Friday, March 30, 2007

Isn't this cute?

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I just did a search on Amazon for "Shabby Chic" because I wanted to look for a specific Rachel Ashwell book and this cute hamper came up in the search results. It's only $16.99. I think it may be really small though because it's part of a baby/nursery collection. It doesn't give the dimensions! I wish it came in big girl sizes!

I haven't been posting much lately because a certain 14 year old young lady that I share a house with lost my camera, okay, it's actually her camera but I use it and I bought it just 3 months ago as a Christmas present and I'm still paying it off on my credit card! She left it at a friend's house last Friday night and the friend said she can't find it. I'm calling the girl's mother tonight. I've given her a week to find it. I'm tired of being patient. The worst part is my daughter doesn't understand why I'm so upset about this! Kids!!!

Update: It's been such a hectic week...I totally forgot about my Inspiration Friday! I'll try to remember next Friday.


Rhonda said...

This hamper is really cute.

My DD lives just 2 blocks from a big university campus. I was at her house a few weeks ago just when her next door neighbor moved out. The neighbor left some great stuff out for the trash man and I was not too proud to rummage through it. I got quite a few things, including a very expensive calculator and 2 Jansport backpacks, her parents are probably still paying for them too.
Young Americans, no matter how they were raised, seem to be very wasteful.

But I also found the frame for a similar laundry hamper. I would like to sew a bag for it but cannot figure how to attach the bag to the frame because my frame does not come apart.
Any ideas, anyone?

Cindy said...

Rhonda...maybe you could use Velcro or ties made out of the fabric or ribbon to attach it.

Susie Q said...

That hamper is adorable!
Kids never do understand us hating to see things lost or broken. My son was that way until he was older and paid for things himself. Oh, then he understood!
: )
Have a sweet weekend Cindy

Anonymous said...

The hamper is pretty, almost too pretty to use LOL! Sorry to hear about your camera. I hope you get it back soon!


diana said...

I can so relate to the missing camera ! Great hamper.

Southern Heart said...

The hamper is so sweet! My son has my camera with him on internship, so I can certainly relate. I've been using the disposable ones....I didn't realize I would miss mine so much, either. I hope that yours is found soon!

a pink-bee said...

Ohhh , I hope it is found -miss your neat pictures :)
The hamper is cute, have a camp stool frame that is similar I want to redo and that might be just the idea for it -Thanks :)

hIWTHI said...

Cindy, I know exactly what you're saying about your 14 year old daughter. I have a 13 year old dd who lost her ipod that she received for Christmas on the bus. We tried everything and no one seems to know what happened to it (I know that someone has it, but won't fess up). She thought that I should just go out and buy her another way!...she's going to have to earn the money this summer in order to get another!!!!

Cherub*Kisses said...

Oh my goodness!! I added this to my ever growing wishlist :o))
Too darn cute no matter what the size LoL!!

Rosemary said...

which rachel ashwell book do you want? I'm selling my books really cheap, and i may have it. Let me know.