Friday, January 11, 2008

One of those Ahhhhh moments

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If you are a parent you know how important it is to teach your children right from wrong, to teach them to treat others nicely, to always do the right thing and the list could go on and on...
I think it's equally important to teach your children to appreciate the small things. As my kids were growing up I always made a point to comment on the beautiful flowers, the clouds, the color of the leaves, the bright green grass, or anything else that I think is beautiful.
Well, it's paid off. After the storm passed last week my daughter and I walked outside and she stopped dead in her tracks, inhaled deeply and said "ahhhh, the air smells so fresh" Now, that's really appreciating the small things! It was a proud moment for me to see a 15 year old girl appreciate the smell of the air! If that wasn't enough, a couple days later we walked outside and she commented on how beautiful the clouds were! makes my heart happy to hear things like that. I truly believe that part of being really happy adult is that you appreciate and see beauty in every-day living. The two photos above were taken by my daughter, Lauren....proof that she sees beauty!
My son has also made me proud with his enthusiasm with life. He calls me to tell me about the beautiful chocolate truffles he's made or the bread he's baked. It makes me so proud! There is so much joy to be found with the simple things! I'm so thankful that my children see that! The two photos above were taken by my son, Vince.


Angela said...

Beautiful photos. I love the idea of "stopping and smelling the roses" :-). Sometimes I think there is so much beauty around us in everything, that we just take it all for granted. What a wonderful thing you have taught your children to enjoy!
Have a wonderful weekend!!

Linda's Blue Gate said...

Looks like both your children have theirs mothers eye for beauty... The photos are wonderful.

Shari said...

As the saying goes, "The apples don't fall too far from the tree," which can be a good thing or a bad thing. In your case, Cindy, it's all good! Yes, it sounds like you've raised two extraordinary kids. You should be proud. Gorgeous photos!

Mary said...

Cindy, those photos are amazing! You have raised two talented and perceptive kids, and you should be proud!

Rachel said...

Cindy, I love your blog. How neat that you had beautiful comments and pictures to share about your children.

Marilyn said...


You've raised 2 sensitive, enlightened kids. Not an easy task! You have really enriched their lives.

I hope they pass that insight forward to your future grandchildren.


Suzy said...

I just hope I will do just as great with my son as you did with your kids. You can be really proud.

Have a great weekend full of beauty!

Glenda said...

You sound like a stable mom that really just showed love to your children. My, mother was a true believer in what you but out there you get back.
The fact that your children bring you joy and not heartache speaks loudly. And you have the right to be very, very proud that they are growing up as individuals and like to smell the roses rather than the money.
God is love

Alison Gibbs said...

What lovely photos lauren and Vince took.
The children are a credit to you.
It's times like that, that you know you have done a great job of raising them.

Kathleen Grace said...

Your kids certainly have a gift for beautiful photography, and it sounds like they are gifted with you as a mom. Just like you, I believe that if you can't be happy about the little things you will never be happy about the big ones. You have done a great job if you taught your kids that philosophy:>)

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Sounds like your children have taken after their mom. What beautiful pictures too!

Have a great weekend.


ginger at enchanting cottage said...

What a nice accomplishment as a parent with both of your children.
I was a very young mom and feel that I didn't do that with my daughter but I sure am with my grandchildren. My grandson who is 4 will say look grandma that is sure a pretty house, and it is truly one that I would love.

Carousel222 said...


So very nice. I was commenting to my husband last night how we have seen our son, now 28, change as he's grown. If you're close to your children as they are growing, you'll have friends for life when they are adults. I want to ask, what is the second picture of?

Tracy said...

Beautiful photos and I agree with sharing the beauty of the simple things with our children. :)

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

The second photo is lemonhead candies in a crystal jar.

Rosemary said...

Isn't it nice to know your children appreciate those things.
How rewarding for you as a mom.
Tell your daughter her pictures are beautiful.
I didn't know your son's name was Vince. It is a popular name in our family.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Carousel222 said...

Well that is a beautiful picture of the lemonhead candies in a jar. I love the way the color is reflected up through the jar. I have an empty apothocary jar in my kitchen. I should fill it with candy.

BumbleVee said...

Absolutely love the last photo!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy, such a beautiful post. And such a lovely Mom you are, no wonder they are lovely children :) Jenn and Jacqui

Amy said...

Hi Cindy,
I loved this post. I think it is so wonderful that you are seeing some things now that you instilled in your children when they were very young. I, too, am experiencing that with my 20 and 24-year-old children. They were really listening when we talked!

Janet said...

Stop on over and enter my giveaway. No, it is NOT stunted paperwhites.

Sue said...

The photos are gorgeous, they have some real talent,and a good camera!
It is good to teach them the simpler things in life, everyone tries to learn the hard stuff, but some of the more rewarding is right in front of us! I love looking at the clouds, and remember as a child I could watch them for hours!And the smell of rain is like no other!

Classic Charm said...

I try to do that to with my two boys ages 8 and 10...and I appreciate your post, it reminds me that I have to do more of it! The photos are just beautiful. I love to hear about great moms!

Artsy Etc. said...

Cindy, from what I have read as I continue to enjoy your blog, I have no doubt you are a woman of polish and taste. And I'm sure you've raised your children to have the same appreciation you have of the simple beauty of things. Children learn by example as well as active teaching. It seems to me that the love and appreciation of the scent of the fresh air is just one of the many things your examples of living have taught the. Isn't it wonderful?

I really do enjoy your blog. You've inspired my creativity in many ways.

The photos are beautiful! Thanks for sharing.


Rhondi said...

Hi Cindy. Those photos are beautiful! Give yourself a pat on the back for instilling that love of beauty in your children. It is a wonderful gift to bestow. Hope that you have a great weekend. Rhondi xo

Holly said...

Hi cindy!
Everything looks wonderful and I love your blog....yours are some of the most beautiful room on Flickr and I always look forward to seeing them You have done a great job in the kitchen. Have you already changed the color??

Rachel said...

Just dropping in to say hello! xo Rachel

Nan said...

That's great. I'm sure you're a wonderful mom. Great photos by Vince.

Robyn said...

STunning photos! gorgous! Thanks for sharing the 'simple things' with us! It's a nice reminder to so...

bj said...

You have taught them very well, Cindy. Their photos are lovely, too.

Rhondi said...

Hi Cindy Hope you're enjoying your weekend. You've been tagged by me. Please go to my blog to get the details. Rhondi xo

Lisa said...

These photos are really stunning.

Isn't that wonderful that your children have picked up an eye for photography?

That must make you pretty proud.

Roxie said...

Wow!!! Breathtaking photos! What kind of camera do they have, I must get one. The pictures are so clear and crisp.
Oh, and a job well done Mama.
I'm so glad I found your blog this evening, I'll be back for sure.

Katrina said...

What a great post! I had goose bumps to think of how special those moments are! Great photos too :)

Hope said...

Beautiful photos, Cindy. I, too, tried to teach my children to see the beauty in the small things. Now I'm teaching my grandchildren!! You have that joy to look forward to!

Last night my granddaughter (10) was looking at the moon through her new telescope she got for Christmas. She looked into the viewfinder then looked at me with wide eyes and said, "Granny, that is amazing!"

Sometimes it's a wonderful thing when you reap what you sow.


Susie Q said...

Just so lovely...beautiful photos and words.

She has your eye and heart.

Both are filled with beauty and joy.