Monday, May 10, 2010

A wonderful day!

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I hope all the mothers out there had a wonderful day yesterday!  My daughter and I drove to visit my son, who is about 1 1/2 hours away.  We had a wonderful lunch with him and his girlfriend and I had the best sandwich ever! It was a rosemary flank steak sandwich with blue cheese! YUMMY!!  Lauren found her favorite cookie, vanilla meringues, in pastel colors!  They are perfect with the coffee that my son gave me for Mother's Day.  We are both coffee lovers so he gave me a bag of some special coffee beans from a local roaster he recently found. 
How was your Mother's Day?



Victoria said...

Oh my goodness, that sandwich sounds heavenly!!! Pioneer Woman has a recipe for steak in a bleu cheese sauce that I keep meaning to make. My stomach is growling now.

I'm glad you had a lovely Mothers Day!!!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Sounds perfect, Cindy! Beautiful images. Please stop by my blog and meet Jacqueline, the editor of Romantic Homes Magazine, if you haven't already. xoxo

Janet said...


I had a wonderful day and learned that my youngest son, my baby, got his dream job at Apple. He and his girlfriend will be making the move from Seattle in about a month. You know what this means? It means I can come and visit one of my favorite areas frequently or at least semi frequently. It also means I will need lots of tips as to where to wander...all those fun places you go. Maybe I will even get to meet some of my California blog friends;) I am delirious.

My blog is currently under construction because the same son decided I needed a dot com. Hope it is up and running soon, but you can message me on facebook or sent me an email at janetmagina at comcastdot net.


Geovanna said...

Hi Cindy:

I'm glad you've spent a Happy Mother's Day with your children, Congratulations.

You like coffee?, Since we export the best coffee in the world, because you send me your address and I send you bags of coffee. No kidding, let me your address and you'll be sent bags of coffee.
Greetings from Costa Rica.


My Cottage Charm said...

I had a wonderful mothers day! My kids actually baked me muffins, and I got breakfast in bed. We went to church and had a wonderful service there. After church, I received lovely cards and lunch at my favorite restaurant! I had chicken salad, hot croissants and potato soup with green onions, bacon and cheese on top! Yum, yum! Later on that night my guys gave me three different kinds of Ghiradelli chocolate...HEAVEN! :-) Couldn't have asked for a nice day. I'm glad your day was equally as wonderful!

Darlene said...

Hi all! Cindy,it sounds like you had a wonderful day.I spent my Mother's Day playing in the garden,(too cold here in Ohio to plant yet)looking for worms with my two year old grand-daughter!Watching a two year old march up and down the garden is so much fun.I only wish I could understand half of what she was chattering about!! LOL Darlene

Susan said...

Cindy I am glad you had a wonderful mothers day!! I have a coffee mug just like yours......or rather four of them.......they are so pretty!

Elsie said...

Beautiful post!!! My Mother's Day
was great. All my kids and grandkids came by and brought beautiful gifts. One of them was a hanging candle holder like yours.
I am so glad you had a nice one.:O)

The Blackwood Cottage said...

Oh, such pictures! I wish I were there, just beautiful. It was a great Mother's Day here too! We are from St. Louis but I spent Mother's Day with my kids on a Florida beach!

Kathy said...

Your Mother's Day sounds wonderful! It is such a blessing to be a mother, and too when your children grow, have their own lives, but still come back to be with you.
God is so good,

Beth said...

Sounds like a lovely Mother's Day!
xoxo Beth

Cindy said...

Glad to hear you had a wonderful Mother's day. I had a great one!

Prior said...

The sandwich sounds delicious and the day perfect... lovely photos... Lezlee

Rebecca said...

What a sweet Mother's Day you had. It was a hard one for me as I just lost my Mom two weeks ago. It was great to be with my hubby, sons, and my Daddy.

Have a lovely week!

MomWaldsPlace said...

Lovely images! Thank you for sharing with us.

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

What a wonderful Mother's Day you had! How sweet are those cookies and a bag of fresh ground coffee was a nice touch! Just spending time together with our kids is what Mother's Day is about...glad you had a great one!~Hugs, Patti

Lori said...

Mother's Day was great. I got to be with my Mom and two of my three daughters. They gave me the cutest scrap book with plenty of old and new pictures. Starbucks card was a nice extra.

OK, I put coffee water on my violets today at work. I'll see what happens. Thanks for the tip.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Tell Lauren, I'm sorry, but I just had to take a cookie, she'll never miss it!

Diane Mars said...

Hope you had a Wonderful Mothers Day! Stop On Over I'm having a Virtual Baby Shower for my daughter Breezy, games and prizes, would love to see you there! Let's Get This Party Started!! Hugs, Diane

Olivia said...

OH wow sounds like you had a lovely day, I did not leave the house, I rested and let my husband cook and help with the kids, kinda nice!

Olivia said...

OH wow sounds like you had a lovely day, I did not leave the house, I rested and let my husband cook and help with the kids, kinda nice!

Suzann said...

Sounds like you had a great day.
Mine was wonderful too,, thanks for asking.

Marilyn said...


I had a wonderful Mothers Day, as well. It was a quiet day, but warm and cozy.

Marilyn (in Dallas)

Dreams and Decor said...

I am so glad you had such a lovely day! The pastel meringues with your beautiful mug made such a beautiful photo! I can almost smell the coffee! I took my Mom out for a full day of shopping & lunch in historic Waxahachie, TX, and we had a beautiful day. We shopped from 9 am until 9 pm & enjoyed every minute!

Thanks for such a beautiful blog! Patti in Texas

decorideas said...

Here we call the meringues "sigh".
It reminds me that the last time I ate sigh was a few years ago.

Karen Deborah said...

I'm coming in on may 25th to SC can't wait!! Your day looks awesome love all the food posts you have been doing!

Monica said...

Glad you had a glorious Mothers Day, Cindy! Your mug and treats look fantastic!

Monica said...

Glad you had a glorious Mothers Day, Cindy! Your mug and treats look fantastic!

firstbuilders said...

woww .. such a nice photos..

from where you got these lovely photos.

I would like to publish on my blog if you allow. :P

great Cindy

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