Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Urns, Hydrangeas and Wine

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I found this urn on clearance at Michaels for $12.00. I thought it would make a great wine bucket but I thought I better try it out to make sure it doesn't leak before I use it for company (I've learned my lesson in the past and it's really embarrassing to have water leaking all over your table.)  I put the wine bottle in and filled it with ice but it didn't look right. The inside is really dark and it looked cheap (okay it was cheap but I didn't want it to look like it was.)  I started adding some white roses around the outside but it still didn't look right. I added some green hydrangeas and sprinkled on some pink petals...much better!   A few days later I went to another Michaels and found the smaller urn below on clearance for $5.00! These are the hydrangeas that I had on my coffee table for the HGTV taping. They were pink and then they turned this beautiful green! I was just reading about green hydrangeas and the article said that they tend to turn green at the end of their blooming time but it is more common in the South. Since I'm in the West I didn't expect this but I'm so happy, I love green hydrangeas!  I actually love all hydrangeas but green is so pretty in flower arrangements.   I'm drying them and I sure hope they dry nicely, it would be great to have these as a memento of the day HGTV came to my apartment!

There are numerous ways to dry hydrangeas...I'm using the method where you put just a little water in a container and just let the blooms drink that up and then slowly dry out. In order to do this you must pick them when they are getting toward the the end of their life on the plant and just starting to dry out a little bit. I hope I waited long enough...I'll let you know how they turn out.

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Brenda Kula said...

Innovative, lovely and romantic as usual! You should have been an interior designer. I don't know what you do in your day job. But they could give you a job on HGTV and they wouldn't even have to train you!

nana said...

Don't you just love Michaels, Marshalls, and JoAnn Crafts? I wish I had your innovative imagination, though. I buy something I absolutely love, and then don't know what to do with it! I am crazy for urns, too!

Joanne said...

Another giveaway? Who could resist? And, the fact that you made it makes it even more special. Cindy, I'll be going to Cape Cod in August (now, don't get jealous!!). Do you want me to pick up anything for you and send it your way? Let me know. Joanne - glammourgirljoanne@yahoo.com

Jan & Tom's Place said...

Very nice!

I love the hydrangeas and the way no matter what color they are today, they can be something else tomorrow!!!


Pondok Al Imran said...

I like to read your blog, very impressive

Anonymous said...

Every morning I read your blog, your ideas are beautiful. I wish you were my neighbor. Loved the urn. xoxo3hearts/Miami

Mo..."Mo's Cottage" said...

Hi Cindy,
What a great idea....love the urn and wine....the flowers are Fabulous.
Mo :-)

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

wish we have Michaels, or Goodwill,or any al cheapo shops that you went & get good, pretty and cheap stuff.. :(( your urns are just awesome.. with hydrangea & roses.. it blends well.. I, too love hydrangea.. but I have only blue ones.. I used to have pink but that was long time ago before it died on me :| but green hydrangea.. I never see on here in any of our nurseries.. maybe about time I hunt for one.. hehehe.. thank you for sharing your idea..

An Enchanted Cottage said...

Wow, Cindy - both arrangements are just beautiful! The urns fit your romantic style of decorating so beautifully. I don't know what your day job is, but have you ever thought of being a photographer for a magazine? Your photos are always so gorgeous!...Donna

Anna said...

I love your arrangements...absolutely gorgeous! I am crazy over hydrangea as well. I love the green especially. I hope you have a wonderful and blessed day today.
~Anna @ Rusty Cottage

Chris is *Refining Life* said...

Such a wonderful idea to use the urn as an ice bucket...but adding the flowers is brilliant!

I am also a fan of green hydrangeas, in fact, any green flower. I should plant a garden full!

Thanks for your lovely blog, Chris

Elzie said...

What a lovely urn, and to that price!!! Hopefully it will hold water too LOL.
Have a great day.
Love Elzie

KimmyJ said...

Gorgeous, can I come over and share some wine on your patio?

Mary said...

OK, I'm thinking I'd better take a trip to Michael's! LOL

I just love your wine cooler -- so beautiful, it ought to be in a magazine!


Brown-Eyes said...

