Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Bathroom Dreaming

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My upstairs bathroom is the only room in my apartment that I haven't done anything with. You would probably be shocked at how bad it looks...too bad to even share here. I would be embarrassed! Actually I hope to someday show you but not until I can post the "after" pictures along with it.  The reason I haven't touched it is that I don't have a clue which color I should paint it.  It's now a yucky beige...cabinets, walls and doors, and to make matters worse the paint is peeling off because whoever painted it before I moved in obviously didn't know what they were doing! 

It's a "Jack and Jill" style bathroom, which means it connects between my daughter Lauren's bedroom and my bedroom.  Her room is bright green and my room is cream and blue and that's the dilemma, should I paint it to match my room or something very neutral to go with both rooms, which would mean some shade of white, beige, cream, etc?  Anyway, I've been looking at lots of bathroom photos online for inspiration.  

(all photos:

My bathroom will never look like any of these because I just rent and there's only so much you can do with a rental but there are lots of ideas we could all use in these photos.  Accessories can really make a bathroom, don't you agree?


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Nellie's Cozy Place said...

Hi Cindy,
Been awhile since I have left a comment but I come by all the time.
I was thinking maybe you should do your bathroom in a cream and use the same color green in your daughters room and the blue from your room to accessorize it. Then it would match with both. You do such an awesome job of accessorizing I am sure it will be gorgeous no matter what you do!!
Don't you love looking for ideas tho, I find that so much fun!
Hope you are doing well hon,
Blessings, Nellie

Sunnysidesue said...

I really love photo #3. You can't go wrong with cream/neutrals.

Bunny Jean said...

I love beadboard bathrooms and will be doing that soon. I have one of those garden tubs that can be framed with beadboard, like the one you shared in your pictures.

I agree with Nellie about the colors. Find an inspiration piece that you love and just dive in! Things will fall into place before you know it.

Talk to you soon;)
Bunny Jean


Hmmmm, I have no idea, sorry, but I love all the inspiration pics and I'm sure it will be sooooo pretty when your done (; I have to say that I loved the one with the creamy walls though.

podso said...

Hmmm, cream would be nice, or just the right yellow, which is hard to find. Do you want to feel happy in your bathroom? It's supposed to make you happy, and some soft creamy yellows are very pretty.

Elsie said...

I like the cream and white and I agree with Nellie too. Accessorize
with the green and blues. That way
you both match. No matter what you
do I know it will be fabulous.":O)

Katy Noelle said...

The bathrooms in our home were horrific when we bought it. I think, actually, that's one of the reasons this beautiful house didn't sell for 9 months. The bathrooms AND a miracle! One is redone, the other two are touched up. Our master bath is mostly taken up with a huge dysfunctional sauna. Weep! All of this to say, thanks, I needed the hope and inspiration.

All I know is that accessories come and go but, in the morning, and, in the evening, I need a color that is soothing and takes the buzz out of my head and that makes me look good. A color that I love. Have fun! I know that you'll do something lovely, whatever it is.

Love, Katy Noelle

Pamela said...

Cindy, keep in mind that Lauren will going away to college soon and will not be sharing the bathroom space as much as she once was. Sure she'll be home for holidays, vacations and breaks but the majority of her time will be spent on campus and she'll have a dorm room to focus on. Freeing you up to put your one stamp on your rental bathroom.

Lena said...

Wonderful pictures. Me like :)

Anonymous said...

I think all white bathrooms look amazing! Some day you'll have your cottage with your dream bathroom and kitchen and everything else!!! I know it! It will be sooner than you think!

Esther Sunday said...

Have to say, I agree with Pamela. You'll be the "majority user" of the bathroon if Lauren goes away to school, so I think the tie with your room would be great. If she says locally, then I do love the cream or white options with touches of all the colors. Even "opposite" type colors look good together when grouped like this, I think!! It will be awesome no matter what you do!!! (Remember, "vote" for Roberto!! :)

Susan said...

I love the one with the green walls and the curtain around the sink. I am redoing my bathroom, too. It is hideous. I can't make up my mind what to do with it! Decisions, decisions....

Victoria said...

You're lucky to be in a rental that will let you paint, we can't do anything to ours:(

I love the one with all the beadboarding but that's probably not do-able since you rent. Whatever you decide I know it will be lovely! Going to cruise your Etsy shop now:)

Mumzie said...

Hi Cindy,
I love the first photo! The marble and neutral colors will go with just about anything. The little marble shelf is very nice...I'd love to have that in my master bedroom. Actually, I adore all the photos. Great fun! Yvonne

Jennifer Grenko said...

Hi Cindy, as a single parent, I am inspired with what you do on a budget and I love your blog! I am always attracted to color so the second one caught my eye, however, I am really loving the white on white rooms I am seeing around. I don't think you could go wrong with white on white

Joyce said...

I love the last bath but I would not use the wood floor in the bath. I am doing over our house and I was just picking out the bathroom cabinets yesterday and there is so much to pick from I gave myself a headache thinking about all the choice this AM. They want a decision by Monday. Why do I think I will be having a big pitcher of Margaritas this weekend while looking at all the photos I took of the cabinets that are in the running so far????

The Shiny Pebble said...

I wonder if you could paint it a saturated colour of blue. It would go with both rooms. I would then add a white and blue piece of chinoiserie (like a garden stool) in her bright green room. It would pop and coordinate with the bathroom. Then you are set.

Shari @ My Cottage of Bliss said...

My favorite bathroom is the last one with the beadboard. ::swoon::

Something like that could be workable with the colors in both bedrooms. As others said, you could use blue & green towels and accessories for pops of color.

