Monday, February 28, 2011

My New Hiking Blog!

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I've mentioned here that I have a new passion! HIKING! I've gone hiking every weekend for the past 8 weeks now. I'm officially hooked so I started a hiking blog!  I'll still be blogging here but I hope you come over and visit me at my new blog, Liking Hiking! (click on that to visit).


Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy!

I love this blog..and I'm sure your other blog will be just as interesting....for I too share your hiking/walking/jogging passion. It's such a great way to get and stay fit...and to connect with nature!

better than a treadmill...right!

I'm gonna hike on over there now...and follow!

ciao bella

Creative Carmelina

Teresa said...

This is so EXCITING Cindy!
Can't wait to pop over to your new HIKING blog!
Here's my latest post on HIKING!
We LOVE to hike!

Sarah said...

I'm off to visit your hiking blog. I'm a walker, but not exactly a hiker. Look forward to reading your new blog. ~ Sarah

Susan said...

Hi Cindy...Congratulations on your new blog! I'm sure it will be wonderful. Last Friday, I joined Show and Tell Friday and put your link on my post. However, I cannot find it in any of the listings on your blog! I'm sure I joined so I wonder what happened to it? Would you have any idea? I know soooo many people join but I was just curious if it got deleted for some reason. (Or maybe my eyes are just not seeing it).

In any event, Cindy, take care and have a good Tuesday! Susan

Sandy @ Cottage Style Decorating said...

What a cute name you chose for your new blog. I'd like to follow through my google reader, but I didn't see that option.

Sherry from Alabama said...

I just checked out your new blog and Wow! I love the beautiful scenery. Now you have wonderful blogs for your outdoor as well as your indoor beauty.

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

aionaccount said...

Hiking, sounds fun and soul nurturing activity. I always love the nature scents, river, trees and all. Glad to hear you like hiking too. Cheers to your new blog.

Swiss Affordable Hotels said...

wow, its a beautiful picture that reminds of a place that is as beautiful as heaven and as calm as that - its just too good that now we will see and read more of you!!

Anonymous said...


Love your new blog! We can't wait to start hiking. Thanks for the inspiration.


Leave a Legacy said...

I'll have to "Hike" on over to your new blog. I that that's a great passion. I wish I could do it more around here - we just have way too much cold and snow. I'm considering riding a bike (bicycle, not motorcycle) with Hubby, but it has to warm up a little bit more first.
Good for you. Enjoy!

WendyBee said...

What a refreshing, healthful pastime! I like to hike too! I used to hike with my DH and DS's (x3) when they were younger, but not so much anymore, as I hardly have what it takes to keep up with athletic (competitive) adolescent males. Mostly I hike with DH, who is able to muster the patience for my pace!

Mel's Cabin said...

Good Job and nice inspiration...hiking! I love it too! Breathing fresh air in the exhilerating!
Mel's Cabin loves the woods.

Olivia said...

Hi Cindy,
As always gorgeous pictures! I am so excited about your new hiking endeavor. Very Cool! As always, thank you for hosting Show and Tell Friday. I was in a blogging frenzy and I linked up twice (two different posts) I hope that is ok if not please let me know. If you ever need help hosting this party I would love to help you! You are such an inspiration to all of us Shabby loving bloggers!
Squishy hugs,

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