Thursday, December 11, 2008

Decorating on a Budget?

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Thank you all for the very nice comments yesterday, and everyday for that matter! I think the greatest thing about blogging is all the wonderful comments we leave each other and the "friendships" we have made along the way. I guess along with all that good there has to be be a little negativity and every once in awhile I get a not-so-nice comment left on my blog. Luckily, I've been very fortunate and I don't receive very many of these! Some comments in the past have angered me enough that I've brought them up here but for the most part I try to bite my tongue and ignore them. Anyway...I felt a need to bring a comment up here that someone named Paige left yesterday. It made me feel the need to explain myself. The comment was "Hey lady, you have a different kind of budget than I do!" It's not exactly what I would call a mean comment but I don't think it's very nice either! My first thought when I read this was DUH! None of us have the same budget! I realized that my profile says I decorate "on a budget" and to me that's what I do! I don't go to _____(fill in with any big name, expensive department store) and buy furniture or home decor items at full price. I think the only thing in my home that has been purchased that way is my sofa which came from Macy's. I buy almost everything at either flea markets, garage sales, thrift stores or discount department stores like Marshalls and HomeGoods. To me, that is decorating on a budget but I know to some people who are struggling financially that is even out of reach. Paige, I'm hoping that this was your first visit to my blog and everything looked like it cost a fortune and you didn't read further back on how little I pay for things to get the look I have because that truly would be the best compliment I've ever received! Okay...enough of that!
I've been asked why I never show the outside of my apartment and the reason is it's an old (not in the good sense) 1960's-something fourplex and not the beautiful place you probably have imagined it to be ; ) This is it! That is another tenants front door and mine and two other tenants doors are around the back of the building. The front unit is a 3 bedroom and the units in the back are 2 bedrooms. On the left of the buiding is where our little "backyards" are. So there you you've seen the inside and the outside of my little apartment!


Anonymous said...

Cindy, Your the best just keep doing what your doing, I love it!!!

Linda's Blue Gate said...

I saw that comment and it made me recoil..... you are right everyone has a different budget... your home does look like you have a budget of a million bucks because you make everything look just stunning..... there are some that have a BIG budget and their home looks trashy because they have no taste..... you just really shouldn't judge others because you NEVER know what the circumstance are....
And yes I believe blogland is a chance for we woman to give each POSITIVE feedback ALWAYS....

Lisa said...

Once I discovered your blog, I now read it everyday and exactly what I LOVE about it is the fact that you do TRULY decorate on a budget. You use your creativity and imagination to make everything look extraordinary. Anyone with a lot of money can pay to have a beautiful home but to actually repurpose items to fit your lifestyle and decor, now that's what keeps me, and I'm sure many others, coming back for more. You are full of talent and passion.

Pat said...

Cindy, I think your apartment is beautiful not only on the inside, but the outside as well. Just like you. Do not be dismayed by a comment from someone who may not understand, or who may have issues we can't comprehend. Just keep on doing what you's inspiring for those of us out here trying to live within our means and also have something pretty. You help us and that is a good thing. Thank you. Pat

Essemia said...

I don't have that big budget myself, but like you, I'm just trying to do the very best of it. I know that some years ago, living alone with two teenagers, I could never afford what I'm doing now, married to a wonderful man. Life's changing and I don't want to have those times back. When ends never meet - it's not that nice.
Well, I was a bit long there. Nothing against you Cindy, I just wanted to tell that things can change.
With all those lights I think your front is looking great.
Here in the south of Sweden we have snow now and are expecting even more. Not that normal around here nowadays.
Hope you have a nice evening.
Love Elzie

Tara said...

I love your blog and honestly I never thought I wonder what kind of budget she has? I just like looking into other peoples homes and seeing their creativity and now that you mention you decorate on a budget, well I like your style even more! Everything is beautiful..and you are very talented to make everything look so perfect! Sometimes envy and jealousy get the best of us, especially during these hard times, but we need to remember what we are thankful for, and really when it comes down to it, it is not our material possesions or how much money we have. Thanks for keeping us all in check and for reminding us that decorating doesn't have to be expensive!

Cheers to you Cindy~


Glenda said...

I know that feeling of someone thinking you pay high prices for your things. If I am on a budget then I don't go to big name places, 2+2 still equals 4 and that's the way it is when you buy on a budget. You don't have the money to spend, spend and I am sure you look for things that you've seen in magazines and other stores and know you can get it cheaper than some expensive place. I've done this for years and years. And when I am asked how much, I merely say not as much as you think.
Paige don't judge unless you want to be judged.

Ok, I am off my high horse.


