Monday, October 01, 2007

Dried Hydrangeas & Tagged again

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One of my readers, Renata, emailed me this beautiful photo of her hydrangeas that she is drying. This makes me wish I didn't cut all my hydrangeas in the summer to make bouquets like the one below. I did have one left on my bush so I cut it off yesterday and I'm going to dry it. Maybe next year I will be able to restrain myself from cutting them so I can dry them and enjoy their beauty so much longer!

Also, Brenda has tagged me with the 7 things you don't know about me. This is getting harder to do because I've already told you so much about me already but I'll give it a try.

1. I just joined a Supper Club. I was in one before but we could never find a time when everyone was available to meet for dinner so it just fizzled out. Cooking Light Magazine has a place on their website where you can find other people in your area that want to start a supper club or as in my case a Supper Club that is looking for new members. In case you never heard of this before ~ you get together with about 5 others and either bring food or cook at the host's home. Usually there is a theme. The theme for the one I'm going to this month is "Tapas." It should be a lot of fun.

2. I'm REALLY afraid of spiders. If they're outside it's not so bad but if they are in the house I freak out. This is not a good fear to have when you are a single mom and you've raised a daughter to be freaked out by spiders too. We scream a lot and try to figure out who will kill it and how. I'm sure it would be very comical to someone watching us.

3. I love brussel sprouts and so do my kids!

4. I love to cook and bake.

5. Sometimes I have so many emails in my personal email box that I just delete them all to start over and hope that there wasn't something important in there. I apologize if you sent me an email and I didn't' respond. I really try not to do this and I think I reply to about 99.9% of them but I find it really hard to keep up sometimes.

6. I grew up in 4 different houses by the time I was 10. My parents would buy a house, fix it up and then sell it.

7. I went bungee jumping to celebrate my 30th birthday and I did it twice. It was fun but now I have a fear of heights that I didn't have before I did it. I must be getting old because I can't imagine bungee jumping now!

As usual, I'm not going to tag anyone but if you would like to do it, consider yourself tagged.


Terri and Bob said...

I loved your bouquets... I don't think I could wait either.

the feathered nest said...

Your bouquet is lovely! I always let mine dry on the bush. I hear ya on the spider thing! My husband travels alot so it's usually up to me to deal with the nasty things as my daughter is really afraid of almost all insects!


Ginger said...

Thank-you Cindy I learned something new. I never heard of Tapas before so I googled it now I know. Have fun what a great way to meet people and share your beautiful home and like wise see beautiful homes. Have a nice day

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi Cindy! I love hydrangeas too ~ maybe you could cut half and wait to dry the other half! I have to tell you that I love Brussel Sprouts too ~ try spreading them out on a jelly roll pan (frozen or fresh) drizzle with some olive oil and seasonings of your choice and roast them for about 20-30 minutes or until they carmelize a bit. YUM! Your blog is so beautiful, Cindy ~ xxoo, Dawn

Rosemary said...

Why Cindy, you are an interesting lady.
Thanks for sharing. I'm drying out my hydrangeas too.

Penny Carlson said...

I got a giggle picturing you and your daughter hopping around and screaming about the spider :-).

M husband and I have talked about joining a gourmet supper club or starting one... I am going to check the Cooking Light website out and see if there is one in our area. Thanks for the tip!

Cottage Contessa said...

Cindy your comment about screaming with fear of spiders had me rolling with laughter! It reminded me of my mum and I. She is terrified of frogs & toads, so naturally I was too growing up. Once when I was about 8yrs old, a baby toad got into our house. My mum was standing on the dining table screaming and telling me to get rid of it or kill it!!! I needed to wear glasses when I was a kid, and didn't have them on at this particular time, so I had the broom and was whacking with all my might at what I thought was the toad sitting behind the tv cabinet.............turns out it was a power plug that I beat to death! The baby toad did turn up dead a few days later, but until that happened, mum packed us up and we went and stayed with my aunt! lol Thanks for the great start to my morning! Amanda.

Mary said...

Ooohh, Cindy, I don't think I could stop myself from cutting them once I saw what a beautiful bouquet they make! Did you really bungee jump? I'm a total coward when it comes to heights!

Anonymous said...

Hydrangeas dried or fresh are among my favourite flowers! I just planted a pink hydrangea so I'm hoping for blooms next year. I'm with you on the spider thing!! *shudder* I've been known to drag out the vaccum cleaner in middle of the night just so I can get rid of a spider I found. Have fun with your supper club! ~ Lynda ♥

Alison Gibbs said...

What a gorgeous colour your hydrangeas were. Such a lovely photo of your boquet of hydrangeas.
Thanks for sharing your 7 Things with us.
~ Alison ~

Abbie said...

Now I have to go research Hydranges..your look lovely.

Catherine said...

Awww...No.4~ I think we all know you like to cook and bake...:)

Beautiful Hydrangea bouquet! Most of the time if I am lucky and can refrain from bringing all the blooms in, they will dry on the bush, didn't get many blooms this year..:( And the spider thing,~ funny, My husband and son freak bad if they see a spider inside or out...they will pick up a snake, but completely loose it over a spider, so I walk in and save the day..while they scream ~talk about comical!
Catherine said...

Try using a vaccumn cleaner hose to get the spiders.

Elzie said...

Yes, hydrangeas are lovely. No matter if it's "alive" or dried LOL. And the houses you show us below. They are just great. Hope you have a good day.
Love Elzie

Robyn said...

Here ya about the spiders! EEEEeeekkkkk!

Mary Isabella said...

I do not like spiders either .Got bit by one several years ago nasty situation . Ilove your posts .Please drop by and visit me at Daisy Bouquet. Mary

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Cindy, I love dried hydrangeas too & was able to dry some this year. They are so pretty.

I hate spiders too! And yikes..bungee jumping, I could never do that. I'd have a heart attack!


Shari said...

Oh Cindy, I do so admire your courage to bungee jump! I get nervous and shaky just being more than three steps up on a ladder! LOL.

Spiders...not such a big deal for me but I've got a HUGE PHOBIA of snakes that is so bad I can't even look at them on TV. I have to turn my head or close my eyes. From her earliest days, my daughter has always been an animal lover and when she was little, she wanted to go in every pet shop we passed. My snake phobia is so bad that I'd have to send her in the store first to check out if they had snakes and where the snake cages were located so I could completely avoid that area. I'd wait right outside the door until she came back with her report. If she said there were snakes anywhere near the front door, forget it; I WASN'T going in. Period.

Lallee said...

The dried hydrangeas are beautiful. I love the greens. I just finished putting together 20 dried hydrangea table arrangements for my friend's wedding, so it's OK if I don't see anymore for a while ;-) You would like these~they are in purples and blues. We bought them on eBay.

Susie Q said...

The bouquet is so lovely!

Ooh Tapas! So good. Your supper club sounds like a perfect thing for you!

I am impressed! Bungee Jumping!! I never had the nerve before my knee injury and now they would never allow me to try it. Phooey.