Monday, January 11, 2010

My new garden fountain!

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This is the big purchase I made at the flea market a week ago! I've been looking for a mid-size fountain for my little patio and I fell in love with this one as soon as I set eyes on it!
I couldn't believe it was only $95 or was it $98...something around there???
Then I got it home and was in for a BIG disappointment...I filled it with water and it all came running out the bottom! That's when I started thinking that I probably didn't get such a great deal after all! After looking closer I realized that this was probably the upper part of a larger fountain. There was a hole in that big bowl which meant the main lower bowl was missing! According to the seller this came from a home in Napa. I'm not sure if he knew it wouldn't work or not. Anyway...I did what I always do when I need help...I called my dad! He had a great idea (he always does), buy a big bolt and rubber washers to fill the hole in the bowl. It worked! I also added some plumber's putty and crammed that in there. It hasn't leaked a drop!!! It was less than $15 for this quick fix! I was happy again!
Then I had to buy a pump and that cost almost as much as the fountain and then it didn't fit under those cherubs so I had to figure out another plan.
You can see in the photo above what I came up with. I took some terra cotta feet that go under big terra cotta pots and used those to raise the cherubs up a bit so the pump would fit. It works great. I'm going to get some new ones and paint them white so they aren't so visible though.

I'm thrilled with my new purchase and it sounds so wonderful to hear the trickling water while I'm out there. My garden doesn't look so great this time of the year but right behind that fountain is a hydrangea bush so I can just imagine how nice it's going to look once that fills out around it in the spring. Hurry up Spring, we're all waiting for you!!


Sherry said...

Cindy, you're so resourceful! The fountain is beautiful - like everything else in your lovely home.

Anonymous said...

There is almost always a way to fix things!! Your fountain is beautiful & I can almost hear it from over there!!

Lynn said...
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Lynn said...

I deleted my first comment because of typo's! Let's try again!
Just when I think your patio cannot get any prettier, you find the perfect fountain with cherubs!
You are so lucky to have your dad to call. Then to be able to figure out the rest for yourself. Good for you. The fountain is just beautiful now and cannot wait to see it with blooming plants and flowers. I think you found a real bargain for all the joy and beauty it will give you. Not to mention, us, your readers!
Have a delightful day.

Jojo said...

What a beautiful addition to your garden and you are so blessed to be able to call your Dad for help!!!

Pam said...

What a great find! It is charming!

Val said...

That's why you inspire us so!!!! Your eye tells you it's right but not quite perfect and, unlike many of us, you charge ahead to make it perfect! For most of us, it ends up in the basement until we can figure it out!!!
Thanks for the constant spark your
blog gives! V

Linda said...

Beautiful fountain!!!!wasn't the purchase I thought it would be though....;D Linda

Anonymous said...

Cindy.. what a perfect find. Treasures with adventures.. they go hand in hand in my book.

Well done and enjoy this beauty for years to come!!!

with love,


Bev said...

Beautiful, Cindy! And your garden looks wonderful - especially so in comparison to how things look here with all the unusually cold temperatures.

Carousel222 said...

The fountain is beautiful and so you with the cherubs. Hope you have many hours of enjoyment sitting on your patio and looking at and listening to your new fountain.

sissie said...

I love your fountain. Even though you had to go through some effort to get it going, it was still worth it. I love your garden, patio area. Lovely.

licha20 said...

How beautiful your fountain is!! ENJOY it everyday!
Sincerely, Evelyn

FanningFlashes said...

Very nice. Love the patio too. Nice to visit a green garden in the midst of the winter greys!

susan said...

Your persistence paid off! I have always loved cherubs and the sound of water is so relaxing to me. This will be even more beautiful when the flowers are in bloom. I know you are going to get great pleasure from your purchase! Can't wait to see the summer view :)

The Decorating Diaries said...

Nothing's ever easy, is it? But soo worth it. Your whole patio is beautiful.


Susan Wicker said...

Love it, love it, love it, Cindy. All the hassle is well worth it. Now you have a beautiful fountain. Those angels are adorable. Congratulations! Sincerely, Susan from

My Cozy Casita said...