You epitomize the word "feminine" as all of your lovely pictures are so gracious & lovely. Thanks for sharing! ;-) Brown-Eyes

Joanne Kennedy said...

You are SO clever! I never would have thought to put the flowers around the wine bottle. PERFECT! So pretty.

Oh I love the hydranges. I have several pink hydranges and they don't turn green. You are one lucky girl. Having them dry would be perfect! Hope it works.

I'm having a give away over on my blog. If you are interested go take a peek and join if you like it. I don't think it's really your taste but it could be cute in your patio if you had someone over for a snack with your wine.


Janet said...


I agree that that is the best way to dry the. I learned it from MS who wouldn't steer us wrong unless it was the bogus paperwhite "recipe". Not that i hold a grudge or anything, lol!!


Debbie In NC said...

Cindy - I cannot tell you how much I love your blog. It's the first thing I check everyday; although I'm finally realizing with the time difference I need to wait to early afternoon. You have so inspired my decorating. I have already done my bedroom and I absolutely love it. Thanks so much.

Steph said...

That is a great idea! Thanks for the inspiration... I have quite a lot of hydrangeas and will have to go search for an urn!

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

The urns look beautiful!

Sandi said...

Hi Cindy,
I look at your blog everyday. Love your ideas!You are an inspiration to all of us. Thank you for sharing.

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

Unknown to each other...we were all
at Michaels over the weekend! Kae bought 2 urns...Bee missed them entirely since she was on a mission and had tunnel vision... and my arms were so full I couldn't hold another thing as I muttered to myself "Get out now! Leave! You don't need that and your cat doesn't need it either!"
Shoot! Now I just have to go back!
Did you see the pretty light blue glazed planters? They were very elegant.
Wine is a great use for an urn, I use one as a trash can in my bathroom...wine is more fun!

M ^..^

mgster said...

I would love to be entered in your drawing for the beautiful button wreath. Congrats on the three years of blogging. I only found your blog about four months ago but I really enjoy it. Looking forward to RMS show where your beautiful home is featured.

Judy said...

I love the hydrangeas. what a neat idea drying them. And what a lovely wine container. You made it so special.

vintage chic mom said...

I just discovered your blog when I read about you in Romantic Homes magazine. I have to say I love what you're doing. I've always been a primitive country fan at heart, but this past year I have warmed more toward the shabby chic look. I was just ready for a change and really like the soft colors and romance of this look.
I generally set up a booth at our local Christmas Bazaar and last year my theme for my booth was shabby chic, which went over greatly. Am working on more shabby stuff for this year. You surely do provide inspiration.
We don't have a Michaels close to us (closest is an hour away), but we do have Hobby Lobby which I frequent every week as well as Joann fabrics.
During the summer, I head 20 minutes south on Wednesdays to the "Sale Barn" huge flea market and am always picking up stuff for a song....love to bring home and re-do. Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing what you come up with next. Thanks so much for sharing!

Anonymous said...

You have the touch. The urn looks lovely with the flowers.


Kim's Treasures said...

Sooo beautiful as always! No wonder HGTV came to your apartment! Congrats! I oooo and ahhh when I stop by your blog!


brewerbd said...

Hi Cindy, Thanks for the info on your photos and the tip about the Santa Cruz Flea Market. We had a great time and found some fabulous treasures! The weather was perfect. It was a great long weekend! Will let you know when we are up and running...
Best Regards, Deborah brewerbd@aol.com

Michele said...

I love the hydrangeas in the urn! It looks beautiful!

I also love Michael's!! I was there yesterday smy sister could look for a few wedding items for her wedding in August. I had been looking everywhere for apothacary (sp?) jars that were not a huge expense and that were the right size to put in my bathroom to hold Q-tips, cotton balls, etc. In fact, I'd looked at Michael's before and never saw them. Yesterday I had success, and they were only $3.99!!! I also saw this beautiful clock that I desperately want, but it had a scratch on the face of it. I'm hoping they'll restock, and then I can get one that's not damaged.

Anyway, very cute urn display, Cindy!!


Les Cotrions said...

