them?

Unknown said...

What lovely books! Thanks so much for hosting the party!

The Charm of Home said...

Oh, those are beautiful books! Yes, you can never have too many Christmas ornaments.

ANNE said...

I am in love with your book collection!! Books are one of my passions and the old books with beautiful covers and yellowed pages... so lovely!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Sara Chapman said...

I totally love this story. The books are phenomenal. What a score! I am so envious.

Susan Freeman said...

Love those lovely vintage books! Thanks for hosting Cindy.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

Anonymous said...

Thanks for hosting! I’m sharing two summertime frozen treats—my extravagant Lemon Ice Cream Sandwich and festive Strawberry Chocolate Party Balls.

GnomeLover said...

Score on free stuff! Thank you for hosting.


pogonip said...

I love vintage book covers. There's something romantic and dreamy about them!

The Vintage Chateau said...

Those books look absolutely charming! I would have snatched them too!

LW said...

What a treasure! Those books are gorgeous! Can't believe they were sitting on a curb! Have fun displaying them, Cindy.

Susanne said...

several years ago, my mom and I spotted boxes of old medical journals beside the curb while on our walk and drug those boxes about 2 blocks home laughing hysterically! The covers had the most beautiful Renaissance paintings on them and we tore off the covers and framed them!! So yes I RELATE!! I have loved your blog for some time and love your style!! thanks for hosting.

Katherines Corner said...

Squeal!!!!! oh my goodness how wonderful.
thank you for hosting another lovely party. Hugs!!

Curtains in My Tree said...

Oh I understand completely, I would have lugged them to my car and went back for more, your friend just doesn't know what world us vintage collectors live in LOL

the books are wonderful and I am sure the christmas ornaments are also,

Abby said...

Thanks for hosting!

Something Nice and Pretty said...

Oh, how I'd love to be walking along and come upon that pile of goodness! I love the books you found, they look to be in great condition and no, you can never, ever have to many ornaments!

Victorian1885 said... these old books, what a treasure! Good for you for getting your exercise rain or shine... my stamina seems to have vanished these past few weeks. You are a great inspiration!

°°valeria°° said...

hai trovato un piccolo tesoro, quei libri sono bellissimi
ciao Valeria

Poppy said...

Lucky you! Enjoy them, Cindy! Thanks for hosting and have a great weekend!


Unknown said...

What a find those cute books are! Well worth hauling back to work in the hot, HOT sunshine! Thanks for hosting and blessings to you,

Unknown said...

N9 s7ch things as too many Christmas ornaments :) Especially old ones.
Such beautiful books. Lucky lunchtime walk I say.

Heidi Ann said...

Oh, I love antique books - and those are beautiful!!

Home Romance said...

Hi Cindy! Your blog has many inspirations. I love it!

Thank you for hosting! Hugs from Brasil!

Fernanda Leme

Home Romance Blog

Heather said...

Thank you for a lovely party! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Sonya@Beyond the Screen Door said...

Hi, Cindy! So glad to be partying with you this week. Thanks so much!

Gina @ VictorianWannaBe said...

Hi Cindy,
I shared my old books post at your party. You have some beautiful books. Thanks so much for hosting and have a great weekend.

Our Hopeful Home said...

I would have been right there with you, snatching up those books and ornaments like there's no tomorrow! xoKathleen

michele@Portlandia Vintage said...

Good for you for grabbing those books. They will have a good home with you. How special to have those books that were so loved by a little girl.

Unknown said...

Cindy, I use to follow and read your blog. But I took a long break from blogging. When I came back ,and with the new changes I lost my entire reading list. I am slowly re-following my friends from before. I am so glad you are still doing show and tell Friday.

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Michelle said...

I love old books like that and hope that the ones you couldn't carry found a good home too. What a find!