Thursday, June 23, 2005

Pin It Now!

This is a picture looking into my dining room from my living room. I need a new photo....I now have a new sofa! YEAH! I live in a rental townhouse but lucky for me my landlord lets me paint and fix the place up. I think I would die if I had to live with those dingy beige walls any longer. Last weekend I finally painted my daughter's bedroom. I chose a dark blue and I was so happy with how it turned out that I painted my room on Sunday....I wasn't so happy with the color I chose for my room. Oh well, it's only paint and only $20. I will be posting some more pictures of my home and my very little flower garden later.
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V. Scott Buffalo said...

thats a nice picture mom!

Anonymous said...

Hey mom,
I like the pics 2!!!

Abbie said...

Stumbled on this one...if you've got it in your head I'm a stalker..I can't help you take it out cos it's true! lol

Okay looking at the picture brings to mind my idea of having wicker furniture in my living room. Is it possible to paint wicker?