Friday, June 20, 2008

Bedroom Plates

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I finally got the two hand-painted plates I bought last weekend hung in my bedroom. (please ignore that large hole in my wall above my mirror...I need to fix that!)
I've just been adding to this wall of plates as I find new ones. I think when I repaint this room someday, I'll change the layout a bit.

I hope you all have a great weekend. It's hot here again. It's supposed to be 98 degrees today and hot again on Saturday.
Because someone always asks...the paint color in my bedroom in Glidden Cancun Blue.


Anonymous said...

Your view from your mirror was so lovely! Magazine page lovely!

Anonymous said...

Cindy, Enjoy those beautiful plates in your bedroom for me. My husband thinks I'm a little crazy. "Plates belong in the kitchen" he says, not the bedroom. And then when I hung a plate over our bed--OH MY GOSH--What if it falls on his head??? See, here's another advantage to being single. I won't give him up over plates--but--I'm a little jealous. Looks beautiful! Patty Ann

Jackie said...

Oh Cindy, you are so funny...the hole is barely noticeable!!!
But, I love the plate arrangement.The birdcage is so cute!!! It's 98 degrees here this weekend as well...try to stay cool! I'm off to a day at the Spa tomorrow!! My first time..Can't wait!
Have a great weekend,

Anna Marie said...

Hey there Cindy, new to your blog...I love it! I have never been a fan of blue on walls but you are totally causing me to rethink that :) I love that room! And the plates are stunning. My husband and I just starting remodeling a small "Rusty Cottage". I will definitely be using your blog for inspiration when it comes to painting and decorating. Stop in some time to see our progress. God bless you!!!

Steph said...

How pretty! I love to decorate with old plates! I've got a small arrangement on the guest room wall here at the lake house.

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

I love old china and love the look of old plates all thru the home. Yours are lovely!

Anonymous said...

Hey Cindy,really enjoyed seeing
your 2 new plates added to your
collection. So pretty on your wall.
I think plates can look good in any
room. (as you have displayed yours)
It is going to be in the high 90's
this weekend.Wish spring could have
lasted a little longer. Have a great weekend !!! ~~~Mimi~~~

Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy!

This is my first visit to your's just lovely!
Your garden it's so pretty:)
Paint color and lovely plate collection is wonderful too!

It will be over 100 at my house today!
Have a great weekend and keep cool:)


Janet said...

Love the plates Cindy. What did you think after you saw the whole RMS show or did you bother to watch after the "sneak peek"?


Anonymous said...

Cindy, Beautiful!!Your home is so lovely, you give me the drive to do more to my home, I always look forward seeing your new projects, from start to finish. Thank You!

Connie said...

Ooooh, Cindy, please don't tell me that!!!! We'll be down there in 2 weeks and was soooo looking forward to the ocean breezes from home again!!!!! Yikes.....
Pink smoochies,

Anonymous said...

I didn't look at the hole. I love your plates and the placement, beautiful. But what I REALLY love is that was shelf- it's absolutely gorgeous. Diane

Adrienne said...

Cindy -
Those plates are beautiful. You did a great job adding them to your bedroom grouping. I always love to stop by and see your wonderful home!

Mary said...

Glorious!!! I just love the bedside table, with that great two-tiered stand and beautiful lamp. And, of course, the plates. :)

Stacy said...

Love the plates. They are all so beautiful together.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy,
That is so pretty. You should make that wall of plates your blog banner. Have a wonderful weekend. Stop by if you have time and see what I've been up to.


Rosemary said...

You have a great weekend too Cindy.
It's 102 here right now.
Love the plates!! Love the birdcage.

Life on the Edge said...

I love the plates. I collect porcelain plates too and will be hanging them in my living room eventually.

Your bedroom looks so pretty!


Susie Q said...

Just beautiful...I so love decorating with plates and trays.
Your arrangement is pure perfection, as is everthing you do!

Have a sweet weekend!


Tara said...


you had better watch out, HGTV will be back to spotlight this cozy bedroom dear lady!

Ruey said...

I love to use the unexpected in certain rooms...plates are one of the things that most would say no to, but, I, like you, love the way they look. I have used them in my bedroom as well. Your's look simply AMAZING and done so beautifully in the "Cindy" style I have come to love and admire~~
xxxooo Ruth

Joanne Kennedy said...

I love the plates! You know I need to hang my plates up to. But first I have to paint my bedroom. I just dread that thought though. I don't really like to paint much.

But seeing your new plates really makes me want to get mine hung up soon.

Oh I know what you mean about hot, it's 94 here today. YUCK! Thank God for air conditioning.

I went to the beach today and it was 87 there.

I long for the nice cool days of fall.


Sassy said...

I just love your home!!!! I love the color blue, it feels cool to look at it, I am in Mesa, AZ and it is 114 and miserable HOT! YOU ARE SUCH AN INSPIRATION! Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us all. I love to hang plates on my walls too, my oldest son says "Most people eat on plates, but not here, my mom hangs them on the wall!" What does he know? LOL

Kelly said...

You've got quite a beautiful collection going. I just adore that birdcage that is on your dresser the color.

Your dried hydrangeas are gorgeous too.


Lu Lu's Fluffy Ruffles said...

Oh thanks for explaining I thought the hole was a spider I was hyperventilating over here for you.

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Cindy, I love plates and platers, they really show up against the paint color you have. My husband said are we having plates and platers in the bathroom too. You are very talented in decorating.
Have a Blessed Day,

Rue said...

Those plates look beautiful! I love the color in your bedroom, but I wonder what color it will be next... white?? ;)


{oc cottage} said...

Those plates look awesome!

M ^..^

Michele said...

