Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Past

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I'm still not feeling well at all, in fact it sometimes feels like I'm getting worse not better. The mornings are the worst. When I get up in the morning it feels like I've slept with a pile of bricks on my chest! The pain goes all the way to into my back! I really feel for people who have chronic pain, I just can't even imagine living like this all the time! This is day 5 of this and I'm going crazy not being able to get things done on my week off! I just wish I knew what caused this or even what it is! I've never had chest pain that wasn't related to respiratory problems before. I go back to my doctor next week for a follow-up appointment and I'm hoping I can tell her that I'm feeling better! I'm thinking positive thoughts...
I'm not having Thanksgiving dinner at my house this year--and given the pain I'm in, I'm so thankful for that, but thought I would share my table from last year (I don't even have the energy to take photos of anything new). I may be playing reruns here until I get better. I hope you don't mind!
I do plan on taking some photos of the very nontraditional Thanksgiving dinner we are going to this year though. I'm going to share them for Show and Tell Friday, so I'll be breaking the rules this week since it won't be something in my own home. Feel free to do the same if you want to join in!

UPDATE: Just to clarify, I have seen a doctor already, my appointment next week is a follow-up appointment. I've had a chest x-ray, an EKG and a blood test to test for blood clots. Everything has come back negative...thankfully. It's not pleurisy because I don't have pain breathing. My doctor thinks it's some sort of inflammation in my chest so she has me taking 600-800 mg of Motrin 3 times a day to reduce the swelling. The first few hours after I wake up I have constant pain, now that I've been up for a few hours the pain is just when I move certain ways.


Elsie said...

Oh Cindy,bless your heart. I sure
hope you get to feeling better.
I don't mind looking at those
beautiful photos,heck I've slept
since then.LOL. I am glad you
don't have to cook. That would
be really bad if you did. I will
say a prayer for you to get
better. God Bless..:O)

Kayren said...

I hope you start feeling better soon and that they figure out just what it is.

I absolutely love your table setting, even if it is from last year! Blue turkey can it get any better than that...I'd love to know where you got them or who made them. They are probably vintage and I'll never be able to find them, but worth an ask.

I'm curious about your Show and Tell now!

Anonymous said...

I just read about your illness. That's so sad for you, especially when you so much wanted to start your decorating. You'll be in my prayers for a quick recovery. Oh, I love those tops you found to wear. You're going to look absolutely fabulous in them. Take care, Rosie

Anonymous said...


Sounds like pleurisy to me. Pleurisy is usually associated with pneumonia but not always. Pleurisy is so very painful. You might want to see your doc sooner if you can ... just in case pneumonia has set in since you last saw her. You can be walking around with pneumonia and not even know it! Sure hope you feel better soon. Get lots of rest!


Beeutiful by Design said...

Sounds like pleurisy or walking pneumonia, both of which I have had several times and it is very, very painful. Feels like an elephant on your chest. I hope you get better quick. Rest, rest, rest. Jennifer

Anonymous said...

Hay - you photos are gorgeous- I doubt any one minds a few reruns or photos of someone else's home at Thanksgiving- Hope ypu are feeling better soon- Dee in BC

Pauline said...

I don't mind in the least...your health is more inportant than your table could ever be. Just you concentrate on getting well.
God bless you :o)

Beverly said...

Cindy, I'm so sorry you aren't feeling better yet. I will keep you in my prayers. Take care of yourself.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

podso said...

I remember this lovely table setting from last year and love seeing it again. Blue and white is my favorite anyway. I am sorry you are not well. You don't need more advice, but it sounds like you should see a doctor sooner than later. Take care, and get well!

Nishant said...

I am glad you
don't have to cook. That would
be really bad if you did.

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BellaRosa said...

Cindy, this might be a crazy idea, but a while back I had something like this, it seemed I woke up one day and my chest hurt when I tried to take a deep breath, as the day went on, I loosened up a bit but it still hurt if I moved to fast or moved certain ways, when it got cold, it seemed to hurt even more. I was that way for about 4 days..hating that I was afraid to move beacuse it felt like my chest muscles might rip...I went and saw a friend who does holistic therapy and he asked me if I had been exercising alot or streching and sad to say that was a big NO :) but he asked me, have you streched in the morning while yawning? I kmow wierd right? and you know what...I had, while laying in bed, I had gotten to sleep in late and woke up happy streching side to side and yawning, it was after that, that I noticed the tightness first then the pain the next morning. He does "bone adjusting" not sure if you know what that is, but it feels like he pops every bone in your body, kind of re-aligning& streching everything, I was sore the first day, better on the second day and just fine by the third morning..he said I had pulled a chest muscle, and that you could do it easily by just streching and not even realize it and that as time went on it gets worse because as you hurt, you compemsate moving and sleeping different fearful of pain and that in turn causes you to put stress on other muscles like your back, sides or neck, which I did all the above and looked like a sorry lil 100 yr old lady walkin and I was 40 :) I know this sounds crazy but it does happen and if this isn't what is wrong with you, I truly hope you are better soon :) Have a lovely Thanksgiving, and yes the ibuprofin sp? helps with the swelling and a heat pad did wonders :) Rose

Glenda/MidSouth said...