Glenda P said...

I love your apartment - inside and out. I just wish I had your decorating talent. I have taken several ideas from your blog and used them in my house. So please don't pay any attention to negative comments - the rest of us want you to keep on as you have been doing! (Especially me since I need to finish redecorating my house!)

Anonymous said...

I think the exterior of your home is as beautiful as the interior.

It must be difficult to read some of the nasty comments blog readers leave (for example, just today I looked at "comments" left on one of the internet news website regarding the actor from "Home Alone" and the sad news about his sister being killed while crossing the street. Someone (or someTHING) left the following terrible comment: "Why should I care...".

There are just mean people out there that probably wouldn't think of "saying" in person what they do online. What you budget for your home someone else budgets for their car, trips, clothing... People use their money as they wish.

We love your blog Cindy and you should just delete those kind of "comments" in the future.

Teacup Lady (Sandy)

A wildlife gardener said...

What a lot of wonderful ideas you have :) Your home is so beautiful and full of light and love...only a sunshine personality could decorate in such a lovely way :) i shall be back when i have more time to look at your other blogs :)

deb mills said...

it fascinates me that people even feel the need to leave negative comments. if i visit a blog that is not reflective of my views, tastes, likes, interests, know what? i go elsewhere. keep on doing what you do so well, cindy!

pedalpower said...

That's the kind of decorating on a budget I like...I love it when it looks like champagne but fits a beer budget. I find it a challenge and I think I would still be looking for great vintage deals even if money were no object.

Don't feel bad...I had one relative who used to imply that I spent way too much on decorating (like it's any of her business), when actually I spend many times less than she does. She buys everything new though.

thepetiterosehouse said...

cindy you are the cant imagine how many ideas i took from you and believe me i dont have a big house ..but you teach me that its not a reason to make it look like a big and luxury living in central america and some all the thing that its cheaper in USA it can be really expensive. but i dont give up...i hae taken a lot of ideas from you ...and let me tell you you have fans here in my family.. lauren and you are our friends...we talk to our relatives and friend about you...xoxo and ignore the bad comment please this kind of people are fight with the life

Debbie from NJ said...


Don't let those negative comments bother you. I wouldn't even waste my time responding to them. Look at all of the rest of us who love your decorating, and it is on a budget. You are not buying high dollar expensive stuff. I would rather shop in Marshall's or Homegoods, and put my creativity to work like you do. You have the talent to make things look beautiful and there is nothing wrong with that. If people don't have anything nice to say, they shouldn't say anything. So phooey on whoever left that comment.

Esther Sunday said...

Those type of comments are left by unhappy people. Ya gotta feel sorry for them in a way. They obviously have sad lives. I hope things turn around for them.

Velma said...

I have been reading your blog for some time now. I have not left a comment before,but feel as if I should now. Cindy, Your home is beautiful! I have read how you purchase items from flee markets, etc. You have very good taste and you now how to decorate! Your home does look expensive, but you have an eye for quality. Please don't let what others say keep you from doing such a great job on making a home. Keep up the good work.

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

Thank you all so much! I'm so touched by your comments!

Lisa said...

I too live in apartment and quite understand the need and desire to have a beautiful space even on a "Budget". I have shown several people your blog because I am amazed and in awe of your "Budget Decoarting" skills. I truly believe you have a gift and what some may not understand is that regardless of how much money you have you can always find a way to live beautifully. My grandmother who recently passed at the age of 98 had very little, but what I do remember as a child is how she made what she had beautiful around her.

Princess Of Pink said...

Oh Cindy, I told you before here, and I'll say it again: I LOVE YOUR BLOG and the way you decorate it from the inside AND the outside too! You have given many of us a wonderful idea on how to decorate. And I too love to decorate on a budget, have to, but it is also something that I LIKE to do.

So many hugs from a big fan from the Netherlands, who ALWAYS reads your blog, lol.


Brenda@View From The Pines said...

I didn't see the comment. But from the photo of your apartment, it just goes to show you that you can't judge a book by its cover. What you've done with your home is nothing short of amazing. I just wish I had the ability you do. But the next best thing is to come visit your blog and see what you've picked up at Goodwill. And totally done a makeover of! And tell myself that yes, you can make a silk purse out of a sow's ear! Cause Cindy at My Romantic Home has done it!

Cottagecheap said...

My guess would be Paige is a 20something (or younger) kid whose priorities are different. I remember my very first Christmas and how SPARSE things were. Each year I get MORE stuff. I inherit things, I thrift buy things, I barter for things, I rehab, dumpster name it.
I think you should take it as a complement. If you are like me, I do not buy music CDs, DVDs, video games or even alot of new clothes, I buy stuff for my home.

