Monday, December 07, 2009

A morning with Eddie Ross

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I was so excited earlier this year to see that Eddie Ross picked Alameda as one of the flea markets around the country that he would be visiting! I signed up right away! Alameda is about an hour away from me so I don't go very often but it is the best flea market in Northern California (in my humble opinion)! Everything at this flea market has to be 20 years or older.

The picture above was taken as we were all gathering at the entrance of the flea market! It was so cold that day! We've had really cold weather in Northern California the last few days. Yesterday the high was only 45 degrees! I don't think I ever remember the highs being in the 40s here before! I know that's not cold for some of you but we're not used to that here!
I took the photo above as when we were walking around with Eddie and I meant to go back and look at these $5 linens and I forgot! What a great deal! Most things at this flea market are expensive but there are some really good deals if you look!
I would love to have this silver chafing dish! Gorgeous! I didn't ask the price because I only brought $40 spending money with me and I'm sure it was more than that! Both my kids have birthdays this month and then Christmas! December is rough on my finances!!!

I loved this adorable English Tudor doll house!

I also loved this blue dresser! I want it!!! I'm sure I couldn't afford that with my $40!!!

Or this! I love this!!! All it needs it needs is the mirror! Dad, can you make one of these for me? I'll buy the wood! Oh never mind, I just remembered I don't have room for this!!! I love it though!

More pretty things!

Here's the view from my car in the parking lot. I had to park in row "U" was a long walk to get to the entrance! You can see San Francisco out there in the distance. We were just on the other side of the bay from SF. I'll have more photos to share tomorrow!

I asked Lauren about a month ago if she wanted to have a party for her birthday and she said no. I had planned on getting her a small cake for just us and her dad who was coming by to bring a gift. She called me at work yesterday afternoon to see how big the cake was because she was inviting a few friends over. Then I was at the store getting the cake she called me to say that the party was getting bigger! So last night we had a spur of the moment party for 10 teenagers! That's a lot of kids in our tiny apartment! It was fun though!
Lauren blowing out the candles...sorry for the blurry photo!
I still can't believe she's 17!!! It's sad to think this is her last year of childhood. This time next year she will be an adult!


decdiva1 said...

happy birthday to your darling daughter lauren! that is a beautiful cake she made! she must get her creative talent from her mama!

on another note, have you announced the winner of the rug giveaway? did i miss it? oh, i really want to win that rug!

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

Yes, the rug and sheet winner was announced at the bottom of that post on my product review blog!

Tami said...

love your blog Cindy! Happy b-day to Lauren. that is one of my favorite cakes from Safeway!

Elsie said...

Cindy~ I would love to visit that
flea market,it looks wonderful.
Tell Lauren she should have whipped
out that easy bake and made a quick
cake for the party..LOL...Looks like she had a good birthday.They
grow up so fast,I'm on my second
crew (grandchildren) and it is so
wonderful to spoil them and send
them home.(Although my husband and
I cried like babies when our baby got married 15 years ago.):O)

Eastlake Victorian said...

I want that chafing dish and the adorable doll house! No, I want to LIVE in that dollhouse!

Happy birthday to Lauren. That cake is making me drool!

Chari said...

Hi Cindy...

I'm so glad to see more photos of your fabulous flea market extravaganza with Eddie! Girl, I just laugh when you say how cold it was at 45 degrees, I'm sorry...I'm sure that it was cold for you Californian's. Today, here in colorful Colorado our high is supposed to be 9...yep, that's 9whole degrees! Hehe!

Ohhh...I sure see alot of pretties at your flea market! I love that blue dresser as would look great at your place! And...the silver chafing dish...gorgeous!!! Thanks again for sharing a little of your day with Eddie Ross with us!

Warmest wishes...
Chari @Happy To Design

Dolly said...

I had to laugh
oh by the way mom the party is getting bigger as we speak! LOL
Our daughter does that alot!
It always starts out as just a small gathering of a few friends then its 20 friends!

Happy Birthday Lauren.....
Hope it was a fun day for you to remember!


Blue Creek Home said...

Okay, what DID you get with your $40.00??? Did I miss it? Surely, you didn't take it back home with you!!!