Isora From My Cozy Casita
Cindy,beautiful fountain your patio
is so wonderful, the sound of water is so relaxing !ENJOY!

Stephanie Hall Burns said...

I love how you didn't give up!!!! I also have a fountain in our small SoCal backyard and when I have the kitchen windows open I just love hearing it because it really is peaceful. Also, these adorable little yellow and green finches have made it their birdbath. Like 8 of them will be out there in it and I will grab my camera and sneak out there but they always fly away! I need to sit out there with the camera for an hour and just wait for them!

someplace in thyme said...

Cindy, I love the fountain and you made the fix!!! Of course with a little love from your dad, aren't dad's the greatest. It's just beautiful, Char

Lululinha said...

Your fountain is beautiful! It was worth the trouble... Kisses!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

It's lovely, Cindy! I love your patio area, it's decorated so nicely.

Melissa Miller said...

Cindy your new fountain is breathtaking! It really looks beautiful in your lovely garden.

Many blessings my friend.
~Melissa :)

Cathy Miller said...

Wow! Great find. I'm impressed with your ingenuity once again. I can't wait to see it with the hydrangeas blooming. Thanks for sharing!

sadie said...

that's so pretty. Glad you were able to fix it!


Cottagecheap said...

Cindy, Do you have some blue could cover those feet and make your water seem ever so blue that way.... Just a thought!

Love it and can almost hear the water trickling here.

and our garden is snow we want spring too!

Anonymous said...

Cindy, your backyard garden spot seems enchanting! I would love to see more pictures of it. Debbie (Maine)

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Cindy, beautiful fountain. I can only imagine the pleasure it brings you while sitting in your beautiful outdoor room..
hugs ~lynne~

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Cindy....You lucky duck! That is a great find and it is absolutely adorable in your garden! Love it!~Patti

Beverly @ My Sew Sweet Studio said...

A beautiful addition to your already wonderful garden.

Patriotic Mom said...

Cindy I think you made a great find at a great price!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Love your fountain. Glad you and your Dad could get it working. I am so ready for Spring.

Jeannine said...

Positively charming

Tamera said...

I'm with you...hurry up Spring! Love the fountain and your is all just the perfect size:)


Desiree said...

The fountain is so beautiful! What a great find!

Lou Cinda said...

You persevered and it is GORGEOUS!! Perfect for your garden and I LOVE those cherubs!!

Bought my Februayr issue of Romantic Homes and LOVED your feature! If it were up to me, I would do the WHOLE magazine around your home!

Have a great day!

Lou Cinda ")

Anonymous said...

Cindy, I could not wait to see your big purchase and what a great one..You are the most creative person (with the help of your Dad). I love it and I now want one. I need to follow you around the flea markets so you can help me find one...thanks for a great blog to read..vera

Rue said...

Hi Cindy :)

What a darling fountain! I would love to have one, but we have to get the house finished before we buy extras. We did have a birdbath, but it had an unfortunate death due to frozen water... long story LOL Anyway, I love the fountain and your dad is so sweet :)


Arleen @ Seasons for All at Home said...

Hi Cindy. Wow, this fountain is definitely you, cherubs and all! What a great find, and how resourceful of you to get it to work. It looks beautiful on your patio! Thanks so much for sharing another treasure and your great style. ~Arleen

Elsie said...

CINDY~You probably would not have
bought it had the large bowl been
with it. So see there is always a
reason "WHY". I think it looks just
like you. I love it. I have a large
one with cherubs on it and when I
sit on the back porch I could go
to sleep listening to the water
it is so soothing. Gosh your flowers look so good,since the cold
spell mine are all pitiful more like dead and I covered them up but it was too cold too long. That will be beautiful with your
hydrangea behind it. Can't wait to see it.

Teresa said...

Wow Cindy!
I am impressed!
I can't believe you got that incredible fountain up and flowing!
Aren't daddies heavenly that way!
Oh...nothing like a DADDY!
That is just scrumptious...
and that it came from NAPA makes it so charming!
I would just want to sit out there on that patio and sip my coffee all day...listening to the fountain!
Next week I am hosting my first giveaway!
And it's all about PINK!
I do hope you will pop over!

Kathleen Grace said...