My good pal gave me a sign that I LOVE "having it all, doesn't necessarily mean having it all at once"

Barb @ GritsandGlamour said...

Cindy - unfortunately I get these types of comments, too, on my blog. Mostly they pertain to the "style" of my home. I just delete them and move on. I don't expect everyone to enjoy nor appreciate my style, just like I realize there are all types of budgets. But, I respect that and do not feel the need to be negative. I think if you have decorated your home and it looks like you spent a million bucks - then more power to you. Stay positive. ps - I think the outside of the building is quaint.

Lorri said...

Cindy, I love your blog and read it every day. I too was a single mother and struggled for years to raise a family and decorate my home which was something I loved to do. I know that it takes talent, time and vision to create a haven to live in and I loved being able to do that on a tight budget. It made me feel wonderful to know that I could create something entirely new out of someones cast off from the Goodwill. Keep up the good work, you have many talents and an eye for beautiful things.

i cant sew said...

i only found your blog a few weeks ago and now i follow it religiously. i couldnt care less where you buy stuff just keep blogging about it! the front of house is just as pleasant as the inside, you make it what it is well done. xxrosey
come visit for my small giveaway

1RadChick said...

Sounds like a nitwit comment to me. Let it go. :)

I love your previous post and this one. So lovely! :)

Hugs and Happy Holidays!

We still need to get together?


1RadChick said...

Sounds like a nitwit comment to me. Let it go. :)

I love your previous post and this one. So lovely! :)

Hugs and Happy Holidays!

We still need to get together?


marty39 said...

I too decorate on a budget and reuse and spray paint anything in sight. I get great inspiration from your home. Keep up the good work. Glad she thought it looked like a million. Marty

Lynne said...

Cindy, I love your home inside and out..your inspiration is beyond take a little bit of something and turn it into a whole lot of everything....Again, thanks for the "inspriration"!!!!
hugs and hugs ~lynne~

pammiejo said...

We tend to think that "looking good" means you spent a lot of money on it - so not true. Taste has a lot to do with it along with the creativity to make something out of 'nothing'. You've proved yourself over and over to those of us who read your blog continually. PAM

daisymum7 said...

I think the outside of your home looks very Edwardian. With the beautifully clipped lawn and the fairy lights it looks beautiful just like the inside.

I too have just foudn this site and I will be back.


the pleasures of homemaking said...

Yes, everyone does have a different budget so I guess everyone has a different perception of what decorating "on a budget" would be! Some people have little or no money to go to TJ Maxx no matter how inexpensive it is. Some people can't even afford items from the thrift store and yet they want a beautiful home. I think you have a good mix of being creative with what you have and finding beautiful pieces at good prices!


Tracey McBride said...

Dear Cindy, You are so talented at making ordinary things look extraordinary that it looks as if you have spent a fortune. I am sure that person didn't know your story and how you make the ultimate best of your own situation. That is one of the things I find so inspiring about you as a person. You have crafted a lovely life for you and your family using what you had available and affordable to you...and you have created a masterpiece. In fact, that's what I always think after visiting here...that you are really a gifted artist and your home is your canvas.

Okay, I always leave really long comments, so sorry about that. I just wanted to add my support to the other voices as well as encourage you to never stop. You have a gift for this, and you touch so many lives in a very positive way via this blog.

Thank you again for all you do for us...your appreciators.
With all my good thoughts...

Carolee in Kansas said...

Hi Cindy,

I look at your blog almost every day and I am amazed at your decorating "on a budget." I think your home is truly beautiful and, as much as I love to decorate, I don't think I could do what you have done where you are. You should be very proud of what you accomplish and how many people you make happy just by doing what you do. :-)

P.S. I almost never comment but just had to this time. :-)

eleni said...

Hallow Cindy,I like your blog and your home.I saw the christmas decoration below,everything is wonderful!There, you have the chance to buy no expensive things.I've some old furnitures from my parents and I want to change them(I saw what you do,and I like it).
I participate in a collective blog-we write about homemade cosmetics,handmade things,trips,painting,decoration etc.
Sorry for my English.
Kisses from Greece!

Karen Deborah said...

Hopefully it wan't an unkind comment and it was someone who doesn't realize what you have done with your flea market finds and your little place. It's all about art and love of home really. You have your own style and you express it. I have mine, some people buy theirs for instance their house is a ditto of the Pottery Barn or Ethan Allen. Your's is romantic, it's lovely and soft. The amazing thing is how really inexpensively you have accomplished it and that is the whole point! I think you have a newbie. said...

