Friday, September 26, 2008

Some New Things

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Last night I went to Target and found this squatty apothecary jar on sale! I was so excited...I've been wanting a squatty one. It was only $13.99...or something close to that??? I love it!

The other day on my lunch hour I went to the fabric store, Fabrics R Us in San Jose, everything is so inexpensive there. I bought this tassel trim to trim pillows for $6.00 a yard! I already had the trim in the background and they go together perfectly. I see pillow making in my future... Becca ~ Of Bluebirds and Roses sent me this little birdie cone. I had commented on another she made awhile back and said that I would like to make one some I don't have to...she made one for me! Isn't that nice! It's so adorable!
And last but not least, I found this little caddy thing at the thrift store last week. It was $7.99 but it was half off so for $3.98 I have a cute little serving piece.

I was wondering what I could use this for and I came up with a lot of different ideas! Here are some of my ideas but I'm sure there are many more!

  • hold olives, pickles, etc.
  • ketchup, mustard, mayo
  • ice cream toppings for sundae making
  • hold colored pencils, paint brushes, etc...someday when I have a craft room
  • take the glasses out and put little pots of herbs
  • hold garnishes for a cocktails

I'm planning on going to an Estate Sale tomorrow with my friend Nelson. I won't have much spending money but hopefully I can find something. This one intrigued me because it said "Decorate your beach cottage" in with all the description of other more specific items.

Have a great weekend!


Lisa said...

I'm enjoying your posts~ thanks! I have a question for you. I bought 6 stained cane chairs in great condition with the intention to paint them to match 6 other cane chairs from my dining room set. How did you paint your chairs? Did you use a wire brush to prep the cane or sand anything or what? Thanks!

Lisa said...

PS. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I wish I had some of that cake right now! I love almond! Looking forward to your estate beach findings!

Pat said...

Cindy, Love the squatty jar....everything. Hope you have a great time shopping with Nelson. Love seeing what you find and then do with it!!!! Have a
great weekend. Pat

paintergal said...

That fringe will be beautiful on pillows. Love the squatty jar! Are those hydrangeas in it?

Liz said...

Oh I love that jar and hydrangea that is/are? in it. Have fun at the sale.


ROXY said...

Oooh I love that caddy! Is it SP?

just a little bit shabby said...

Hi Cindy!
Love the jar and the trims. How about 3 little bouquets in the relish holder? The little cone with the bird is adorable. Look forward to seing what you get at the estate sale. I am spending the week end in my garage getting ready for a garage sale next week-end. Hopefully I will make some cash to spend on things I want for my house. Have a great time this week end.

Cottagecheap said...

You can use your little serving thing to do 'taco night' too! Onions/lettuce/tomatoes all handy dandy.

Just a thought...I am a mexican food lovin' gal!

I love that tassle material you found and the colors are to die for.

Please please please take your camera to the estate sale so even if you dont' buy a bunch of stuff you can send us eye candy! :-D We can live vicariously!

Sharon~heartsongs said...

Good luck with the estate sale! Have a great weekend.

Carousel222 said...

Love the apothacary jar. I may have to look for one here. You cut put some fresh cut flowers in the relish holder. I hope you find something really nice at the estate sale. It can be so much fun seeing what you can find.

Debbie said...

Your posts are always so charming and I just love those special new finds.

So you're on Rate My Space next Thursday? I don't want to miss it Cindy so I'm going to set the TiVo this instant.

Blessings - Debbie

MMK said...

Hi Cindy! Love your blog! The little relish holder is really cute! It reminded me of a trip I took long ago with my high school band. We traveled to Florida on Spring Break and performed around the state, site seeing in between concerts (this is pre-Disney World). We dined one evening at The Banyan Tree outside of Tampa. It was a huge, very fancy restaurant. We were a bunch of country kids - many had never traveled outside our state. The waiters brought relish holders very similar to these and placed them on the tables. Three boys sitting near us, looked at the trays, looked around, then each proceed to take a dish from the holder and eat the contents! One had a whole dish of pickle relish, one had olives and I believe the other had pickled pearl onions! We girls just sat there and watched and laughed! Thanks for jarring up a funny memory!

September said...

I've never even heard of fabrics r us, where the heck is that???

I LOVE the apothecary jar. I need to hang out with you and go to target, you find cool stuff. I could totally use that in my scrap studio!!!

The little silver serving piece is precious too.... :)


Bettsi said...

Don't forget buttons and seashells! They would both be cute in that little serving piece too.

Love the trims, the cone with birdie, and the apothocary jar too! Wouldn't it be fun to sew together, Cindy?

Melissa Lester said...

What lovely finds! I think hydrangeas would look lovely in your relish holder. With all your ideas, you will probably wish you had more than one!

Roses and Lilacs said...

Hi Cindy, I like that jar. I bought a similar one recently which now holds an abandoned bird nest with some Michaels eggs and a few found feathers.

