Sunday, January 20, 2008

Coffee Filter Roses & A Movie Review

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I had a few people leave comments inquiring about how I made the coffee filter roses. The directions and a video demonstration can be found on Martha Stewart's website (click here) Make sure you click on the tab that says "video". It would be really hard to make these without watching that.

Yesterday my daughter and I went to see the movie "Cloverfield". The entire movie is shot from a camcorder so it's really jerky and the camera is swaying back and forth. If you're a person that gets motion sickness I wouldn't recommend the movie. We had to leave the theater before the movie was over because we were so nauseous. My daughter went straight into the women's restroom and threw up! I felt sick all day ~ that sort of sick feeling you get from being at an amusement park all day, eating the junk food and riding the roller coasters.... was horrible. The movie was very suspenseful and I wish I would have been able to see the end! At least the movie theater gave us passes to see another movie later. Did anyone else see the movie this weekend?


KarenHarveyCox said...

Thank you for the link to making these beautiful roses. I am a watercolor artist, so it makes sense that the paper from a filter would give that dreaming shading found in roses. I can't wait to try it. I think I will take your advise and bypass seeing this movie. Thanks for the inspiration. Karen

Sonja said...

Hi Cindy,

I love your roses that you make. Would you be interested in making any of these beauties to sell?

Warmest blessings,

Shari said...

My memory is a bit fuzzy but as I recall, my hunt for info on these coffee filter roses is how I stumbled upon your blog! I never have gotten around to making any of these beautiful roses because I've become a blogoholic! LOL.

Thanks for the heads-up on the movie. It's not the type of movie I'd typically go see but since I am VERY prone to motion sickness, I know I won't be seeing it now. Hope you and Lauren are feeling better today. Motion sickness is no picnic but fortunately it usually clears up quickly, after your equilibrium stabilizes.

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

I love the roses! I saw the Martha Stewart episode that featured these being made. Yours are lovely too!

Sue said...

Love the roses!!
I have seen the shorts of this film, and heard good reports about it, but they dont mention that would probably be better to wait till it comes out on dvd!They should say it with the ratings...'M' rated, and 'not recommended for persons prone to motion sickness!

erin said...

Hi Cindy,
I have just found your blog and am so in love! I know it's not the nicest thing to have in common but I am recently seperated-so am trying to get my head around being a single mum to my three beautiful boys. I also have the challenge of finding a rental to call home now-not very fun when you see what is in my price range! But when I found your blog I fell in love with your decorating style and impeccable taste! I was so excited to see that you too rent and are a single mummy! So today you have made me more positive about the road ahead - i look forward to the challenge of decorating with excitement!

bj said...

Oh, gosh, Cindy...thanks for giving us a heads-up about the movie. I get motion sickness really easy so I'll steer clear of it.
I still love your filter roses!

Carousel222 said...

Hi Cindy,

I have been meaning to try making these roses. They are so beautiful. Thanks for the heads up about the movie. I want to go see it. I'll have to be prepared. I will be having knee surgery Wednesday, and will be off work for a few weeks. I will check your blog as soon as I'm up and moving. Reading your blog is inspiring.

Mary said...

Hope you and Lauren are feeling better. My kids and I had to leave an IMAX movie once because of nausea, so I know how you feel.

Still love those roses. They look so real, especially as you have even made the edges look a little browned. Perfect!

PattieJ said...

Those paper roses are beautiful! I wish I could make some but I dunno, they look time consuming and too hard to make. hehe. I will have to check out the link and read the instructions.Maybe I will try it one of these days.

Sorry about your day out at the movie. That does sound like it would make me sick too.


Tara said...

My son was considering seeing this movie last night and after reading your blog and you you both felt, he changed his mind-hee-hee!

Carrie said...

Thanks for giving the link to the instructions. These roses are very pretty.

Ruth Welter said...

Cindy, found my way to your site through another, just beautiful and the roses, wow, look so real.

Julie said...

Cindy - my youngest daughter (24)went to see this movie and told me that she had to leave the theatre 3 times to recover from dizziness. she said that there were 'remenants' from someone else getting that does not surprise me.

MommySecrets said...

I just found your blog through the Motherload. Wow - these roses are gorgeous and so welcoming!

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