I wouldn't change a thing. You do a great job and your home is wonderful especially since reflects you. A budget is all just depends on where you are at that moment in time. Keep up the good work.

Marilyn said...

Hi Cindy... maybe the lady with the comment was having a bad day.. and remember ... in order to measure good.. we have to recognise bad. All the lovely heartfelt comments on here are like stars in a dark sky.. the others get lost in the darkness. You make me feel that anything is achievable for we 'budgeters'. I love what you do and I thank you so much.

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I had to start moderating comments a couple weeks ago after receiving some that upset me and those who commented after them.

Two people had made accusations that I was "stealing" from food pantries because my husband and I went to them a few times a month. She knew I had been writing a series about stocking up the home pantry.

Obviously, she had never read much of what I write or she would know we live on my husband's Disability check and that is how we qualify for using a food pantry.

They also made snarky comments about my frugal purchases, saying I was "bragging".

I call them "drive by" commenters. Obviously people who read your blog regularly know you are not a wealthy person. That's part of the joy, seeing how you decorate on a budget... your budget, not their idea of a perfect budget but who YOU are.

As Mr. Rogers would say, I like you just the way you are.

Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

Cindy, you have the best blog! I also read it every day and I admire the way you can take a $5 table and turn it into something special. It takes a creative genius to do what you do. I applaud you, my lady! More power to ya!!


Gollum said...

Your home is outstanding and has provided inspiration and joy to so many people. I sometimes think that negative people, and their comments, exist for a reason--they stand out starkly against the good, and we tend to notice them a bit more. But the negative makes us cherish the wonderful people who pass through our days, and our blogs, and we cherish their comments. You and so many others have touched my life, and because of this, my whole world a better place.
P.S. I went back and bought the gray china that I wrote about. It's a pattern from the 50s. They marked it down 25% and I couldn't resist. Now, I need to find placemats or chargers. :-)

ElleX said...

You rock!!!

Sue said...

Hi Cindy,
I think your outside is very nice--there have been times in my life that even decorating on a budget was hard---Many years ago I wanted to do bows of red and white check--no money--so I starched(several times) some red and white checked material I had from the dollar store, cut in strips with pinking shears, which I tied in bows. It worked and my tree was really cute.

You are very talented, so let ugly comments fly over your head. usually people who are ugly have zero taste.


Bambi said...

If that is the first time that Paige has ever seen your home, I can see why she might think you have a very high budget! But those of us that read you daily know that you decorate on a shoestring! Just goes to show how wonderfully talented you are! And how smart your loyal fans are ;)

Terri and Bob said...

I am guessing Paige had no idea but I am sure she was thinking your place ROCKs in the best way possible!! You are marvelous with how you use, reuse, shop, etc.... all on a dime! In my gut I feel Paige was totally unaware of your shopping expertise. My dream is to one day go shopping with you!

Terri and Bob said...

Oh, and I love the outside, too!

Tammy518 said...

Cindy, I've been following your blog for quite a while now and it's one of my favorites! Your decor does look very expensive (this is a testament to your skill and knack for decorating), but you're forever mentioning the great bargains you stumble upon.

I love your blog and your style! I so look forward to your posts as a little escapism from my day.

JerseyLady961 said...

OMG! Your house is SPOTLESS!!

And so Beautiful. BEAUTIFUL. B-E-A-utiful! I love looking at your home and though I have this pesky habit of mentally rearranging/redecorating/recleaning (is there such a word?) other people's house, there isn't one single thing in your house that I'd touch. It's all so very perfect...and clean! Love it, love it, love it.

Beautiful blog. Beautiful home. Please inspire me.

Peggy. said...

Don't let insensitive comments bother you. I know that's easier said than done. Some of us don't have your talent for decorating on any budget but no matter how envious we might be of anothers we should still try to hold our tongues. My grandma always said if you don't have something nice to say then don't say anything at all.
If it means anything I think your apartment is darling inside and out and I'm also envious of your talent.

AJ said...

You have a great talent for decorating and a beautiful home to show for it. Just ignore negative comments. I posted pics of my home on HGTV rate my space and got berated with very mean comments, I just deleted the photos. I can appreciate constructive advice but mean comments I have no tolerance for. Keep doing what you love, you inspire us all.

ksarra said...

