Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Finds!

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Thank you for all the nice comments yesterday. I went to the doctor, had an EKG, blood test, and a chest x-ray and they all came out good so my doctor thinks something in my chest is inflamed, either cartilage or tendons or something... I have to take Ibuprofen (Motrin) 3 times a day for awhile and then I'll have a follow up appointment with her next week. Hopefully it will be gone by then! I woke up last night in extreme pain! I think lying down makes it worse! I can breath fine and I can walk around and do things, it's just when I move certain ways I have extreme pain. At least I'm not in constant pain!

I thought I would share some more new things I've found. I bought 2 of the small plates above on eBay about a year ago. Recently I came across this large celery dish in the same pattern on eBay and I put in a bid of $11 and told myself I wasn't going to go any higher! I got lucky because a few other people bid on it but I won and got it for $10.75!
I also won 3 of these pink "Bridal Rose" plates that are made in Bavaria on eBay for only $5.99!

I'm so addicted to thrifting that yesterday I left early for my doctors appointment so I could stop in a thrift store near my doctor's office. Even pain won't keep me away! I was on my way back to look at the dishes when something caught my eye on a clothes rack...the next thing I know I have a Juicy Couture sweater in my hands! This sweater sold for $168 new...I did a little research via google to find that out!! I paid only $14.99. I just knew Lauren would be thrilled...she loves Juicy Couture but not this sweater! Good thing I like it!
Then I found this Jones of New York navy polka dot shirt for $9.99. It's really cute with a tie at the waist. It's a little tight now but by spring I hope to be wearing this with some white capri pants! I'm not usually into anything with polka dots but I liked this!
Then I found this Jones of New York tunic for $8.99. I don't usually wear animal prints either but I tried this on and loved it! It's so much cuter on than it looks here!

I used to never buy used clothing until I realized what great stuff is out there...at a fraction of the cost of new! I only buy the good name brand stuff that is in perfect condition though. I did have one very embarrassing moment with used clothing. When Lauren was in kindergarten she was in a school program one evening. When they were all finished the kids filed down off the stage and down the aisle into the audience. Lauren spotted me in the crowd and yelled out "Hi mommy! Is that the new dress you bought at the Goodwill?" EVERYONE turned around! I have never been so embarrassed in my life!!! It was pretty obvious I was her mother since we were the only two redheads in the place! I'm sure my face was red also! We still laugh about that now!

Anyway...I spent so much time looking around that Goodwill yesterday that I was almost late for my doctors appointment! They had so many great things in there! I also bought a cashmere turtleneck sweater that I forgot to take a picture of. I think that was $9.99 (For those of you in Silicon Valley, this was the Goodwill in Mountain View, next to the Ethan Allen furniture store.)


Anonymous said...

You live in the center of "Thrift" country.... Lucky Girl! Sure wish we had NICE Thrift stores around my neck of the woods. Great tops! Love your blog.....


Sweet Designs said...

Oh, I love those plates! I could have alot of fun with a tablescape with those.:)

seanymph said...

When I first read about what pain your having I thought costrocondritis (sp?) The reason I say that is because Ive had it too. But since chest pain could be many other things I didnt comment the other day. However you might want to mention that to the DR. since it seems thats where hes going with this too. For me it was rest, I had to stop working and take pain meds too till it healed.

linda t said...

Great deals!! Love your finds!

I actually get embarrassed that people might think I paid a name brand price, so I HAVE to tell them I bought it at a thrift store. My daughter is always telling me to stop telling people you paid so little for something that would cost way more. But I can't NOT tell them! HA!

Pearl Maple said...

Good to hear you are on the mend and finding lots of thrifting treasures, you have a keen eye for the bargain.

Sandra O. said...

Hi Cindy,

I love all your great finds!!!! They are fabulous!!! I'm so glad all your tests came back normal!!! Please do take your Motrin with yogurt or a little something. I tell all my patients that :) If not, you can really upset the lining of your tummy. Please do take or yourself!!

Well wishes,

Anonymous said...

Cindy, those Barvarian plates are gorgeous.
I too have gotten lots of bargains buying second hand clothes from thrift shops. That polka dot top will look awesome with those white capris.
Glad to hear that your health is getting back to normal too.

marcella said...

Hi dear friend
Those plates are very very beautiful and faboulous!!
your blog is wonderful!!

nina@themissadventuresofnina said...

I love the Juicy Sweater! My Goodwill has better furniture than clothes, but I guess that would be really good when we move againa dn I start redecorating.

Red Shoes for Rwanda said...

Dear Cindy,
When I read your post, I immediately recognized the symptoms as something I experienced a year ago that is known as Pluresy. It is SO painful. I had pnemonia (sp!?!lol!) first and it turned into that, but I think that could be what you are afflicted by as well. Please google this and if you are concerned, talk to your doctor, as this can be quite serious. Hope you feel better soon and have a good holiday.
here is the mayo clinic link:

decorating diva {aka deanna} said...

so glad you're not in icu! hopefully you will recover soon! happy thanksgivng!
p.s. can't wait for the rug giveaway results!

Love the Decor! said...