I am so sorry you are not feeling any better. :( Sure hope you get better soon. (((hugs))).

Terri said...

Hello Cindy,
I am a faithful follower although I don't post comments often. So sorry you are under the weather. I, too, am off this week and doing all sorts of odd and end jobs and can only imagine how frustrating it is to be home and not able to do much. Take care and get well soon! Happy Turkey Day!!!

Junkstylediva said...

Cindy, So sorry to hear you are not feeling well. I send you good thoughts and healing energy. Maybe you have been doing too much lately and your body needs rest? Are you under unusual amount of stress? Inge

Sandy said...

Hi Cindy,
I am so sorry to hear that you are in pain and not feeling well at all. And I know it is driving you crazy that it happened on your week off from work. But just be glad that you didn't have to take sick time off from work. You're home and you can REST. I'm retired and I haven't started any Christmas stuff yet. Take care of yourself first that's the most important thing. Second is your blog (no...just kidding!). I hope that you start feeling better soon. We can surf your blog and look at all the lovely things until you are well again.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving with your family!

Teacup Lane (Sandy)

Anonymous said...

Dear Cindy, I haven´t checked your blog for about 2 weeks, because I was kind of sick myself, and I was also expecting results - in fact I still didn´t get them. But today, when I saw what you are going through, I can TOTALY relate to this. Isn´t this strange, when I´m sick I think of my child first: what would happen to her if all of the sudden I´m gone? That´s always my first thought... I am sure Lauren is of great help for you right now. I am praying for you too, I hope your condition improves quickly! We can´t have you not blog, so keep up with it please! Haha.

Also, remember how you posted the incredible post about HOW TO PAINT FRUNITURE? I wanted to share with you a project that was inspired by you actually. It is the drawers-turned-shelf project. Please visit when you feel better!

Thank you and GET WELL SOON! Claudia said...

Oh, I hope you feel better soon. You take all the time you need to rest and take care of yourself. Rest always helps me. Sometimes I think it is just my body's way of telling me to slow down. Hope your Thanksgiving is a nice one for you.
The capers of the vintage vixens

Steph. :) said...

Cindy I hope you get to feeling better soon!!!!!!!!!!!! I will send up a prayer. :) Steph.

The Old Parsonage said...

Hi Cindy

Have they ruled out costocondritus? If the area between where your sternum meets your ribs is tender and sore, costochondritis is the most likely cause of your chest pain. I had it and it lasted for a few months. It hurt to breath.

Wishing a wonderful pain free Thanksgiving.


Cindy said...

I do hope you will feel better soon. Happy Thanksgiving!

Judy said...

What a bummer to be sick on your time off but I hope you'll soon be on the road to recovery. I hope you have a good Thanksgiving....get well soon!


Anonymous said...

Cindy....what a bommer to feel bad at Thanksgiving..wish you were closer as you would be welcome at my home...This is my favorite holiday...
Did they check your gall bladder?? I know my back hurt also. I don't want you to go though the holidays sick..Keep us informed and I will say a special prayer for you..xoxox Vera

Esther Sunday said...

I am concerned for you Cindy. I hope you will us posted. Beautiful table setting, by the way. Love, Esther

Blue Creek Home said...

Beautiful table.
Maybe you will feel better tomorrow so that you can enjoy the day!
I have fibromyalgia that sometimes affects my chest. It feels like something needs to pop-somepressure-very tender neck and shoulders. I take lots of aleve, pull out the heating pad, and wait it out. You might ask the doctor about this if they still come up with nothing else.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Unknown said...

Cindy..I have suffered for years with an inner chest wall inflamation called costocondritis[spelling?] ask your doctor about is very painful and can be caused by an your coughing is sometimes treated with a small amount of steroids.

Hoping you feel better soon dear one..thank you for your blog, which I love..warm loving hugs from Vermont..Mona

CathyF said...

Cindy, My very good friend had the same symptoms as you. She was diagnosed with costochrondritis. Physical therapy, antidepressants, and a good rheumatologist helped her. She said the pain was awful! Good luck to you - and happy Thanksgiving! Cathy from New Jersey

Claudia said...

Cindy, I hope you start feeling better soon. I am so sorry to hear of your pain and the fact that it is happening on your week off is just not fair! Take care and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Brenda Pruitt said...