Hi Cindy, I just want to add my voice to all the others. You have such excellent taste, and a great eye for beauty. I have a feeling that if you and anyone else with the same budget (whether large or small) decorated their homes, yours would SHINE. I've always said that you can't buy TASTE. And by going to thrift stores, etc. you get QUALITY, unique items for the same $$$ as going to dept. stores with mass produced items. I agree with those who said your reader probably hasn't read all of your blog, and it's so easy to mistake what someone means by what they type. LOVE YOUR STYLE!!!

Kathleen Ellis said...

Well Cindy...the proof is in the pudding as they say...look at all the wonderful comments you've gotten, all the followers you have and the amount of traffic you get regularly...I'd say that adds up to LOTS and LOTS of us who think you are a very talented lady who is able to take thrift shop, flea market and discount items, toss them all together and come up with something that looks like a million bucks! Now...that is no small feat and Paige , unknowingly, gave you quite a compliment! She must be in need of some kindness and love in a very big way!
Keep on doing what you do!
Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

I can't remember how I ended up on your blog but now have it added to my favorites. You truly have a beautiful home. I think Paige was probably green with envy as I am. She probably is younger like myself. Don't mind her. I am trying to develop a sense for diamonds in the rough like you have obviously perfected. I find your home absolutely inspiring. I look forward to seeing what beautiful things you have done.

Anonymous said...

Your Holiday decorating is absolutely gorgeous, Cindy! No need to apologize for repeat photos ~ you always give us lots to drool over:)

Have a great evening!

Elizabeth said...

I agree with Deb Mills. If one does not enjoy what they see, move on. You have beautiful style that I admire and take a peek at almost daily. I am sure you inspire many. I don't have to have the same budget as someone to admire their decorating style. Keep doing what you enjoy.

Joanne Kennedy said...


I think you should feel pretty good knowing how little you spent but tricking those that don't know you into thinking you spent big bucks!

Don't let comments from people who don't know you bother you. If they don't take the time to read your whole blog then they don't know enough about you to know you are not the type to over spend or to brag about how much you spent.

Everyone who knows you, loves you and your designer tallents! You will never please everyone.

Yes there will be those who can't afford to spend anything on their decorations but that still doesn't mean you should feel bad. You spend very little for the big bang you get. Plus you put lots of hard work into making things look prettier then they were.

You rock in my eyes!


Nicole said...

Cindy, I have basically just discovered the blogging world, and I have already visited your blog a million times!! I absolutely LOVE it!! You are such an inspiration!! In fact I am trying to put together one myself. There are so many ugly people in this world that say ugly things. I am sure this person is just jealous, and insecure. You are wonderful, and so, so talented!

Forever Vintage said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I'm thinking that Paige isn't familiar with your blog or she would have read the posts regarding the things you've gotten from the thrift stores and Craig's list and how you've painted and finished all of your furniture, yourself.

I suppose, her comment could be considered an indirect complement, since your home is so beautiful and elegant that it looks like you spent a lot of money shopping antique stores and high-ended department and furniture stores.


Forever Vintage said...

I look forward to your blog everyday Cindy. Perhaps some people haven't mastered the art of decorating on a budget; so they don't believe it when they see it that it can be done!! When friends come over to my place for the first time they can't believe that alot of my stuff is from a thrift store or garage sale and made over. I think its a great compliment to what you are doing!!

Charmingdesigns said...

I've had a "bad" can really get under your skin...but then you see all the positive comments and it makes you realize how loved you it go and keep showing as all your beautiful home on a budget!! We all love it, as you can see.
Hugs to you! Laurie

Risa said...

People are stupid! Keep on rocking the cool posts with your great finds. If only my garage sales and goodwill were that good! Love your posts and your home is "gaaawgeous"!

debi said...

I've been following your blog for a long time, so I've seen what you've paid for some of your things...and I will say it - you have an amazing talent for spotting both a good deal and a diamond in the rough. You are an awe inspiring decorator!

Anonymous said...

I love the fact that you have the ability to make something inexpensive look grand. You are the best!

Pug1 said...

Great blog! CHEERS! Michele

Cottage Magpie said...

I think I'm going to be just repeating what everyone else said here, but I want to add my voice, so I'll just go ahead anyway! :-)

Cindy, I love your blog and have loved it since the first day I found it in 2006. Because I've been reading it for a couple of years now, I *know* how little you spend on your place. And I'll be honest, I've been jealous and exasperated that your place looks SO amazing and mine SO doesn't!!!

But then, I've thought about it and realized, you've been consistently, bit-by-bit, working on this project for all this time, and you have such a consistent focus with your great style and your great eye and you've built this thing. You haven't gone in for crazy trends or changed directions mid-stream. You've worked really hard at it and you've done a fantastic job. Seriously, if I could go back and do what you do every day, I'd be such a happier person and I'm sure I'd have a nicer home too (though still not as nice as yours, I'm sure).