Lovely lovely blog! I share yor interests! I like creating for my home and for my shop on-line!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy, this is gorgeous, just like all your projects. I've always said it's better to have great taste and a little bit of money than the other way around!!! You're proof that my theory is correct!ksarra

Anonymous said...


Both urns look beautiful. You are very talented.

Can you come shopping with me?

Love reading your blog.

Best Wishes,

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I have a few urns in the garage that I will be dusting off today. :) Thank you for the inspiration.

Heather said...

Cindy you never fail to amaze me. You truly have a gift of seeing things differently than they were intended. Your blog and your home really reflects a beauty that I can only strive to achieve! Now I want to go buy an urn just so I can use it in the ways you have showed us!!
Thanks for always inspiring me!
-Heather :)

Manuela said...

Great idea - it looks very pretty!


Glenda~Many Fond Memories said...


It's all about thinking outside of the original use of things. I tend to do that and find my friends always saying how did you come up with that idea. It's all because I don't think of things as one use items. It's imagination. I had one as a kid and still use that to my advantage, and being raised to think cheap is not a bad thing. You go girl.


Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Oh my gosh! I have got to get to Michael's here and see if they have any! I love that look! You are so clever to use it for wine and it looks fabulous! I too love Hydrangeas. I am going to Mackinaw Island next week for the week and they have gorgeous huge hydrangeas bushes there! I will take pictures:)


Shari said...

I was thinking the same thing as Donna at An Enchanted Cottage...your photography skills are worthy of being featured in a magazine. Of course, your creativity and decorating skills keep us all in awe but your photos are certainly the icing on the cake! You really do have an extraordinary keen eye for beauty.

Lisa said...

This is a terrific idea! I have passed by those urns many times with no clue what to do with them.

Shelia said...

Hi Cindy! I love to shop at those same stores but somehow I miss all the great deals you find. I love your urns and don't think the one with the wine bottle could look any prettier! What a treat it would be to be a guest at your lovely home and to know you go to all the effort to make everythiing so special! Love those green hydrangeas! You're the bestest!

Anonymous said...

I love urns. I bought a couple of them at Michaels last summer on clearance and painted one pink and one white and then distressed them. I think I paid around $12.00. You can do so much with them.


Jen said...

What a fantastic, pretty idea! Perfect for a garden party.

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Hi Cindy, Your urns look really good, I need to check our Michael's out. The wine bottle looks very inviting.... You have such good ideas and information for us. Thanks for sharing.

BittersweetPunkin said...

Thanks for the tip Cindy!! I received a Hydrangea plant and I was wondered how to dry them!! They are turning green right now...perhaps I should clip them?? Oh my...
Have a great evening!!

Anonymous said...

I have loved your blog since discovering it about 6 mos. ago. You've given me some great ideas.
Every day I get such a nice surprise when I read your blog. Loved the wreath!

Tea Time and Roses said...

Hi there Cindy!

The urn is lovely, and the hydrangeas are simply beautiful! Have a wonderful rest of the week!



Nancy Jane said...

Hi Cindy-Please come visit my blog. I have tagged you if you don't mind and have the time. Nancy

Nancy Jane said...

Thanks so much for your quick reply. I posted a better pix of the chandelier. Have to admit I do love it now! Nancy

Robyn said...

Just beautiful! Really Cindy! I am so thrilled with you with all that is going on with you now with HGTV and magazines! Simply Great! Come by and say hello when you get a chance!

Sweet Designs said...

Everything looks lovely, I would love to be able to join you in a glass of wine, not to mention your pretty garden area. Michaels is a great store, especially when things go on sale!

Deb said...

Hi Cindy, I was reading my Romantic Countyr magazine and found you blog. I love your decorating and blog. I'm a new blogger and LOVE IT. I could be on blogs all day long. Please enter me for the give away. Maybe you could visit my new blog sometime. Thanks so much. Deb


I'm still learning how to blog and don't always get the right info on these leave your comment sites.

Dawn-Hydrangea Home said...

Beautiful hydrangeas Cindy!

Crossroads Cottage said...

The urn wine bucket is such a clever - and beautiful - idea!

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

I love the idea of using an urn for an ice bucket. It looks unique and really pretty.