What a beautiful find Cindy! I'm glad you got it working. It is a perfect addition to your lovely garden. Believe me, your garden looks wonderful with all it's greenery, flowers and beautiful ornaments. Mine is covered in snow:>(

Anonymous said...


Dads are great like that! What a great treasure and a terrific bargain. It looks like it always belonged there.


Becky from Tennessee said...

Cindy, your new fountain is
beautiful. I got tickled
when you said your garden
doesn't look so great right
now.....we just had snow
here in Tennessee so I don't
have any blooming (heck, or
surviving) plants!! lol
Your patio is so adorable
and cozy. I can just hear
the water trickling now...
I'll be right over! :)

Melanie@The Old White Cottage said...

Wow, that's a great deal even if it wasn't perfect. You could have used concrete to fill the hole as well. My dad has done this to repair fountains before.

Its beautiful!

dynochick (Jan) said...

You can buy solar powered fountain pumps for less than 30 bucks.

The solar panel is small and can be located away from the fountain. Mine came with a fifteen foot wire.

Anonymous said...

Way to go! This looks fabulous and the 'backstory' is going to make it even more wonderful in years to come. Looks wonderful. Thanks for being such an inspiration!
Cindy in Albuqeurque

Joyce said...

That is gorgeous!

Linda's Blue Gate said...

OH CINDY..... the fountain is just perfect for you...... I love everything about it. There is just something about the sound of water ...I know you will enjoy it so much.
Sure is a pretty Conservatory siting there. heheh

Rose said...

Oh how neat! That's going to look soooo good in your garden! I have a 4 teired one on my back patio but my patio doesn't look near as nice as yours does! ONE DAY maybe! :)
Just do be careful if you live in an area where it freezes because it WILL burst them. I know I know where you live but right now I can't think of where it is. I take the water out of mine in the winter time because of that. Even though it's running the water will still freeze in it around the edges or any where the water is really moving. I tried mine one year and left it running and it did freeze like that around the edges and it was frozen solid to. I was so afraid it was going to burst it. After that I just drain it and turn it back on during the spring. Mine is also under a roof so when it rains it doesn't fill it back up.
Congrats on your fountain it is VERY PRETTY!!!!

Rose said...

Oh how neat! That's going to look soooo good in your garden! I have a 4 teired one on my back patio but my patio doesn't look near as nice as yours does! ONE DAY maybe! :)
Just do be careful if you live in an area where it freezes because it WILL burst them. I know I know where you live but right now I can't think of where it is. I take the water out of mine in the winter time because of that. Even though it's running the water will still freeze in it around the edges or any where the water is really moving. I tried mine one year and left it running and it did freeze like that around the edges and it was frozen solid to. I was so afraid it was going to burst it. After that I just drain it and turn it back on during the spring. Mine is also under a roof so when it rains it doesn't fill it back up.
Congrats on your fountain it is VERY PRETTY!!!!

Jade Creative said...

Where there is will there is a way.
Good for you solving this dilema.
Happy New Year!

Melanie said...

your garden looks beautiful to me! especially since the high today was 11 degrees. tonight 9 below. anything green looks like heaven.

Katie@LeBeauPaonVictorien said...

Wow, what a great find...even with having to buy the pump, you probably still came out ahead! I'm sure that pretty fountain would have been much more expensive brand new, than what you paid for it and the pump!
I love fountains too! I can't wait until we can landscape our back yard so I can have a fountain!

Penny For Your Thoughts said...

Dear Miss Cindy,
Hey stranger. I'm just getting started at 8:15 pm to read your blog... and I've got about 3 or so weeks to catch up with.

Might I just offer you some emotional comfort that even in the condition (need some improvements)your fountain was in, you still got a great deal. I believe yard and garden structures are huge collectibles, and cost a ton of money in antique and even in salvage stores. Yours is beautiful and is a great size for your patio. I love it. OK, off to my reading!

Penny Sue

Anonymous said...

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flowerlady464 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
flowerlady464 said...

If only I could type...
The fountain is gorgeous! I think every piece should have a story and you have added another chapter to the fountain's.

Esther Sunday said...

OH MY GOSH!!!! Love it to pieces! It must be sooo sweet to hear/see it out there!!!

