Monday, February 25, 2008


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Thank you all for the sweet comments...I'm feeling better, thank you! Saturday afternoon I decided that I needed some fresh hydrangeas in the house so I went on a hunt. I first went to the grocery store and their floral department had some beautiful pink hydrangeas but they were $29.00 ...too much money! I drove by Trader Joe's...they keep all the florals outside so I didn't even have to get out of my car but no luck~ I didn't see any hydrangeas. Then I went by Longs Drug store, they also keep their flowers outside but I didn't see any there either. Finally I went to Orchard Supply Hardware and I had to go inside but lucky me, I found these beautiful hydrangeas to keep on my dining room table.
It's amazing how fresh flowers in the house make you feel so much better. (see that dark wood in the corner in the photo above...that's my next project, it's a free amoire from my landlord) I love fresh cut flowers in my home but potted flowers last so much longer...better for the budget!


Anonymous said...

I love flowers! It doesn't really matter, fresh or potted, as long as they are real! Your home is beautiful and I can't wait to see the results of your armoire project! Cheryl in California

a pink-bee said...

So glad you feeling better, pretty flowers! I love keeping fresh flowers in our home too ~ can't wait to see the new project ~ nice landlord :)
crystal :)

Alison Gibbs said...

Cindy good to hear you are feeling better.
Hydrangeas are so beautiful and what a lovely colour you have bought.
Wow a free armoire - lucky you.
Take care

restyled home said...

Your house looks exceptionally pretty today...must be the flowers!!

Glad to hear you are on the mend...I think I'm coming down with a doozy of a cold...yecch!!


ginger at enchanting cottage said...

That is so FUNNY because I saw the wood furnature in the corner and OMG! she has wood. Then you said it was your next project.I can't wait to see it all done. I love your hydrageas. They are beautiful. I work at Albertson't and it is so hard for me not to buy that sort of thing there but they are way to pricey for my budget as well.
have a nice day I am glad your feeling better.
P.S I keep look for the new issue of Romantic Country is that the issue your home will be in?

Glenda said...

Welcome back to the living.
You have my favorite flower there. And the color is so pretty.


Anonymous said...

Love the flowers, I am so looking forward to spring and summer. Just so I can do some gardening.

Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

HI Cindy, I'm so glad you are feeling much better. Your hydrangeas look beautiful, we are very blessed here on the mountain as they grow like weeds up here. Mostly blue due to the acidic soil but I do have one pink one. I must go pick some today too!!
Alicia ~ time worn style

Janet said...

I have successfully turned the grocery store variety into outdoor shrubs. Just cut them back when they are done flowering and in your climate you could probably just plop them in the ground now. Around here I have to keep them growing until May and then plop them in. Voila, instant new shrub!!

Rosie's Whimsy said...

Oh goodie, a new painting project! Your home always looks so or not :-). Glad to hear you are feeling better. Rosie

Rhondi said...

Hi Cindy I have been away for over a week so I am stopping by to see what you've ben up to. Sorry to hear you've been sick and hope you're feeling better by the time you read this. I am partial to blue hydrangeas too. It looks beautiful on your table. I love your place. Everything is so fresh and elegant. Can't wait to see what you do with the armoire. Rhondi xo

Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy,
Welcome back to the blogging world. We missed you, glad you are feeling better. Love the hydrangeas, makes me want to go out and get some.

LeAnn :)

Linda's Blue Gate said...

So glad you are feeling better.... those flowers are just gorgeous... they really are my favorite flower...
That color is so pretty in your home.

Mary said...

Beautiful hydrangeas like these will cheer you up fast - I love them and grow them in the garden but am worried for this Spring as we are not allowed to water AT ALL now!! The drought is so severe in our area.

So dear Cindy - sending wishes for much better health this week, and yes, you are right, nothing better than feeling well!
Get well hugs - Mary.

Anonymous said...

those are lovely hydrangea

Arleen said...

Hi Cindy. Love those blue hydrangeas, especially with all your lovely white treasures! I, too, shopped for flowers for my home this weekend, but didn't find any I loved, so I decided to wait. I agree with you: flowers truly do make us feel better, especially following some very drab winter days.

Glad you're feeling better.

~ Arleen

Amy said...

I'm glad you are feeling better Cindy. I, too, love fresh flowers, especially hydrangeas. Can't wait to hear more about your free armoire. Amy

debbiekay said...

Hi Cindy:

Glad your on the mend and I'm sure the flowers helped. Can't wait to see your armoire project.

Love the color of the Hydraengas.

Talk to you soon,


Suzy said...

Hi Cindy,
I just love blue hydrangeas and your are lovely and they look amazing on your table.
Can't wait to see your armoire project.

Enjoy your week. Suzy

Julie said...

Glad you are feeling better. Those hydrangea's are an amazing color! I honestly do not think I have ever seen them that deep blue/purple before.

I saw the "normal" pink ones at Walmart yesterday for only about $6.00!

Adrienne said...

Glad you're feeling better. The flowers are gorgeous. I think I need to get some for my dining room table. It would add a bit of 'sunlight' to a cloudy day. ~Adrienne~

Feathering My Nest said...

Cindy, I hope you are over your cold. You are so right. Fresh flowers give us a lift. I think I need to go get some for myself. What beautiful colors~ the blue and white together. I can't wait to see what you do with your project. Kathi

joan said...

I love hydrangeas, they are just so pretty and yours look pretty on the table. Glad you are better.

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

I love hydrangeas too. They look so pretty on your table.

Susie Q said...

I am so happy you feel better now dear heart. Your flowers are beautiful and look perfect with your home's colors! Glorious!

Your sweet fur baby looks so happy to be out in the sun...gloomy and snowy here! : (


Holly (Nickname) said...

Hi Cindy... Youve been tagged by me to participate in a meme labeled "7 Weird or Random Facts About Me"...come visit my blog for the rules..xxxooo Ruth

amybarakbah said...

hye cindy, hope u're getting better :D

i've been introduced to ur blog by my fren n frm there on i alwiz visit ur blog.. i love ur house n everything in it hehehe..

by looking at ur home, now i know how to renovate my sweet old home..

btw i'm Amy from Malaysia..

Shelley Jo said...

Those are so pretty! I read yesterday in a magazine that people who wake up to see flowers are more cheerful throughout their day.

Glad you are feeling better.

Cottage Magpie said...

Glad you're back and feeling better! I love, love, love hydrangeas--and these are beautiful (and so is your home! Love it)!
~Angela :-)

Alyson said...

You have such lovely taste in home decor!!

Anonymous said...

You have a great blog. Loved my visit here! Susan :)