Anyway, I'm rambling. I just want to say that you inspire me and I have such utter respect for you. I actually think to myself sometimes, when I'm frustrated at having an ugly space or no $$ to spend, "Hmmmm, what would Cindy do?" and it helps me. That probably sounds totally weird, but it's true. You inspire so many of us and we all love you for it.

My very best,
~Angela :-)

Tea Time With Melody said...

Cindy, I agree, just keep doing what you are doing. To me, a budget is a limit I set for my self. It can be high or it can be low it's my choice. Your home is beautiful.

Really Rainey said...

Hi Cindy,
"Well said" is all I'm gonna say about the first part of your post...
Second... The outside of you apt. is cute! And its so nice that its decorated too and so festive! I haven't been following your blog for very long but from what I can see you make lemonade from lemons!
You are amazing and I love your blog!
Keep doing what you're doing cause you're doing it right!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Cindy, just know that others appreciate you and your knack at finding the wonderful deals you do. My mom always told me to keep your heart smiling no matter what. Sometimes there will be those who just like to rain on our parades. Just say a little prayer for them.

Happy Holidays!

Love your apartment - it is sooooo sweet - inside and out!


Anonymous said...

With all the wonderful posts you receive, why dwell on the rare negative one.

Those who appreciate what you do will come to your defense, without you needing to mention it in a post. This just makes you appear to be insecure.

Your wonderful decorating speaks for itself.

Anonymous said...

Gosh Cindy you handled that comment brilliantly! We do all have a budget - it is just a little different for each of us. I think people forget that those of us that have been on this earth a little longer have years of collecting and gathering and nesting- you didn't get this look overnight. I have a girlfriend who loves to decorate and she and DH have money to spare- she changes her look every year or so - I could not do that but love looking at what she does and always come away with an idea or 2 that I can use with my thrift finds!


Ginger said...

Hi Cindy:
I think the outside of your apt. looks cute,especially with the Christmas lights all around.
I know everyone says to ignore the unkind comments, and even though you try, it still hurts to read it. I remember when "Frosty" was leaving you negative comments a while back...I wanted to give him a knuckle sandwich. lol.
I spotted your counter, and you have over 600,000 views on your know you are doing something right!!! We love ya.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking too that she might be alittle like me in that sometimes I joke around too much and then wish I hadn't said what I said- it is a little hard to get the tone in a type written comment- A couple of times I have written something and hit the post comment and then wondered "will they take that the way I meant it?" I am trying really hard to watch what I type which is a little like watching what you say- though has an advantage because you can hit the backspace bar!!!


sarah abeachcottage said...

hmmmm, sometimes I think that 'my' budget spending a couple of dollars here and there and getting furniture from the same places you do, and not buying from boutique stores means that it costs nothing and obviously there are people who would like to spend the amount I do on their decorating. I dunno..blogs like yours tho give so much inspiration on how to do it without spending buckets of money which is why I like coming here in the first place

umm the negative comment thing, I have a few and yep some on rate my space, I don't care about them, just find it an odd thing to do...someone said you know you've made it in blogging when you get a negative comment so ya know you must be pretty well up there in the Superblog status *smile

love love your holiday decor, you've inspired ever


sarah abeachcottage said...

p.s. I'm with you on the outside of houses, tho I think yours makes the inside all the better, just shows what you can do and it *doesn't matter what bones you have you can live in a certain style

our cottage is not my style outside, we knew we wouldn't stay here too long (want to be right by the beach) so we had the outside rendered and painted a modern grey colour that is soooooo not my first choice (I wanted cladding and a picket fence) but for re-sale value we had to go with the modern feel

fairy lights make anything look better though, don't ya think?!!!


Briedels sweetbriar said...

Cindy, we not only have seen the inside and now the outside of your apartment but close up pics of your kids too. Do you think in these unsafe times, that this is a safe thing to do?

Love your blog, by the way. Keep up the good work!

Northwoods_hippie said...

Linda's Blue Gate said:

"I saw that comment and it made me recoil..... you are right everyone has a different budget... your home does look like you have a budget of a million bucks because you make everything look just stunning..... there are some that have a BIG budget and their home looks trashy because they have no taste..... you just really shouldn't judge others because you NEVER know what the circumstance are....
And yes I believe blogland is a chance for we woman to give each POSITIVE feedback ALWAYS....

but then she says "you just really shouldn't judge others because you NEVER know what the circumstance are...."

I don't think Cindy was judging anyone and don't understand how you can call your feedback positive after a negative comment to her like that.

