Thursday, November 24, 2011

Show and Tell Friday!

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Welcome to Show and Tell Friday and Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone had a great one!!!

I made Weight Watcher's lemon pie so that's what I decided to share today!  I thought it was really good.  My daughter, Lauren, wasn't so fond of it. She said it was a little "too mushy"...maybe I've been dieting too long...I could have eaten the whole thing!  Just don't make the same mistake I made and use a "deep dish" pie was sort of lost inside mine! 

 One serving, which is only 1/10 of the pie is 4 points.  Here is the recipe:


Weight Watchers Creamy Lemon Pie
(serves 10) 4pts on Weight Watchers Points Plus

6 whole reduced-fat cinnamon graham crackers
2 Tbsp Butter
11 oz. fat-free sweetened condensed milk
2 large eggs
1/2 fresh lemon juice
1 Tbsp lemon zest

Preheat oven t 350 degrees

Grind graham crackers in food processor until fine crumbs from.  Or place crackers in a resealable plastic bag and crush with a rolling pin.  Place crumbs in a small bowl.

Melt butter on stovetop or in microwave and pour over graham cracker crumbs, mixing with a fork until completely moistened.  Press crumbs evenly onto bottom of a 9-inch pie pan; place crust in refrigerator while preparing lemon filling.

In a medium bowl, combine condensed milk and eggs; mix until smooth.  Add lemon juice and zest, stir until incorporated and pour into prepared crust.

Bake pie for 15 minutes.  Cool completely and for best flavor, serve chilled. Yields 1 piece per serving

Notes: this pie can be baked and frozen for up to two weeks.  Defrost and serve chilled.  

If you are joining in on Show and Tell Friday, please remember that your Show and Tell needs to be something from your home or garden.  If you would like to join in, please enter your name and leave your exact Show and Tell blog post link, not just your blog link and as a common courtesy link back to my blog.

Thanks to all of you that join in every week!



Dining Delight said...

Happy Thanksgiving! That lemon pie looks super delish and the fact that it is calorie-wise is wonderful! Also like that you can make ahead and freeze! Thanks for hosting S&T Friday!


NanaDiana said...

Oooohhh..that sounds good- and guilt-free. Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving! xoDiana

Kelsie from Our Country Home and Studio Photography said...

Looks lovely...I too shared a recipe this week...It is my daughters favorite soup so we always include it as a part of our Thanksgiving menu.

Hope you had a wonderfully blessed day

Kelsie from Our Country Home and Studio Photography said...
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Sharon, aka Bootersmom03 said...

Sounds fabulous!! Sorry, I made a goof on #8 posting. Thanks for hosting! Happy Thanksgiving!

Cindy Adkins said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Cindy! Thanks for the recipe ~ lemon pie is one of my favorites! I love all things lemon! Thanks, also, for hosting.
Cindy @ Art, Books, Tea

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for hosting!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Kerry at HouseTalkN

Sarah said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Cindy. Love the lemon pie.

Debra@CommonGround said...

Thanks for the yummy recipe, Cindy, hope your Thanksgiving was great!!

Vicki said...

Hope your Thanksgiving Day went good for you, too, Cindy. I was so careful to not eat too much but still feel yucky; it's just far too much food on this holiday (but we never learn, huh!).

I went down to your "you might also like" section and you had cool pix of the antique store in Soquel. You have some killer shopping near you; great location it seems, in any direction!

Gotta say, I like this lemon pie recipe, so thanx for posting. Of course, I never met a lemon dessert I didn't like, especially if it uses the diet-friendly (NOT!!) lemon curd. I think from now on, as I drool at my favorite restaurant's bakery case, wanting to take home a square of those delicious lemon bars with the dusting of white powdered sugar, I'll eat 1/10 of a for-real, diet-friendly lemony WW/Cindy pie! What I like about yours is that it has recognizable ingredients and not too many of them.

Heirloom treasures said...

mMMmM lovely,must try this one.yum xx

Relics of Witney said...

Thank you so much for having us here. This is our first time linking up with you!

Your pie looks delicious! We can quite imagine have a large bowl of that to eat, while we crack on with our gilding prjects!

The Relics Team

d e l i g h t said...

The recipe looks so tasty...will have to try it! Thanks so much for hosting.

Faye said...

Thank you for hosting each week! Have a great weekend!

Mimi said...

Sounds great and looks delish! Thanks for sharing!

Jen @ Bungalov said...

New to your party! Thank you for hosting and hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

The pie sounds delish, hope you had a nice Thanksgiving! I'm linked up with my wreath - thanks for hostessing!

Grace @ Sense and Simplicity said...

I think the pie sounds delish. Thanks for hosting the link party.

Pam Kessler said...

Happy day after Thanksgiving. Thank you for hosting the wonderful party!

Elsie said...

Cindy your lemon pie is the same recipe as my lemon meringue pie.
Only difference is you used fat free ingredients so I know how good it was. Delicious!!! Could you use sugar free cool whip on top where I use meringue.
Just wondering. You tell Lauren I said that is what you call a "No Guilt Pie". :)

Susan @ Real Girl Designs said...

That looks yummy! I made key lime pie as one of our Thanksgiving desserts (I also made pineapple upside down cake, and my son made brownies). I will have to try your recipe.

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! Thanks for hosting!

Emily Thompson said...

linking up for the first time! Thanks so much for hosting. I will be back.

Rosemary@villabarnes said...

Thanks for hosting.

Anonymous said...

This recipe looks great. Except fat free sweeten condenesed milk really :( :( no just kidding. Cant wait to make this recipe.

Kathleen said...

I've never joined in but love this idea.... The pie looks yummy :)

Elzie said...

That cake looked delicious!
Hope everything goes your way.
Love Elzie

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Very nice, thanks for sharing.

Millie Gilbert said...

It looks YUMMY recipe.I hope you enjoyed that..many thanks for sharing.