I was just looking back at at older posts to a photo of shutters that open to a mirror. I have shutters stored in my barn. That might be a good use.

Anonymous said...

I am really enjoying your blog here in east Tn. thanks for sharing. vickydarnell

Cheryl (Copper's Wife) said...

Cute new stuff!

How about an assortment of salad dressings when serving a big, green salad?

salmagundi said...

Love the tassel trim!! I, too, am in a pillow making mood - it must be the fall/winter influence and the need to nest! Sally

Joy said...

Oh I love the jar in the first photo. I'm going to have to put a Target trip on my list. :O)

Sallie said...

I love your house but my only option is to trade my husband.. I can't do that!! Love him too much :-)

The jar is cute! Love it! I keep telling myself I really need to pick some of these up but just never get around to it.

You could also use the little tri-holder for vases.. I could see pink roses in the glasses..lovely!

God bless,

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Love the apothecary jar!! Becca did a beautiful job with her tussie that she sent you! How thoughtful of her!

Charlotte said...

Hi Cindy. I was going to comment below but there were already so many comments that I decided to come up here instead. Happy belated birthday. You are almost exactly one month older than my daughter. I really like the little jar and the trims. Isn't it fun to find things like this?

Joanne Kennedy said...

I would gladly get up early to go to that Estate Sale too. Sounds perfect! Hope you get some great things.

You could use your dish to put toppings in for Baked potatoes. Or if you have a breakfast use it for different syrups.

So many things. I know you will get lots of use out of it.

How do you store all the get things you find? I can't find room for anything else. So I've limited my thrift store runs for now.


Anonymous said...

Unique and pretty finds! I especially like the "toppings for sundaes" and "pencils & paintbrushes" idea for your caddy.
Different kinds of candy would look cute too! The only problem with that is you might grab one everytime you pass by ~ if you're anything like me, that is:)


Gollum said...

Love it all, Cindy! The silver and glass trio was such a great find and you will have fun thinking of ways to use it. I hope you blog about it!

Virginia said...

Great finds like always.
Have a happy and Bless weekend.

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

oh,oh,oh, I love the squatty jar !

Julie said...

Great finds Cindy! I have lost track of time a bit because of the medicine I am on from my Happy belated birthday! That bright yellow and black reminds me of the old Georgio designer campagne colors. I love the china though!

Mary said...

Oooo, I think that little caddy would be wonderful holding some white roses and apple green berries...

Angela said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Are you a Libra or a Virgo? Don't answer, I will just look it up--sure seems like you have lots of Libra qualities (not that I know too much about you from your blogging, but you know what I mean).

I love your new treasures, the relish holder is awsome! I especially love how you used the word "squatty"; not sure I've ever heard of an apothecary jar referred to as squatty--it made me laugh!

Good Luck at the estate sale.

Niesz Vintage Home said...

Great items! Love the shape of that apothecary jar!
And the little birdie sweet!

Kimberly :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful finds Cindy!
ps Happy Birthday too

Arleen said...

Hi Cindy. Happy Belated Birthday to you! I have passed on an award to you. Stop by The Tea Room when you have a moment to pick it up.


chatelaine said...

Cool squatty jar. You do very well at Target. I must add it to my to do list. Since I love my afternoon tea, I would put some jams and maybe clotted cream in the relish holder. Enjoy your beach estate sale! I'm anxious to see what treasures you find.

sarah @ a beach cottage said...

oh my goodness that estate sale has my name on it, I just couldn't pass that one up...

I hope you find some wonderful treasures


Jen r. said...

Love the little serving set. I'd be putting candy corn in those! and then they'd be empty again ;) !

The Vintage Kitten said...

Hi Cindy, I love those apothecary jars, what a bargain they are expensive here in the UK. The caddy is gorgeous too, all of your ideas for it are fab, whether its being used for condiments, ice cream toppings or herbs it will look different each time. What great finds, Im coming shopping with you X

The Vintage Kitten said...

Oh no! Im sorry I missed your birthday. Happy Birthday I hope you had a lovely day, Mandy X

Cathy said...

lemon curd, clotted cream and jam...perfect for scones and tea!

Laurie Anne said...

Hi Cindy,
I love the caddy. What if you used it in your bathroom for cotton balls, Q-tips,nail files, things like that. It would look so great with that blue toile wallpaper :0)

Brandi said...

Lovely as always!

I stopped by to let you know that you have been given an award! Stop by my blog and see!

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Love your squatty apothecary jar! And you are so lucky to have something made by sweet Becca! Good luck at the estate sale ~ can't wait to see what you find there.

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy!
What nice things you bought. I love the jar, I have one but bigger that I bought at Trgets. You gotta love Target.
Is it dried hydrangea you have in it?
What a beatiful gift you recieved. Nice with so giving people.
Good luck!
Have a wonderful weekend.
Here is a wine and harvest festival this week.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I would fill your caddy with candy corn and top it with a tea light that comes in a clear holder (wal mart pack of 9) total fall cuteness!