I understood your meaning Cindy, even Linda didn't.


Frosty said...

Hey Cin,

Why do you let people like that get to you? Chin up!

Jack Frost

CountryShabbyLover said...

Hello Cindy,

I'm not sure that I understand all of that you have writing, but I'm sure I understand the reason. So I will let you know: these people, how leave such comments they are regard of you and your beautiful style of your appartment. I LOVE it and I hope you will not hang in there. They don't understand how many love and creativity you invest in all that. Please don't forget the other people like me, they love it and they have so much joy with your photo's.

Many Kind regards and a BIG HUG,

Formally known as "Log Home Lassie" said...

Before I saw your blog, I thought there was something wrong with me for wanting to clean and decorate all of the time. My family sarcastically teased me about it, then I found through your site that there is a whole community of "me's" out there. Thank you.


P.S. I would love to see your side of the building
Would you mind posting more pics of the outside, please?

Anonymous said...

I thoroughly enjoy your blog. You are very talented and have such a sweet and warm personality. For the sake of your safety it does make me nervous that you post so much personal information about yourself on the web. Maybe I'm too paranoid.

Anonymous :o)

Anonymous said...

Good taste ALWAYS looks way more expensive, doesn't it?

I'm new here and enjoying it, the little nest with glittery eggs has stolen my heart. Did you make those?

Retromama said...

Hi Cindy,

I am writing for the first time but I follow your blog every single day.
Do not worry about such comments, maybe this explanation will help you. I told my sister who lives in Croatia to visit your blog. Two days later she said to me: Why did you do it, just look at her house, everything is so expensive, I can only watch and sigh!). I was furious: Don't you ever read? So I sent her a "report" with prices and photos of things that you own.
She was amazed! Of course, now she follows it every day and make deep sighs, but this time just for the pure pleasure of watching your beautiful home.

LillyB said...

Cindy, I am a huge fan of your blog! You inspire me daily!! As for the negative comment...I feel like she was maybe jealous or had a weak attempt at being humorous? Just let those roll off of your back...everyone is different...but you know what they say, you can buy most things...but you can't buy class! I believe if you can't say anything nice...don't say anything at all! Some in the blog world don't adhere to that saying at all!! I'd bet she would not push send if she had it to do over again!
I am praying for you and yours!!Have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

Home is where your heart is and everyone can see that you put your heart and soul into making this place beautiful. I read your blog everyday for inspiration and your style of decorating is wonderful. Continue what you are doing and your dreams will come true.


Betty Jo said...

I agree Cindy, just keep on doing what you do because it is so very inspiring to those of us on tight budgets. You are a very gifted and creative person and it shows in your gorgeous home and your blog. The outside of your apartment looks gorgeous to me; because for the time being, and due to unforeseen circumstances, I'm living in my son's home, one small room and 1/2 bath. Your blog gives me hope that I too can someday find an affordable apartment of my own and make it beautiful on my small budget. Thank you!! xoxo

Roses and Lilacs said...

Hi Cindy, I visit your blog often but don't comment a lot. Just wanted to take a minute and say thanks for all the wonderful ideas you've given us over the last year. Your home looks like it was done on a spare-no-expense-budget. I mean that as a compliment. You are the poster girl for recycle, and reuse. With a little imagination you have taken cast offs and made them look like treasures.

I'm sure we all take flip comments too much to heart. We know better but we all do it just the same. I hope the sincere admiration of your blogging friends helps balance out the negative.

Have a wonderful holiday season.

helen said...

Hello Sweet Cindy -

I am a brown, black,and white girl, but oh how I love to look at your blog. In fact, sometimes I look several times a day.
So creative.
I think if you will view Paige's profile, you'll understand the comment. 'nough said!
Enjoy the spirit of this Christmas season and the best to you and your family.

MimiG said...

Keep on blogging, girl! Hopefully, Paige just found your blog, but, if not, perhaps she has green eyes????
Your budget is bigger than mine; I've been searching for full-time work for 19 months; however, I still have enough of a budget (LOL) to head to the thrift store every month or so, looking for treasures.
Another question from me - do you remember where you found the gold votive holder? Gorgeous!!!!

Cottagecheap said...

Just so you are in the giveaway like it or not, since yo commented you may have to make a choice! I think it is funny a few days ago I blogged about "loving the things you have". I am actually thinking of the "budget" topic now too! It is really true. I remember watching Oprah do a CHEAP makeover on a room one day and it was like $1000 walmart thing...and they were saying "Well anyone can afford this". I was at a stage in my life where there was NO wiggle in my budget. I was praying day to day that I didn't need new shoes, now I still wouldn't drop a grand all at once, but I can buy new towels when my old ones start to be more 'hole' than towel.
Huge hug!