And don't forget that fantastic beadboard wallpaper from Home Depot! Easy and affordable...and you could even apply it to the sink vanity doors. (I used it on bedroom furniture and it worked GREAT!)

jisabird said...

I recommend checking out Ellen Kennon paints. We used Buttercream in several of our rooms. The thing I liked about it is that it changed with the lighting and accessories. Sometimes it would look like a deep cream, sometimes a bright yellow. It can go with both green and blue nicely.

Good Luck.

Vona said...

I am sure that with the rest of your looking so beautiful, that you will come up with something amazing.

Sharon said...

You have many pictures to choose from and get decorating ideas. I love bead board in white with a pretty color and a chair rail. I know you will have a pretty room when you are finished. I can see you have an eye for decorating.

twinkle said...

Your idea pictures are beautiful. When you describe what you have to work with...the green, the blue...I think of an island. Green palms, blue ocean, sandy beaches and white cotton clouds floating by. Mother-of-pearl and shells used in abundance.
Maybe some hand-painted, muted beauty in a perfect spot would add a little of your soul to the room. I love the idea of a small mural with ribbons, a few roses and seashells.
What ever you do will be stunning! Do what you love and you won't be disappointed.

Sharlotte said...

Hi Cindy,
I just wanted to leave a note to tell you that you always make my day. I LOVE your's always so pretty and relaxing to view. As far as your bathroom, I'm sure it will be as beautiful as the rest of your home. Keep us all posted on what you decide!

Steph. :) said...

Cindy I love the last one!

What colors are in the tile/floor? That might make a difference in what you choose to do.

If they are neutral, I might first look for a piece of art of an accessory that includes your blue and maybe a toned down version of your daughter's room's green and then work off of that! :)

Elaine said...

I would use a neutral. Then you can accent with color and go crazy with the accessories.

Sandy said...

Maybe combining the blue (or cream) from your bedroom with the green from your daughter's room would be a solution. I know no matter what you do it will be beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy, I know what you mean. My husband and I rent our home too. We are renting it from his sister and her husband. They are cool with what ever we want to do because they trust and love our taste. But when it's not "your home" it makes a huge difference on how much one is willing to invest. If it were me, I would go neutral and add the color to the accessories. Accessories can always be changed when the mood strikes. So can paint, but probably with a little less money and work! There is a great shop in Turlock I have posted about on my blog if you care to check it out; Might be worth a day trip! Marcia

Gypsy Purple said...

Cindy, I totally love that first pic!!!!

Simply Debbie said...


Alison Gibbs said...

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have the dream come true

Susan said...

You can't go wrong with a cream!! It goes with everything. I know you are not a pink person, but cream would work excellent with your blue and white theme. said...

Dear Cindy,
I love your blog! I found it thru HGTV's, "Rate My Space" patio section. I have been lurking and reading ever since-you are SO talented!!!
I don't have a blog (my house is styled with the well lived in look)but am interested in selling on Etsy. I too, have a dream of my own little shop of treasures that have had a previous life. That will not happen anytime soon, though. So I wondered how complicated Etsy is and if your shop messes up any of your tax refund.
Thanks so much for taking time for my questions and for sharing your life with us all.
Happy Decorating!

Marilyn said...


I agree with the idea of cream, blue, and green but would choose a sandy shade of cream to mimic the colors you see at the ocean. I know you like shells so you could easily accessorize the room with your collection.

I think that color scheme would be fresh and invigorating. But, whatever you decide, I know it will be well thought out and, of course, be wonderful!

Marilyn (in Dallas)

Unknown said...

Perhaps you cannot redo your bathroom into these beautiful places, but the way you decorate is amazing.


Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

You always have the most amazing, inspirational pictures! Thank you :)
Take care

Melanie said...

All of those bathrooms are so pretty. I would take any one of them.

Burlap Luxe said...

Hi Cindy Girl,
How is the car running Beautiful I am sure. I do most of my creative thought in taking a bath, or simply standing at the kitchen sink looking out the window washing the china instead of placing it in the dishwasher, Oh but when you get a great inspiring thought you have to rush dry your hands grab a pen and scrap paper jaunt it down before the thought of inspiration leaves you!

Thank-you for your bathroom post, BEAUTIFUL!!
Come visit my birds inspiration!


Kathy said...

This is really a beautiful post, I don't think I have ever seen any more beautiful than these. How can you ever choose? Good luck!

sanjeet said...

it would match with both. You do such an awesome job of accessorizing I am sure it will be gorgeous no matter what you do!!
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Beth said...

I, too, love beadboard and subway tiles in the bath...the images you chose are stunning!

Both my baths are fairly small and I so wish I could add a piece of furniture...but, alas, it would have to be dollhouse furniture and sit of the counter! :)

xoxo Beth

sanjeet said...

I agree with Nellie about the colors. Find an inspiration piece that you love and just dive in! Things will fall into place before you know it.
PPC Advertising India

Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy,

Just thought I'd comment on your bathroom dilemma. How about using beadboard on the bottom half of the walls, painting them white and then a creamy beige or mocha on the top? Beadboard is very inexpensive and comes in 4 x 8 sheets (you probably already know this) and you can have them cut to size at Home Depot or Lowe's. You can tack them up yourself with some finish nails. Top with a chair rail and VOILA! Charm!!!

Just a thought.


Unknown said...

It's really a unique idea to have this Jack and Jill" style bathroom...It so really hard to decide what your bathroom should look like in your case because you are just renting...hope you make a right decision about it