Love that animal print shirt!
Hope you are feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better. I love the dishes. My daughter is a Goodwill shopper. Everything from silver to crystal.

ThriftyAnnabella said...

Nice finds - hope you're well soon

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

So glad to know it's not anything serious! I hope ou are able to rest and recuperate this week.

Your plates are gorgeous and so are the tops. Sounds like some fun thrifting. Wish my in-laws still lived up there so I could have an excuse to go north.

Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!

Lynn said...

I love the plates. I collect RS Prussa/Germany and Bavarian plates. Seeing the name brand clothes you can find at your thrift stores makes me remember a cosignment store I used to go to,in a super upscale area, Have to try that again soon. Glad your tests came out normal, but pain is an indicator that there is something going on. Lots of great suggestions from the above comments on what it could be and taking care of yourself. Don't miss your Dr appts, even for a great bargin! Take care and Happy Thanksgiving!

Carolyn said...

Hope you are pain free soon! Great finds.

maría cecilia said...

Hi Cindy, my god, I didn´t know you were a little sick with that pain... hope everything is better today.

I´m so in love with those beautiful chine you bought, those are real treasures, and congrats for all that blouses, very pretty.
Was fun to read about your daugther embarrasing you when she was little... today everybody wears used clothes, don´t they??
Muchos cariños
María Cecilia

Elsie said...

Boy,kids,ya got love'em...That is
so funny and I am glad you two now
can look back and laugh about it.
I'm really glad your on the road
to recovery,I think I had the same
thing a few years ago.Mine was the
lining around the lungs or something like that. I love your
plates,you got a steal. That thrift
store is great.Wish I could go there,but a little far for me.:^)

Melanie@TheOldWhiteCottage said...

Great story about your daughter!

I also find it funny that your Goodwill is next to Ethan Allen!

I hope you feel better soon and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Miss Rhea said...

Love all of your gorgeous roses Cindy :) Yum !! I have a condition in my chest, called Costochondritis that is swelling of the ligaments in the ribs. It IS quite painful, but for most people it goes away with rest. ( mine is chronic ) A heating pad helps with the pain tremendously. I use a Heated Rice pack on it. Hope you feel better soon !! Happy Thanksgiving !!

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Cindy,
So glad you got a good report from the doctor and I hope too that you are feeling better soon.
I love all your finds. It has actually become pretty "chic" to shop the thrifts these days. Their always busy and the bargains are hard to pass up.
I'm like you, even if I don't feel well, I cant pass up a thrift shop!

Karin said...

Have you tried any holistic doctors? I've had great results with kinesiologists, especially if they're qualified in body talk or EFT.
Your plates are BEAUTIFUL! Great clothing finds, too.

Feel better!

Queenie's Vintage Finds said...

Beautiful finds Cindy...I love those plates and the clothes are so pretty too! You are one classy lady. I am sorry to hear that you've been in some pain...hope you will be feeling much better very soon. I hope you have a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!
Big Hugs,

Michelle said...

Hi Cindy,
Glad your on the mend. I have slight arthritis in my sternum and many years ago had a flare up that was exactly like you said, very scary. I haven't had that problem since, but if I press in that area, it's always tender. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family. XoXo

Blondie's Journal said...

I am so glad you are feeling better and hope that your doctor gets to the bottom of it all. In the mean time...take it easy.

Love all your thrifty finds. I love new to nearly new clothing at some of the thrift stores I go to in nice towns. I find a lot of things with the price tags still on. And the name brands are a steal. You did good and the neat patterns you found make great resort type outfits for summer. Great job, Cindy!!

Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!


Cindy@shabbynsweet said...

Oh Cindy, i love those plates. I've been trying to look for new plates too, but with no luck, they are just out there waiting for me, i'm sure! Great buys at the thrift shop, sounds like it was a good day all round. Please never stop blogging, i love your blog, puts a smile in my heart. Glad to hear you got a good report from the Doctor. Have a great week.

Brenda Pruitt said...

I hope your pain goes away soon, Cindy! Try and take it easy at Thanksgiving. That story is so funny. At least it gave you a story to laugh about years later!

A Southern Rose said...

I'm glad that they haven't found anything serious. I hope that you get to feeling better soon. Be careful with the ibuprofen because it can hurt your stomach. Make sure to eat something with it. It happened to me one time. I ended up at the hospital because it made a burn on my stomach lining. It hurt so bad!!! I took prilosec and that helped alot. It had to heal. Just be careful. I love all of your goodies! The Goodwill is one of my favorite places! I have a similar story about something that I bought for my son to wear from there one time. I might do a post about it one day! LOL I had to laugh out loud when I read what your daughter said about your dress! LOL

Lee Laurie

Glenda said...

You did good girl. Like all the finds.

Are children the greatest, when it comes to embarrassing you ?

I know I don't come by much, but I think about you and how much fun you'll have in Alameda.

Happy Thanksgiving !!!

KarenB said...

I love your plates, tops and your story. So funny. It reminded me of the time I went to our daughter's Middle School concert. Right in front of me sat my dress that I had recently donated. I didn't say a word. ;-)

Feel better soon,
Karen @ Elderberry Street

Michele said...