Cynthia S. said...

Hi Cindy,

First, I love your finds and the trims are gorgeous! Your blog is one of the prettiest ones i've seen too! and you must be so happy about hgtv, such talent deserves to be shown!

anyway, I responded to your comments through an email, it was too long to print here , so when you get a chance, please read and let me know the pictures you were referring to. I am so new to the blogging world and haven't quite gotten the "rules" down, but im trying ;)I first thought it was an open form of sharing inspiration and while im sure thats true for some and myself, I dont want to break any rules either..... btw, You've done a gorgeous Job on your apartment and I love every post!

Sincerely, Cynthia

Becky said...

Counting down to your show. I'm excited for you.
Very pretty finds and I will come back to see what you have found today.

Elzie said...

You always find so beautiful and cheep things I really envy you.
Hope you have a nice day.
Love Elzie

Anonymous said...

Really like your new finds. The caddy has unlimited possibilities. Looking forward to hearing about the estate sale.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Cute little condiment holder!! You find the sweetest things and for great prices, too!

Some thoughts that popped in my head for your condiment jar could be for:

candy corn and candles at Halloween

peppermint swirled candies and white candles for Christmas

Blue buttons with white candles...
I do believe I am on a candle theme here. Now I will have to be on a mission for one of these pieces.

Thank you for sharing!

Rue said...

Hi Cindy :)

Happy (belated) Birthday!! I'm so sorry I missed it, but I hope your cold was over on the actual day and that it was wonderful :)

I love your new finds and I can't wait to see what you and Nelson get at the sale.


Rosemary said...

Love your new stuff!!!
I think you could even put little candles, or roses in your new caddy thingy.
Love it!
Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Cindy you now have 49 follower of your blog!! I just found you and love your blog- I think you might have a RMS space?? Your back patio looks like one I admire on RMS.

PS happy belated birthday!!!


Reese and Marie said...

Hi Cindy,
Thanks for coming by my blog... I am in the east bay above Berkeley. I *LOVE* your new finds... I too want a "squatty" apothecary jar. I love the vignette with all the shades of white; that is my favorite.

Take care,

KJ said...

This is a very elegant post, Cindy. I have 2 apothecary jars and they were pretty expensive. It's nice to know that Target is offering these at such a fabulous price! And, oh the possibilities.

I noticed the ages of your children... My eldest is 21 and my middle son will be 14 in just a couple of weeks.


Glenda said...

I have 1 of those jars I found somewhere, and I've seen them all over blog land and even in some DIY shows.

Love the grey on the new cabinet.


Glenda said...


I think fresh flowers or fake would look pretty in you relish holder. Sort of a shabby thing......

Pearl said...

Oooo... so many pretties! I love your new squatty jar; haven't seen one like that before. Such a nice friend to send you the adorable birdie cone... it's just precious! Thanks for sharing such beauty... hope your day is a great one...


Jen said...

I have a question. We just bought our first home and I am trying to decorate cottage/shabby style. How do you do it? For example. I notices you have a plate collection hanging on your wall. I like that idea but I only have 4 plates. Do you hang the four plates and then keep adding as you collect? Or do you hang nothing until you have all the pieces you want?

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

Jen, I would look in magazines or on blogs and see a group of plates on the wall that you like and copy that. I started adding the mirrors in my stairway after I had about 4 and then just kept adding to them. It helps to have an idea of what you want to do beforehand though.

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Hi Cindy; I'm so glad you are happy with the birdie cone; I like the way it looks in your lovely home; thanks for sharing the photo!
Hope you enjoyed the estate sale; we just returned from a weekend of antiquing!

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Cindy,
I love all your new finds..especially the thrift store caddy.

I think it's fun to see how many ways you can use one of these thrifty finds.

I am working on a post for later this week using a dollar wire basket lots of different ways!

Denise said...

WOW.......great finds. I love that caddy. I immediately thought of it for holding roses from the garden or cute with christmas balls in it..that chair and cupboard are so cute!

Cindy@Cutepinkstuff said...

LOVE the "caddy thing!" Great ideas for fillers. It's so much fun to repurpose thrift items. Sometimes I find thrift treasures that challenge my imagination. Those are the items I love to purchase! Thanks for stopping by to see my new/old French armoire!

Stephanie said...

Oh, I would love to go to that store...I could go trim crazy!! I can't wait to see what you do with it.

Take Care,
P.S. Thanks for stopping by!

Nifty Adventures into Denmark said...

stumbled upon your blog through how sweet the sound. What great finds you found. I love the pictures of your home. It looks so cozy and warm.

kansaswx said...

Whoo hoo! I'm feeling old. I got one of those exact same serving thingees for a wedding 1975!!!! I may still have it in the basement.

Alice W. said...

I bought that same apothecary of my favs!