It was 103 here in San Jose today!! YUCK!! I hate Summer weather! I much, much prefer Spring because it's not too hot or too cold, and you get the added benefit of all the flowers blooming and baby animals being born. Tomorrow is going to be another scorcher! How I WISH I had air conditioning!!

Anyway, your bedroom is so pretty!! I'd love to see a close-up picture of the lamp on your night table. I also love that blue bird house on your dresser! So pretty!! Must be like a dream to sleep in that relaxing, gorgeous room!!


Alison Gibbs said...

Love the plates in your bedroom and great mirror photo

Anonymous said...

Very cute how you put up curtains around your glass closet doors. I opted to remove my doors all together and curtain them, but I have contemplated buying glass ones instead. This would solve my dilema! How do you like having glass doors? I've heard they 'Open Up' a room. True?
Thanks for sharing!


Anonymous said...

Your whole place is gorgeous! You are extremely talented.

Anonymous said...

Oh I never tire of looking at the "Cindy Style". the plates look beautiful, and I love that little two tiered table on your nightstand. I would have never thought to put it there. a hole???
what hole???? Have a great weekend!
It's hot and humid here in central NJ too.

Charlotte said...

Beautiful! Love the blue and white. Love the plates.

Ginger said...

Cindy hot here in riverside S.Calif. 105 aweful temps. Were all going to look like bacon lol love those plates. Going back to see more nice to meet you all take care stay cool.Save water!

Anonymous said...

So cozy and calming love that blue!
Denise Nantasket Beach Mass.


Looks so Pretty! You always put everything together so perfectly!

Melissa Lester said...

I just think you can never have too many plates on the wall! They are such a lovely art form. I love your arrangement. And the corner of your bedroom we saw is absolutely beautiful!

Jojo said...

Cindy, You have such a gift with displaying your beautiful things. The lamp by your bedside is beautiful! I couldn't see it very well but I thought I saw a rose. The plate arrangement is so nice. I have a stack of plates in my bedroom...I can't figure out how to place them!

Joyce's Journey said...

Cindy - your room looks just beautiful! I love the quilt on your bed and the plates are gorgeous - especially the square rose plate. You always do such a nice job. So, how about your laundry area? Is that as pretty as everything else? I bet there's nothing in your home that isn't stunning!! Thanks for sharing!!

Joy Jones said...

Hi Cindy! Oooh those china plates look just AWFUL on your wall!!! Oh noooo, I just can't let you live like that..please just send those china plates to ME...I'll know just what to do with them!! Hee Hee....I have a wall of plates in my bathroom. My hubby teases me about having more dishware in the bathroom than in the kitchen! I just ignore him :) Have a wonderful weekend! ~ hugs ~ Joy

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Beautiful bedroom, Cindy. I especially love how all the light & views are reflected in your mirrors. The plates look lovely on the wall. I, too, have plates on my bedroom wall, & DH thinks that is so odd! Guys just don't always get it, do they?!?!

TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Gail McCormack said...

Cindy I love what you've done with your china, you are a clever cookie!

emily said...

Everything looks wonderful! Love the plate display, you inspired me to do something with my collection thats just been sitting there!

Mary Ruth said...

WOW, I just love your pictures! I love all the wall plates and your colors. Glad I stopped by to see what was new! said...

Plates are such a versatile decorating item! And you have such a pretty selection together.

Anonymous said...

I love the plates Cindy! Thanks for stopping by my blog...encouraging that other women know the heart of women who have been down that road.I am a firm believer that women can change the way other women feel in these situations by lifting each other up! You are a strong role model for your daughter, and such an inspiration to many!

Heather said...

Your arrangement of plates is beautiful! I love plates in the bedroom and the way you have them clustered is beautiful. Thank You for sharing the wall color! It is so pretty!! As is everything you do!
I am so jealous of your patio. What a luxurious little retreat!
Have a great day!
-Heather :)

Saucy said...

I love the plate display. And the blue! Why don't more people paint their walls blue???

Anonymous said...

I'm just too addicted to your blog that i checked it every day.
Now i'm at work and still checking it..haha..but still the Friday post..hmmm..

Anonymous said...

OmyGosh! I luv this shade of blue and do you mind me asking what its called? Thanks so much, Bekah email is purtyraggdollz at bellsouth dot net...

pammiejo said...

I love it - I really like plates on the wall - have several myself. You are truly gifted, Cindy. I love your patio - so inviting and cozy - very romantic! Enter me in your drawing - I have the perfect place for the button wreath! Congratulations on 3 years!

Cynthia's Cottage Design said...

Hi Cindy,

I adore your bedroom! the plates look fabulous and that bird cage is to die for too!

~ cynthias cottage design ~

Sweet Designs said...

Your bedroom is lovely and I think plates look great in the bedroom or anywhere else one might want to put them, especially if you are a dish-a-holic like me.

Beneath the Eaves said...

I love the color. Thanks for sharing the name. The displays you set up are just gorgeous. What a sanctuary to retire to.
And the hole? Life happens, we all have a few of these.
Thanks again for sharing your beautiful work.

Decor To Adore said...

I love the simplistic beauty of the arrangement. It is perfection. I could really sleep in your room.

beachy in the burbs said...

I just discovered your blog and saw this posting... your room is gorgeous! I absolutely love your decor and style. Will you please come decorate our home? :) I can never seem to get it just right like this.

Karen said...

What a lovely bedroom! You have given me inspiration to hang some old plates that I have in my bedroom. I even have the same phone; it's in the guest bedroom, but as that has just become my stepson's room I better move it somewhere else. Too girly for an 18year old! Karen

Anonymous said...

Hey Cindy
I love the plate collection. Now i know this probably sounds silly but how do you put up the plates on the wall?


SielskieM said...

for me this is the perfect bedroom, even with a hole :))