Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A gift from Fifi

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I'm sure you all know who Fifi is...if not, click here to see her beautiful blog, Chez Fifi. She doesn't just have a beautiful blog and home, she seems to have a beautiful heart! She said she had something to send me and yesterday the package arrived ~ on my birthday ~ although it was not planned as a birthday present...just good timing! It was beautifully wrapped and as much as I wanted to rip open the package I grabbed the camera first.

Inside I found this beautiful painting. Aren't the colors perfect for my home? I love it! I now have to find the perfect spot for it. I have it in my bedroom now but I think it will be moving downstairs so it can be enjoyed by more people.
Thank you Fifi! I love it!


Rosemary said...

That was a sweet thing for her to do. How nice. I love the little picture, very cute. Hope you had a great birthday.

Mary said...

How beautiful! All it needs is for you to paint "My Romantic Home" on the little banner! :)

Hope you had a wonderful birthday,

Anonymous said...

Happy be-lated Birthday, Cindy, Libra-lady, me too...... and we love our homes!! Tons of good going on. I love your blog....and enjoy seeing your thrifting finds!

Anonymous said...

happy belated birthday...are ya sure yer not 37? love the painting...blessings!

tea time and roses said...

How sweet a gift this is...Enjoy.



Unknown said...

WOW! How special is that! I am so glad I sent that email! It is truly lovely in your home. How special Cindy to receive something so precious from someone who is also as special. ENJOY!