Thursday, October 04, 2007

How nice!

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I've seen other bloggers get messages from various people they've written about on their blogs. Cherry Menlove received an email from Susan Branch after she wrote a lovely post about her. Tracey received a nice email from Kimberly Kennedy after she gave her book rave reviews and now Linda received an email from Matthew Mead! Well, now I can say it happened to me too! Cassie Chappell (Mommy Makes Roses) left a wonderful comment last week on my post about her coffee filter roses that I made! Wow, that was so sweet of her! Okay ~ so now I can say I have one degree separation from Martha Stewart...I hope everyone knows what I'm talking about...the six degrees of separation thing.

Okay, so now I think it's time that Brian Dennehy sent Suzie Q. and email! Come on Brian...send her an email! I lost track of how many times your name was mentioned on her blog!

I'm curious...if you have received an email about someone you wrote about on your blog, leave a comment and let us all know!


Anonymous said...

I have received an email from Karla Dornacher, who is an author that does Christian-based books along the same lines as the Susan Branch books.

Within the last several years, I've received handwritten notes from Emilie Barnes and Ann Ortlund after sending them notes about how much their books meant to me.

So nice when these people acknowledge us as fans/readers, isn't it? Makes you like them all the more.

ginger at enchanting cottage said...

Okay Cindy I think that I will have to read about the six degrees seperation thing a few times befor I catch on, is it just me or is it pretty deep? But I do find it very iteresting thank-you. Have a blessed day.

Rosemary said...

No, but maybe if I write about someone they will send an email.
I guess you never know who is reading the blogs.
Have a great weekend,

Shari said...

It IS a small world, isn't it? Actually, I have always believed in the six degrees of separation, although I didn't know that was what it was called until just recently when I saw a very interesting show on TV based on the theory.

Wonder what path Cassie took to get to your blog? It's quite a compliment, indeed, when the original creator of something praises you on your replication of their idea/product. Once again, congrats, Cindy!

Gayla said...

I think this is a neat concept. I have been contacted two separate times by Jennifer Rothchild's publicists because of a book review I posted on my Amazon blog. Jennifer is a fantastic woman's author who writes about Christian subjects. She is a miracle because she is blind and yet contines a very busy mommy and wife life, as well as workshops, authoring, etc. Such a cutie bug, too. "Lessons I Learned in the Dark" is one of her books, and I'm reading "Soul Talk" right now. They have sent me both books for free if I'll read them and write reviews. I'm so honored and floored about that. I'm proud of your roses comments from the creator herself. I think those are beautiful.

Susie Q said...

It is amazing isn't it? Bill and I both laughed out loud after reading what you said! The part about Brian and me that is! I actually do have
a couple of wonderful letters from him that were sent to me after he did plays at theaters where we lived.
: )
I think he should have noticed that his name gets mentioned A LOT on my blog...I might have helped him sell a few more movies! *grin*

I used to have a web site that I worked hard on...I used to have Ann Jillian and her husband Andy (The actress) as regular readers. That was fun...she was a real sweetie.

I have a few notes from authors after I expressed joy or a deep feeling with something they wrote.

It is amazing to think about how far and wide blogs reach...the fact that she wrote you about something so amazing that you do...that is really fun. And special. And wonderful! I know you loved it! I surely would have.

Have a sweet weekend dear Cindy!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful blog, Cindy. Mary at Little Red House wrote a nice write-up about the pretty tray you so graciously sent her and about how much she thinks of you. You give us all so much inspiration and desire to make our homes lovely, too.

Kim said...

I got an email from Carolyn Westbrook, telling me that she enjoyed my blog!!! I was floored! I still have the email :)

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Such beautiful things! Love the scarecrow and what an absolutely gorgeous tablecloth!!! Your home is so lovely!


Abbie said...

lol, that's so nice!

Okay, I have commented on Brian Urlacher most lustfully on my blog..I would pass out if he ever contact me...I'm still hoping, maybe one day.

Tea Time and Roses said...

Wow so sweet and kind of her...but one must admit your roses are gorgeous!!



Marilyn said...

Cindy, I received a beautiful email from Anthony Eglin, a fantastic author and master rose gardener. It was so awesome for him to find my blog and then write to me just because I mentioned how much I loved his English Garden Mysteries.