I so hope you get it figured out soon and the pain alleviated. Don't worry about we blog friends. We'll still be here!

Marilyn said...


Please focus all your energy on getting well and don't worry about blogging!

Wishing you and your family a Happy (and pain-free) Thanksgiving.

Marilyn (in Dallas)

Linda Q said...

Cindy, so scary, I am glad tests coming back normal but still something is being missed. I have had GI things that have hurt like that. Do you have pain up and over your shoulder? Could be gallbladder, pancreas? I have had reflux that has been this bad, first time I had it it sent me to ER because I thought it was a heart attack. Sure praying for you!
Hope you feel better by Turkey day !!
Take care,
And loved your blue and white Thanksgiving table, beautiful as always!

Erin said...

Hope you feel better soon. Happy Thanksgiving!

mariondee-designs said...

Hi Cindy, I do you hope you feel better soon! Nothing worse than being sick, especially on your holidays!! Just look after yourself and don't worry about anything else .. bye the way, I love the pretty plates you managed to score from ebay..too pretty! best wishes from down under, Maryann

Terri Steffes said...

Glad to hear you have been checked out! I am adding you to my prayer list for a speedy recovery to this ailment!

Shelia said...

Oh, Cindy! I'm so sorry to hear you're having this pain and not well. I will say a prayer for you that you'll feel better soon!
Your table from last year is just as pretty now! I hope you have someone looking after you!
Take care and Happy Thanksgiving,
Shelia ;)

Unknown said...

Cindy, I am sorry you are sick, take care and know that a lot of people are thinking of you and adding you to their prayers.
We do not mind waiting until you feel better for new pictures.


Susan B said...

The table setting is beautiful.

I hope you are able rest as much as you can the next few days. Sleep is very healing. Take good care of yourself, and start feeling better soon. :o)

makeyourhomesing said...

I'm sorry you are sick, Cindy, but glad that you don't have to cook. I do hope that these meds work for you and that you are feeling better soon!

As for the reposting old posts it works for me because I didn't discover your blog until recently. But even if I had already seen them, I would have been happy to see them again.

If you need some time off you take it, take care of you first! Have a lovely Thanksgiving and hope you're feeling better soon!

~ Nan

9405018--Pat said...

I hope you start feeling better soon....take care and try to rest...Pat H

Shari @ My Cottage of Bliss said...

So sorry you are still bothered by this mystery illness, Cindy. I suspect you are not the kind who enjoys idleness but you really should take this opportunity to rest and pamper yourself. Hope you have a lovely (restful) Thanksgiving with your family. :)

Anonymous said...

I am sorry you are not feeling well this week. I follow your blog & enjoy it very much.
I had something like this several years back & mine was Tietze's syndrome which my doctor said was a inflamation of the chest wall. I had been lifting some very heavy antique fencing so I thought I may have injured myself. It hurt especially in the morning but also hurt when I moved different ways. It was very scary but it didn't hurt when I was breathing.
Anyway hope you are feeling better real soon & hope your Thanksgiving Day is bliss.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I sure hope you feel better soon. Take it easy and get plenty of rest. Hopefully the doctors will have a good diagnosis soon! God bless you!

Anonymous said...

Cindy, I hope your feeling better real soon, there is nothing worse than chronic pain.
Your table setting is beautiful and I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving, Mary

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Cindy,
So sorry to hear you are feeling so under the weather. When I was reading your description of your symptoms, an ulcer comes to mind.
I had one years ago, and I felt like a stack of bricks were on my chest, and I had pain between my shoulders blades, I was exhausted and felt horrible. Also I wanted to eat all the time, and when I did I felt better temporarily.
The Dr. said I had bronchitis and kept giving me antibiotics, finally, I went to an internist,
they did bloodwork and he talked with me and asked a bunch of questions and then took me to the examing room, push on my breast bone and the pain was pretty intense but then I could describe was like a burning pain,
but I couldn't describe it before.
He was so sure I had an ulcer he just put me on 150 mg. of Zantac twice a day and within a week I felt like a new person. Also, stop all caffiene, no chocolate as well, and stay away from spicy or tomato type foods, usually all of that upsets an ulcer and also carbonated beverages too.
The motrin worries me if you are having more pain, don't know if it has aspirin in it or not, but aspirin is really bad for an ulcer.
If you want more info email me hon.
Will pray for you and hope you feel better soon.
Blessings, Nellie
Oh and Happy Thanksgiving
Your table looked gorgeous!

maría cecilia said...