We have been talking about coming back to S.F. and Oakley for a visit.
If we do, this place is going on my list of places to visit!!

Love the shabby chic room full of teenagers. What fun!

Sadie said...

well I'm sure you got some bargains with the money you took.

Love the cake in the blurry photo, you are a kind mum to let her invite her friends at such short notice :O)

Sadie x

Nina Patricia @ The Adventures of Nina Patricia said...

I so agree with you. Our oldest is 17 (going on 40) and has plans to move 6hrs away to go to college. I'm trying to convince him to do the first 4 yrs here (MD) and then transfer. They grow up so fast.
Can't wait for the rest of the pictures.
BTW- yours was the first blog I follow! I found you thru RMS in HGTV website :)

Lou Cinda said...

Such fun! I watched the special HGTV last night with Eddie! (I had taped it)

What did you get??

Happy Birthday to Lauren! Mine are 17 and fixing to be 20~ I hate that!

Lou Cinda :)

Irene ~ RE~VINTAGED said...

The best things about Flea markets is that there will always be another one to go to when you have more money!!
Its so frustrating to have to sit on your wallet when you do see that beautiful thing isn't it!
My baby boy turns 5 next week and is starting school here in Australia next year at the end of January. Thats a big milestone for me. Are we not lucky to have such beautiful children!

Irene x

The Lazy Peacock said...

i am so jealous! i absolutely love eddie, he has never come anywhere close to my town! it looks like so much fun!!! thanks for sharing those pictures, they are fantastic, and i look forward to seeing more.

shabbydreaming said...

Looks like your daughter had a great day!! the flea market looks amazing!! dont really have anything like that here!! :(


Wow and noone knocked over your glass jars, well at least they were still on your table when you took the picture, LOL! I can't believe that my oldest is 20 and my middle son is 16 and I can't leave my baby out he is 13 they grow up too fast!!

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Hi Cindy,

I took the liberty and included your gorgeous little Christmas tree in my Wed post.

Happy Holidays!!

sue@ummi madihah said...

happy birthday to your lovely daughter. i'm very interested about a flea market but i cannot the enough money go to there.

Kathleen Grace said...

Happy birthday to Lauren (I have a Lauren too!) She is a beautiful girl and I am sure that even when she is all grown up you will be the best of friends.

Martha said...

Happy Birthday Lauren...
It looks wonderful, I would love to visit that flea market.

Sweet Designs said...

How fun, it looks like everyone had a wonderful time! Happy Birthday to your daughter, they truely do grow up so quickly!

French-Kissed said...

How very blessed you are to be the mother of that sweet and beautiful young lady. How quickly they grow up. I can just tell by all of the little things you post about that you have a close and wonderful relationship with her. The last years each of my girls were home before going off to school, I actually slowed down my work schedule and tried to spend extra time with them. Sometimes that meant just going to our Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and sitting over coffee or tea for a couple of hours. Imagine that--a mom and her teenage daughter hanging out--it was wonderful. I found that getting away from the distractions of the house and having nothing to do but sit there and talk was a very rich experience for both of us. As for you morning with Eddie Ross, how fabulous! I with you, I would have loved to have rummaged through the $5 linens! And I just want you to know that anytime you are headed down towards SB, drop me an email for I would love to show you all of our wonderful thrift and second hand venues. ~jermaine~

Tracey McBride ~ Frugal Luxuries™ said...

What a fun day at the flea market Cindy! Oh my goodness, I know what you mean about the girls growing up. Rosie's birthday is coming up on the 22nd and she will be hitting the same age! "Time flies, shadows fall, love's eternal over all." Especially when it comes to our baby girls.
Thanks for sharing so generously, as you always do. Blessings and good thoughts to you and your lovely family.

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

You are right about the weather. We were at 16 degrees earlier. I have no idea what it is now. It is the coldest it's been yet, but we've had a mild winter so far, especially compared to last year, our first here in Michigan (and hardly any snow so far!). No one would even be thinking about a flea market right now, unless it was indoors!

Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter. My girls turned 16 on the 3rd, I have a birthday on the 30th, we have Christmas, and my youngest son has a birthday two week after mine in January. I totally get the tough on your finances part!