Monday, March 19, 2007

A little bit of whimsy

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I've heard that every room should have something whimsical in it. Here is mine. This is me around 1 year old. I started walking at 9 months so I may be younger. My mom took me to a professional photographer to get a picture of me in this dress. She bought this dress at a thrift store before I was born and she still has it. It's pure silk and made in France. It has beautiful smocking across the top. I guess I was tired of this man taking my picture so I pulled the dress up to cover my face. You can see my mom's hand on the right-hand corner reaching to pull the dress down. The photographer yelled "no" and snapped this picture. I've always loved it because I still to this day hate having my picture taken. I bought this frame years ago. It's a piece of lace sandwiched between two layers of glass. I keep this picture in my bedroom for my little bit of whimsy. (ignore the droopy diaper, we didn't have Pampers back then)

Here are some more pictures taken that day. I've kept these in the original frame my mom put them in back then. I don't really like the frames and I don't usually keep these pictures out but I'm not sure if I want to replace the frame or not.


a pink-bee said...

How cute :0) Love the frame with the lace in it.

Anonymous said...

Keep the frame! I think it's darling, and full of vintage charm.
Oh, adn I love the picture with you showing off your diaper!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

That's a priceless pic! What a great memory to have of your childhood.

Southern Hospitality

Anonymous said...

That picture is great!!!

sabalsmom said...

You KNOW that's my favorite picture!!