So glad to hear that everything checked out at the doctor today, and I hope you feel better very soon. Love the goodies you found at the thrift store, too, and by the way, I wanted to thank you for letting me know about Teen Challenge. I stopped there soon after you told me about it and found a GORGEOUS pitcher!!! When I figure out how to get the pics from my digital camera to my computer, I'll post it on my blog, and I'll let you know.

Happy Thanksgiving a few days early!!

Michele R.(CA)
Luvkittysmeowmail at Gmail dot com
Butterfly Whispers

Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better soon

French-Kissed said...

I have been thinking about you and am so relieved to hear there is nothing serious. Rest up and take good care. The dishes are wonderful and you can never have too many and love the great wardrobe finds, especially the Juicy sweater! ~jermaine~

Che Ta said...

hi cindy
love the zebra tunic!
love the new plates too!


Cindy I loooove those dishes they are some of my fav's! Great clothes too, I just can't make myself look through all of the clothes to find the good stuff, I get bored with it, but you found some pretty things! Kids are so funny mine never like what I pick out for them either (; Happy Thanksgiving.

Cheryl said...

From the time my daughter was a toddler (and a chatterbox).... I referred to thrift stores as "boutiques". Saved my hinny from being embarrassed many a time I tell ya!

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Many Thanksgiving Blessings to you and your family….Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Linda Q said...

Wow some terrific finds, I love thrifting, I had to do some today too. See what I found on my blog. One of them makes me think of you and I always do that when I see a white birdcage now in a shop too!
I had to thrift alot when first ill, took me 4 yrs to prove my disability, hard to get in our state. And I had to buy my clothes and things there but like you would find great things, many with store tags still on them too.
But it helped us survive and I still do it for clothes now at times too.
Hope you feel better soon and nothing serious comes of it!

Decor To Adore said...

I am so sorry to hear that you haven't been well.

I absolutely am envious over all your great finds.

Stop by and see my guest room that I redid for under $500.

Sandra said...

Funny story! I have shopped for clothes at thrift stores for years...infact i just bought two skirts today for $4.00 each and they are like new. I have found many items with the department store price tags still on them, they had never even been worn.

Anonymous said...

Hey great finds and don't be embarrassed about shopping Goodwill. I have found that thrifty buying is so satisfying. I used to love the mall and now I have no desire to go in one. I'd feel taken advantage of if I bought something there. TJ Maxx, Target and Walmart along with thrift stores are the way to go and you'd not believe how many compliments I get on my clothes and my house. I learned a long time ago there's no status in overpaying, stupidity maybe, but no status. In fact, when I once might have hesitated, I now broadcast my savings. Plus it's one of the best recycling programs I subscribe to - - keeps things out of landfills.

Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

I hope you feel all better really soon. Love your thrift finds, and I happen to love animal prints, as well. They're so in now.

sarah { abeachcottage } said...

too funny!!!

I am the same, I started going to get china and stuff from thrifting and then kept spotting nice clothes - my mum was like WHAT you are getting second hand clothes? and I'm like yeah...at first I run them through the wash a coupla times or more, now I don't do that.

funniest thing is that my mum the snob now buys her posh brands on ebay after seeing some of my scores!

hope you are feeling better...


Four Paws and Co said...

Your certainly had a lucky day at GW! Loved your dishes too.

Did the dr think you may have pleurisy? I hope you feeling better soon. ♥

Barbara said...

Cindy, Hope you are feeling much better soon, glad the test were all negative.

Happy Thanksgiving to you. Hope it is a Blessed one.

P. said...

Those plates are wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Love the clothes, I love thrift shops but haven't taken the plunge to wear 2nd hand yet...after seeing your great finds I may change my mind. Hope your feeling better. NY Mary

Georgia_Peachy said...

Those Bavarian plates bring back so many memories. My grandmother had a set in that very pattern. I think she got them at a Goodwill type place, but I always thought they were so beautiful. Never knew the pattern name. When she passed there were only a few pieces left in tact, but I cherish those pieces because they remind me of her.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful table Cindy and great finds on your clothes! Loved the little story!

A very happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!


Jennifer said...

You are the 4th person that I have heard of in the last two weeks having similar symptoms and the pain has been severe - one is my 17 year old nephew and his was diagnosed as Pleuresy. He acutally felt like he was having a heart attack and he is not a baby by any means. Take care and I hope you feel better soon. My friends are ga ga for thrift store shopping and have found great treasures - beware - the last time I went along for the ride - new - huge Goodwill - I came home with flea bites! Jenn

Kayren said...

Love the white sweater! Hope you're feeling better soon and enjoy your Thanksgiving.

Nishant said...

I didnt comment the other day.

Work from home India

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

Kids!, That is so funny. What a fun remembrance but not so funny at the time. Love your pink rose plates and the polka dot top. Feel better soon.
~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

Hena Tayeb said...

gorgeous finds. love the plaes

Susie Q said...

Another ego stroke for thrifting clothes is often the 'better' brands are sized a bit differently. You might be surprised by what you find in a slightly smaller size than you usually wear.