Wednesday, July 18, 2007


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I can't believe this...I left a message on someone's blog yesterday saying we never get rain in the summer in California and how much I miss the rain this time of year...well guess what...IT'S RAINING HERE! I'm so happy! The weather man said the rain was going to be North of San Francisco and it would all be gone by this morning (I'm South of SF). Even the weather man was wrong. I don't ever remember rain in July here...this is amazing! In fact, the weather man said that this was the first time it rained on this date in San Francisco since they have been keeping records...150 years!


Rhoda said...

Enjoy that rain, Cindy. We've been getting some this week too. That banana ice cream sounds wonderful...yummy. And your yardsale mirrors are very cool. I'm so glad you are checking out yardsales again. You just never know what you'll find..that's my motto.


ACottageIndustry said...

OK Cindy, send it to Reno! We are hotter than you and still are having dreadful fires. (the latest one right near town again)
Pul-eeeease send it our way-- soon!

Rosemary said...

That's so cool. I wish it would rain here. I guess that means my brother is getting rain in San Ramon.
Enjoy the rain!

Southern Heart said...

Cindy, enjoy your rain! We've been so dry in the south, too, so I understand your joy!

That banana ice cream sounds too yummy!


Anonymous said...

Enjoy! We've been very dry lately and very hot. Maybe this will tempt some rain to come our way, maybe?

Adrienne said...

It's raining in Oregon, too. A lot of people think it rains all the time here but it doesn't. We've had a fairly dry year and very hot weather during the last 2 weeks. The rain is sweet and so welcome.

Anonymous said...

Please send some rain to SoCal.
I live on a hill in the high desert
and all our live oak, junipers, and manzanita are dying. I can't believe it. We are even dragging our hose to some of the bushes near our house in the hopes of saving them. This happened a few years, ago, and we lost about half of the natural vegetation on the hillside.

With all the developers coming in, there's not much left anyway. They rake it off. We tried to build our home around some of it.

This year is one the lowest for rain fall in the history of our state.

Glad you got some rain!


Betty Jo said...

Amazing! I remember how dry it was during the summer when we lived in OR. Your ice-cream looks delicious. I want an ice-cream maker and this one sounds super. I went to the site, but they didn't have a place that tells where their products can be located. So I emailed them. xoxo

bren said...

I love the smell of rain. Hope you got to enjoy it. I can't wait until next week!!! I ordered the romantic home sewing book yesterday. It should arrive the middle of next week.

Susie Q said...

Enjoy the rain Cindy! We have had lots of it for the last 24 hours! Needed it so much. WE had storms too though..those I can do without!

Your ice cream sounds good...we have a maker like that and it is fun isn't it? : )


linda t said...

I know! We got rain too! In Phoenix! Sooo happy! I get so energetic when it rains... makes me want to create and sort and nest and putts all day long!
We had another storm last night! Happy Me!