Anonymous said...

oh my god Cindy! Congrats on such a score! You must be so pleased!

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Linda Q said...

Great fountain Cindy, it is sooo you! I can see why you wanted it too. Cute! And glad for your "fixes" that worked for it. I bet the sound is nice to hear. I love fountains.

Vivian said...

Love the fountain. When I first saw your post, I thought what in the world is she doing getting a fountain in this weather. Then I realized you lived in California--not where we are having all of the freezing weather. Glad you found an inexpensive fix. It looks beautiful.

maría cecilia said...

What a gorgeous fountain, Cindy, and so nice to have your dad around to fix the problem!!!
Enjoy the sound of the water...
Maria Cecilia

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

Love it! If I had one it would have to have a heater attached to it here. This is my second winter here and I'm still trying to get used to seeing little ice fishing shacks out in the middle of the ponds and lakes that are water during the summer. I have a little bit of a phobia about the ice breaking and don't think I could walk on it, and I'm still adjusting to living far enough north that it is cold enough to freeze solid enough to do that. They even drive on it on the bigger lakes. Yikes!

Susan said...

Cindy , I love your fountain! Sometimes its okay to pay more for something you love , even if it is not perfect!!

Michael Lee West said...

I was wondering what you'd bought, but I didn't guess a fountain. It's beautiful, Cindy, and I enjoyed reading about the adventure behind it.

Anonymous said...

I wish not acquiesce in on it. I think warm-hearted post. Expressly the designation attracted me to be familiar with the intact story.

tina, theoldfrenchdoors... said...

I to have always wonted a cherub fountain, but still havent found the right one at the right price, yours is so sweet, great score cindy.

Tutti Chic said...

Gorgeous & way to go fixing it! :) chris

Rita May said...

That fountain is so YOU! It's a perfect addition to your garden. Every garden needs a water feature.

September said...

It is stunning!!!!!! I LOVE it. :) Great purchase and it's going to look so fabulous come summer!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Cindy,
What a beautiful fountain! Don't you just hate it when you are so excited about something and then have all these dilemmas, but then you get so delighted again when they all work out!! lol
If we could only remember the end point when the dilemma arises! lol
I bet it is very relaxing to sit out there and listen and look at it. Enjoy,
Blessings, Nellie

Kelli at Lovely Vintage Cottage Life said...

Absolutely beautiful! I have always wanted a fountain like that. :)

fairmaiden said...

I would love to find a fountain like that. It is gorgeous! So glad you got it to work.

Joyousworld said...

A beautiful fountain..but probably frustrating when you discovered it had problems... but also empowering when you fixed it yourself... with the help of your dad... sweet!

Cathrines Kreative Hjørne said...

Cindy, the fountain was beautiful, and I'm glad you was able to make it work, thanks to dad! They come around handy, do they not! I always enjoy your photos, and all the lovely things you show us!

From Norway with love,
Cathrine :-)

chez sheri said...

Hi Cindy,
Congratulations on your beautiful fountain! It was worth the extra money and effort. The fountain is so pretty and isn't tinkling water a wonderful and peaceful sound? Good for you and your Dad for not giving up and getting it up and running! I'm so jealous of your in Boston we have snow on the ground and our birdbath is frozen solid. Enjoy!!!

Donna @ Party Wishes said...

What a beautiful fountain! I'm so sorry you had so my problems to get it working- I hate it when things like that happen!

I can see you floating some camelias in it! Your meals are going to be so lovely out on your patio.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure what type of pump you purchased. You can go to your local nursery or if you have a home deport they have pumps that will give you enough flow for only $15.00. The plug and putty was a great idea. Also you could of purchased a larger than the fountain, flower pot tray, it is round and pots sit on it. Fill it with small rocks. I make water gardens out of faux pots(plastic) then my husband drills two small holes on the rim, I use copper wire and wrap my copper pipe fountain to the rim to hold it in place. I use a $15.00 pump, drape the cord over the side and plug into my outside electricity. Hide the cord with a small azala bush(optional) My husband worked at a place where the welder make the copper fountain out of pipes for me , free. So that helped .

Anonymous said...

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