Friday, January 05, 2007

Friday Night Reading

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I dropped my daughter off at the movies and stopped at the store to get some bottled water. I ALWAYS have to go by the magazine section to see what's new. I got so excited when I saw a new issue of Romantic Homes and then I saw the Cottage Style magazine and could hardly control myself! A Friday night, a glass of wine and two new magazines, now that's my idea of a perfect start to the weekend.

I almost forgot, today on I found a FREE headboard that I'm going to paint white and give it the shabby look When I called about it she said a guy was on his way over to get it, about a half an hour later she called me back, for some reason the guy didn't want it...probably because it needs to be refinished badly. Once I start painting it I'll post some pics. My plan is to paint my whole bedroom set so it may be awhile.

Time to go read...


Susie Q said...

Ooh. I love those evenings. Great new magazines to read! I love the ones you just got. I will have to look for them tomorrow. I am waaay behind in my magazine reading! : )
Have fun!

Shabby in the City said...

Did you see the article in there written by Elizabeth Maxson? I love her blog..she owns a shop in St. Louis. click on travels with Elizabeth for the blog.

Cindy said...

Hi Shabby in the city,
I'll have to look for that article. I have her blog on my sidebar as one of my favorites. Her shop looks so beautiful! I've never been to St. Louis but if I ever go I'll be heading to her shop first.

Jen said...

That's my idea of a perfect evening too! I hope you enjoyed. I'll have to look for those new issues myself.