My God, Cindy, hope you find out soon what you have. I will start right now prayers for you.
Your table setting is just beautiful!!
Hugs and blessings to you
María Cecilia

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry your not feeling well. Years ago I had walking pneumonia. It was very painful and scary too. I have no idea how I got it and I've never experienced anything like it since. I'll add you to my prayer list. Get lots of rest that the best thing you can do...and able to do at this point.


Beverly@My Sew Sweet Studio said...

So sorry to read you have not been feeling well. I enjoyed your Thanksgiving pictures as I wasn't around last year. Hope you feel better soon. I know your were planning on doing a lot this week, but maybe your body just needed the rest.

Carolyn said...

Hi Cindy,
I am so sorry to hear your are still in pain.I pray all will be well with you soon.
I loved seeing your beautiful table setting again-it is so beautiful.
Take care,

Lynn said...

Bless your heart for even posting these beautiful photos. When you say you don't have the energy to even take pictures, it worries me. We all just want you well and back to the Cindy we know and love, not hurting in so much pain.
Keeping you in my prayers. We are going to our daughters tomorrow with almost all the family and then Terry and I are taking a mini vacation to Daytona Beach until Sunday. I may not be able to access a computer while I am gone. This is my Photography weekend, playing with my camera instead of on the blogs or working on my own. I pray that when I get back I will find you well on your way to being over this. Take care my friend.

Cottage Rose said...

Dear Cindy; OH my you poor thing,, I will be Praying for you, and for the Dr. to find the problem and help you out... Take it easy,,, Love your table setting, so gorgeous... now get some rest.. and enjoy your Thanksgiving....

Sending you huge hugs


Elaine said...

Your tablescape is beautiful. Love the blue and white theme and that turkey dish is so adorable.

Hope you are feeling better soon so you can enjoy your time off.
I'm off for 5 days yipee!

desiree said...

I'm so sorry you are still not feeling well. Please call me if you need anything...I'm just a hop, skip and a very tiny jump....I'd be happy to help with anything!

Beautiful table by the way!

Donna said...

Hi, Cindy,
Feel better soon. I remember your tablescape from last year, as I remember loving your blue turkey plates. How perfect for you. I enjoyed seeing them again.


Stephenie said...

Hope you start to feel better.. That really does stink being sick around the Holidays..
I just found your blog and I must say It's just sooooooo pretty.. You have so many beautiful treasures and I'll definitely be back to visit..


Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

I had to come by and see what you would do... you never dissapoint. Thanks for sharing.

Anita said...

Cindy, I am so sorry to hear about your pain. You are in my thoughts and prayers, and I am sure that you will be fine in no time. God bless you and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

I sure hope you get to feeling sooooooooooo much's so sad to be sick on holidays.happy thanksgiving...anniepoo

Monica said...

OMG, Cindy! Hope you are feeling better!! Please take care and think positive (this helps ALOT!)!! Glad you have not to do cooking and entertaining...
You're in my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

I read your blog every chance I get and am inspired beyond words.
I, too, am living with pain daily; thankfully the dr's have diagnosed it as fibromyalgia. At first I didn't believe them, but have come to terms once all other tests also came back negative. I have never posted on your blog before, but feel the need to tell you I will be praying for you.
The table setting is breathtaking, and if my Thanksgiving table looked a fraction of elegancy that glows from yours, I'd be proud of myself.
Please take care of yourself.

Juniper Hill Antiques said...

I am so sorry to hear that you are not feeling well, please know that I wish you a speedy recovery. Your table from last year is gorgeous! Have a nice warm cup of tea, relax and hope you feel better soom.

Bonnie said...

Hi Cindy,
I had something simiar last year. I had a coughing attack and actually tore a muscle in my chest. It killed me to stretch, twist or reach up and even to lie down...God forbid a sneeze! I had to sleep sitting up for about a month. I hope your problem is something less painful and of shorter duration.
I know the last thing you need is a bunch of us trying to diagnose your problem. I'm sure the doctor will figure it out next visit.
Glad you have Thanksgiving planned somewhere where you can just relax. We all love your blog but totally understand that you need to rest and get better so, don't give it a thought and take good care! B.

Robyn said...

OH my goodness Cindy, I'm going backwards on your blog and haven't read it in a bit. I'm sincerely hoping you feel better soon! Constant pain is horrific! I'll be saying a prayer for you!

Waielah's Mummy said...

Glad to hear the pain is getting lighter and do pray for yor full recovery very soon. Just be brave dear and never stopped praying ya. In this critical time do hope the miracle come to pay you a visit with a shocking surprise gift. Amen.

Gabrielle Mader said...

Glad you are feeling better. What a beautiful place to have a Thanksgiving Dinner. I loved how you set your table from last year, I think how you incorporated non traditional fall colors in your own elegant Cindy way. Where did you get your Chargers? I would like to find some like that. Take care.