A Lovely Thing said...

Aw. That's not a nice comment.

The best way of decorating on a budget is to buy what you love ... whether it's a sofa from Macy's or a dish at a flea market.

It's far more affordable to spend a bit more on something you love than "settling" for something cheaper only to regret the purchase later.

That's my opinion anyway :)

I have a mix of splurges and tag sale finds in my home, too, that were gathered over the years.

a pink-bee said...

Everything looks so cozy ! Love your holiday touches :)
Am having a tatted lace snowflake drawing if you get a chance to stop by and enter :)
Have a happy day :)

Michelle said...

Keep up the good work! I love my visits to your blog and you are an inspiration.

Have a wonderful weekend in your romantic home.


Bo said...

Hi Cindy...You just never know who is coming by to drool or leave snide remarks about your fabulous home...Thankfully, for the most part all of your admirers (like me) love to come and learn new ideas from you and see what kind of transformations you have made ON A BUDGET!!! All the best to you,
;-) Bo

ann said...


Sue said...

Hi Cindy....I just recently found your blog and I was fascinated how beautifully you can decorate by shopping on a budget...I think it's terrific. You can't always listen to what other people say...I just always look at it like "Frasier Crane" used to say to brother Niles....."They're just jealous"..........

Lady Katherine said...

Cindy, your apartment's outside is nice, and thats not the meaning. Your home is wonderful and lot of people do not know where to find the great buys! Just not brought up that way. But its so fun, everyone should do it budget or not! lol Your home does look like you paid a fortune, and how wonderful it is that you have pulled it all together, from here and there. We all love it so! Wonder what they would say if they saw my remodel zone! lol I usually have a tree in every room. But I get to enjoy yours!

Eileen T. said...

Cindy ~ I discovered your blog a few weeks ago, and have really enjoyed your posts and all the lovely photos of your home. I am a nester too, and love making my home look "like a million bucks" too, but, like you, I have learned how to take something cast off, or unlovely, or ordinary, and make it over a bit so that it looks delicious in my home. I also use my decorating dollars as wisely as possible, so things are acquired that have lasting quality - thereby spreading the expense over a longer useable life. My home is the result of 35 years of collecting, but I still remember that the first "couch" my hubby and I had was a twin bed set up against a wall in our living room, with a blanket cover and three pillows against the wall for a "back".

Kindest Regards, ~

yogapaws said...

An investment in your home is something you will enjoy everyday for many days and years.

Budget allowing, I would spend $...... on a .......that I will look at or touch 20 times a day over $.... for a pair of designer jeans worn once a month or a cocktail dress that will be used for one occasion.

...and the exterior of your place is nice. Simple clean & "nice".

Married & Happy said...

Pretty home and you spend alot of your time fussing over it, but then again, you aren't married. If you were, it would be a different story... right?

Married & Happy said...

To make the 100th comment, I'll add that I live in my home. It doesn't live in me. :)

Stitcher S said...

I've been reading your blog for quite awhile now, and I love it.

It's refreshing to see such lovely decorating, especially when it's done in an apartment. Not all of us live in brand new, huge homes and yet even in an older dwelling it's still possible to have a lovely, gracious home. Thanks for sharing it here!

Ignore the mean comments, and yes that was a bit rude. To me it's all about choices. We all can choose to spend whatever discretionary income any different way we want, and I applaud your choice of spending it to improve your home.

Again, I am inspired by your creativity.

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

Cindy~ ~
You and your blog are an inspiration to me and many others. I have decorated just like you, on a budget. Over the years I have collected furniture and sweet nothings that I just love and none of it was purchased new! We buy it and paint it and love it. Quite eclectic, don't you think?
Stop over and take a little look at my home.

Anonymous said...

Sorry that Paige left that comment. Alot of what you do is out of my budget as well. But I love that I can come here and get inspiration. There have been times I've figured out something I could do after looking at what you do. I love your blog and it's a shame when someone is discouraged they take it out on someone else. I plan on visiting often as this is very inspirational for me!

Anne said...

hello Cindy,

you've got a lovely apartment! :)

I agree that one person's budget is not another's. also, what has value to one person is not the same as to another. like you, i place a high value on my living environment and how i prioritize my spending reflects that.

some can't afford to spend any money on decorating - or consider it a low priority due to other financial obligations. i'm in the process of writing an article for people like that who want their place to look better but have no funds to make that happen.

great site, Cindy!