Monday, September 15, 2008

Flowers, Awards and Taggged!

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I bought this little chintz creamer on eBay a couple months ago. It's only 2 1/2 inches tall but makes a perfect little vase for gardenias and a rose from my garden. I love little bouquets like this scattered around my apartment. In fact, I think I prefer lots of small bouquets over one big one!
I also have received some awards. I'm so horrible at remembering to acknowledge these! I really want to apologize for being so late on some of them. I hope I haven't missed any but I know I probably have!

I recieved the award above from Gayla~Oatmeal and Whimsy. Gayla is a high school teacher and she must be really nice teacher because some of her students wrote her a song. How sweet is that!

I received this award below from Flippery. She has the coolest looking vintage typewriter and now I want one too. Although I have no where to put it so I won't even be looking for one!

I was also just tagged by Jennifer ~ The Old Painted Cottage for 7 Things About Me. I think you've all been to Jennifer's blog, her Cottage of the Month and her boutique but if you haven't you are in for a real treat!

7 more random facts about me...these are getting harder and harder to do.

1. I have a gap between my two front teeth and I HATE it! That's why all my photos have me smiling with my lips sealed!

2. I prefer sweets over salty snacks.

3. I hate sweet and salty things together. Ham and pineapple do not belong together on my pizza! I don't like kettle corn and I'll never eat a payday candy bar.

4. I've always been more attracted to older men. I can't even imagine dating someone younger than me. Okay, you all know I'm not even dating at all until my daughter is raised so I don't know why I brought this up...this is for the past and future, not present time.

5. I've been thinking about dating a lot lately since Lauren is about to turn 16 and my excuse for not dating will soon be expiring. It scares me to death! I have no clue how to get back into that scene! If you have a good man...consider yourself very lucky!

6. I really want a house of my own! I'm not giving up on that dream...ever!

7. The diet...I've lost 10 lbs! Most of the Nutrisystem food is okay. It's the easiest diet I've tried, that's for sure!

I won't be passing these awards and tags along but I would really like to thank the bloggers above for thinking of me.


Maggie May said...

that little vase is charming, and looks so pretty with the creamy white flowers.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy! I agree, several smaller arrangements are much prettier to me too! Love this little cup! Congrats on the 10lbs; I start a new diet every Monday and by Tuesday it's done til the next Monday!lol I admire you for not dating until your daughter is older! I've seen too many woman (mothers of my daughter's friends) neglecting their kids for the sake of having a new man! I'll never understand that. I'm sure when you are ready you will have no trouble attracting someone nice and never give up on your house wish (I know you've read "The Secret")!lol Timing is Everything! Have a great week - Jeannette

Julie said...

Just wanted to stop by and tell you thank you for all of your prayers for us and all the nice comments you made on my blog. Yeah - Ike is gone! Now we just have to clean up after him!

Kelly~Rose Vine Cottage Two said...

Yeah 10 lbs!!!! I prefer the smaller arrangments myself, but when my husband comes home with the big arrangments that he has put together himself I can't bare to seperate them he is always so proud that he has done it! I do wait a couple of days and start arranging the flowers in my little teapots though. Your flowers and vase are so pretty! I also enjoyed reading the 7 facts but as for me I do have a hard time with these games.

lisa said...

I never tire of reading the little known facts about my blog buddies, they are always so much fun. Love the vase very pretty.


Glenda said...


Have you considered getting your teeth bonded or veneers ?

My mother waited so many years to have her gap closed on her front teeth and even went for braces. I finally encouraged her to get her teeth bonded at the dental office I worked for and she was ever so happy to have it done. She never smiled so much in her life. Don't wait till your in your 60's to get it done.

I know this is a personal preference, just thought I'd give you some encouragement.

Oh, I prefer sweets too, that's my reason I'am sure I have gained my weight.


Ginger said...

I love the chintz come I can never find anything that cute on Ebay? lol. The gardenias look perfect in it.

Virginia said...

I also like several smaller arrangements place around the house. I have to tell you ,your little vase is so sweet and pretty, and Congratulation! on the 10lbs lost, I know how hard it is. To me, walking is what does it.
And most of all Cindy, keep your dreams alive, never let them go.
Blessings, Virginia

Debbie said...

What a lovely vase with beautiful flowers. It adds such warmth to the room.

Congrats to you Cindy on the 10 pound loss.

Hmmmmmmmm, don't know that I should stick my nose in but I say you start dating whenever the right one comes along. (My heart is wearing a huge smile and I wish I could play matchmaker) I get all giddy and sappy when it comes to this subject. Hope I haven't offended you and I'll stop before I get myself into trouble.

Wishing you a wonderful week.

Blessings - Debbie

the pleasures of homemaking said...

Congrats on the awards Cindy! I marked my calendar so I don't miss the show!


Elizabeth G. said...

I loved reading those facts about yourself! Fun!

Also, the little bouquets of flowers idea is great. I love it.

I hope one day to also have a home of my own. It is my constant prayer.


Pink Slippers said...

The flowers look just lovely and sweet. Who doesn't love flowers? Always welcoming in any home. ...Congratulaions on your awards. Wendy

Kathleen Grace said...

Congratulations on the awards:>) I love the chintz and flowers.

Charlotte said...

I love your little bouquet. It reminded me that we had two beautiful gardenia bushes in California. It's too hot for them here. I love my desert, but there are things I miss - like gardenias. Thank you for sharing yours.

yogapaws said...

To your health! I feel the same about ham/pineapple pizza. nasty.

Actually I just don't like ham or pizza and am allergic to chocolate.
Brie on crackers with some walnuts would be nice....

Angela said...

Woohoo 10 pounds!!! Keep up the good work!!

ruby said...

i want that little chintz too!sooooo beautiful little thing..and..can we have the before and after (10lbs lost)photo of yours in this blog?...=)So inspiring..

Liz said...

I love that little chintz vase!

Anonymous said...

Hi again Cindy
I am doing some painting to give a new look to some items I have...but I am not liking too much of a stark white in a home where things are a little more creamy...

You give a distressed look to some of the items you paint...can you tell me what kind of white you you spray or paint and the colour?..technique?

Thank you.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Congratulations on your diet and it is a wonderful thing that you are giving your daughter full attention. It is something you will always cherish.

Tracie~MPMaison said...

Congrats on the 10 pounds - that's great. You go girl!

I love ham & pineapple pizza - ooh, guess where my mind will be tonight.

You'll find a "keeper" when you're ready Cindy - when you least expect it ;)

The house WILL happen - you're a make it happen type of person - we're still looking for our dream home ourselves. It must be out there somewhere!

Anonymous said...

Hello Cindy I have some wonderful pieces exactly like the little cup whit the white flowers,they say"Du Barry" England,I send you my email so I can send you the pictures, I am Grisel from Argentina my best regards, my email is